July 28

5 Element Keychain Charm

It is said that the 5 element keychain charm has 5 coins which is for good health, happiness, success, wealth and good fortune and there is also the double happiness symbol for love and romance luck.  With the 5 elements – it is said to balance and maintain harmony in your life.

July 25

An Arowana For Lots Of Money

So you want to get rich but can’t afford to buy some real carp/arowana – without worrying that they will die and wasting your money.  So the best solution is to get the above – because according to chinese feng shui – represents ambition and aspiration.  The carp is a symbol of abundance and is great for not only money but career luck and good fortune.   But I’ve seen these arowana in people’s office as well – so I guess you can also give this to a businessman.

July 17

Better Business Using Feng Shui

The spouse owns a business and I’m constantly looking for ways to make the store a better business to make more money, therefore, I always check the feng shui of the store.  I always remind the spouse – who is an “ang moh” aka westerner – that the environment of the store is very important to everyone in the store and the customers.  I remind him that our store cannot be too dark nor too bright.  . Making the store look alive, vibrant is very important – because a store looking like it is depressed or struggling does not attract your customers. The smell of the store is important too – but hold on a minute – if you own a clinic – or a pharmacy – you don’t want your clinic or pharmacy to smell like vanilla scent right?  or do you?  well you get what i mean.  Looking fresh is also important – but what if you own a antique store?  Yes – all these have to be taken into consideration – when a person walk into your store – what does the customer/s think?  happy? sad?  depressed?  yes all these you have to think about.  I always tell our employees – that it’s show time – when they come to work – regardless of what is happening at home – don’t bring it to work – but some just don’t understand this.  Feng shui plays an important part – so it is important to make them aware of all these.

July 16

Success Using Feng Shui

Success ! who doesn’t want to be successful right?  But how does one measure success?  with how much you have?  with how much love ones and friends you have? or is it your health that you measure your success with?   i don’t know about other people but for me – my child comes first – as long as she is healthy, happy and we can afford to get her things she needs – and some things she wants – that to me is the most successful.  The comes our health – happiness and money comes actually last.  I’m not one who needs a lot of money nor be a millionaire – as long as we pay our bills – don’t owe anyone any money – have the necessities and a small little nest for rainy days – that to me is happiness – and then comes a very successful life.

Some folks wants to be successful in their career or be making lots and lots of money, some folks wants to marry into a rich family – while others – they want a bigger house, bigger car, bigger garden, bigger office and many holiday trips around the world.  Some people fill their homes with Feng Shui amulets and make a shrine out of it – but you and I know that Feng Shui shouldn’t be practiced this way.   Yes, we can use some feng shui to attract wealth or make life go a lot more smoothly for us – but to be overly greedy – that’s just not my practice.

So when someone asked me – why am i not rich – since I practice Feng Shui – I told that person – I’m far from rich – in the monetary sense – but I’m a lot more calmer – happier and money doesn’t really bother me much – my health and those of my family and loved ones does – and since we are mostly happy and healthy – I would have to say – we are quite the success with Feng Shui eh.

July 15

Feng Shui Your Sun Porch

My girlfriend just turned her sun porch into another guest room for emergencies – but even in the summer – it can get very cold – so she said – plus she wanted to feng shui her sun porch/guest room – so what should she do – she asked.  First I checked out the sun porch in the evening – and true enough – it got really cold real fast.  So I recommended that she want to put some heat into this room – a warm room is a must even if the sun porch wasn’t an emergency guest room.   So the next time I was there – she had an infrared heater

in there – and true enough the sun porch was so much more warmer and nicer already.  But having seen the heater myself – I thought of getting it too for our home.  It is said to only cost like 14 cents/hr – so less than $2 for the entire night.   I will go chat with someone live and find out more about the free shipping.  So if you have a sun porch – and want to feng shui it – don’t forget to keep that sun porch warm.

July 14

Lights In Dark Corner For Feng Shui

Dark corners usually means negative energy – that’s why how some people would think that there is something eerie in dark rooms and dark corners.  Ask any kids to go sit or play at a dark corner – and they would definitely not want to go.  Not because the corner is haunted but I am seriously guessing it’s because of the negative energy built within that dark corner.   So armed with my  power supplies and extension cords – I started checking out all the dark corners of my house and room and lighted it up with night lights and other light elements.  What about when your child is at summer camp for a week?  do you light up the room – yes  – so they said.  It’s good to light up the room with a night light.  They say to turn on a light and scare the bad chi away from the dark corners of your home.  So if your child complains about scary or eerie corner – don’t go ghost hunting but it just means that the corner has bad chi or stagnant.

July 13

Feng Shui Your T-Shirts

So I wanted to send some friends in the states some feng shui t-shirt for their camping trip next month – and i decided to send t-shirts from Personal Creations because i found a coupon code for them ! woohoo!!  25% off  and ended up buying other stuff for my kid as well – from lunch boxes to rain poncho and a wallet for her going back to school preparation.  Anyhow, I decided to feng shui t-shirts for my friends and myself because what better gift to give to someone – who loves feng shuiing everything by wearing a feng shui verse or two for encouragement and safety.   So yes! for team spirit or even a vacation – you can all feng shui your t-shui by using personal creations.

July 11

Stay Healthy During Summer With Feng Shui

Lots of fresh air – lots of swimming – lots of cleaning out the clutter is my recommendation for staying healthy this summer and just a little of bbq food – for me !  I’ve put on 5 pounds!!! during the winter – so time to get me some  diet pills that work and lots of sunshine!!  It’s shocking how one can put on so much weight – when you are doing nothing during the winter – and I really think it’s time for me to look into taking some diet pills because boy! it’s hard for me to resist all those good food.  So besides cleaning out the house and staying positive – I have to admit this time I need help.  5 pounds is a lot!

July 9

Feng Shui My Nephew’s Four Wheeler

The cousin bought a used four wheeler cheap  from the local yard sale for our nephew but it needed some  ATV Parts – before the nephew can use it.   The toys kids get these days are really amazing – after all this isn’t a very cheap toy but he’s not my kid – so I’m going to hold my tongue.  Anyhow, the cousin had asked for ways to feng shui the four wheeler – so the kid can ride safely on the new toy – in which my reply was to get the best atv parts for the four wheeler – now that would be the first thing one should do – and the rest is secondary – well, teach the young fellow to ride safely is another.  Love my cousins – but truth be told – unless they can get good quality atv parts – I wouldn’t let the kid ride on it just yet.