July 15

Feng Shui Your Sun Porch

My girlfriend just turned her sun porch into another guest room for emergencies – but even in the summer – it can get very cold – so she said – plus she wanted to feng shui her sun porch/guest room – so what should she do – she asked.  First I checked out the sun porch in the evening – and true enough – it got really cold real fast.  So I recommended that she want to put some heat into this room – a warm room is a must even if the sun porch wasn’t an emergency guest room.   So the next time I was there – she had an infrared heater

in there – and true enough the sun porch was so much more warmer and nicer already.  But having seen the heater myself – I thought of getting it too for our home.  It is said to only cost like 14 cents/hr – so less than $2 for the entire night.   I will go chat with someone live and find out more about the free shipping.  So if you have a sun porch – and want to feng shui it – don’t forget to keep that sun porch warm.

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