July 14

Lights In Dark Corner For Feng Shui

Dark corners usually means negative energy – that’s why how some people would think that there is something eerie in dark rooms and dark corners.  Ask any kids to go sit or play at a dark corner – and they would definitely not want to go.  Not because the corner is haunted but I am seriously guessing it’s because of the negative energy built within that dark corner.   So armed with my  power supplies and extension cords – I started checking out all the dark corners of my house and room and lighted it up with night lights and other light elements.  What about when your child is at summer camp for a week?  do you light up the room – yes  – so they said.  It’s good to light up the room with a night light.  They say to turn on a light and scare the bad chi away from the dark corners of your home.  So if your child complains about scary or eerie corner – don’t go ghost hunting but it just means that the corner has bad chi or stagnant.

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