June 29

More Business For The Sales Person

So a friend who sells insurance asked me the other day – about getting more business for his insurance job – since in this economy it is very hard to make a sale.  Even the more established insurance agent and company are having a hard time trying to get new customers and retain the old ones.  But that reminds me of someone that I’ve gotten to know – a long time ago – and he sells insurance as well – but he was doing so well – he was driving a BMW 7 Series.  But then if you had a BMW 7 series – you must be doing considerably well – so how does he do it – while other insurance agent are struggling – I asked myself – and can feng shui help?

Well, lets look at all his toys – from the newest cellphone to the newest car and to what he is wearing – all of him shouts success.   I thought about my own insurance agent – who had a blackberry and several  RIM BlackBerry accessories – and he too looked like he is very successful and his blackberry is constantly ringing and even when we had lunch the other day – he was using his blackberry to text his office. So if you are like my friend – I suggest – you have some blink on your blackberry – since you cannot hang golden coins or fortune coins.   Crystals are best to entice more business phone calls – so if you are a lady agent – you are in luck – but if you are a guy – some hidden blink on your blackberry accessory is the way to go.  Good luck – hope this works for you.

June 27

Feng Shui Your Walls

It is said that hanging pictures of the entire family in the living room wall is potent.  So to feng shui your walls at home you should have happy family pictures – especially those on holidays.   It creates feng shui togetherness for the entire family and creates safety for the entire family as well.  And the thing to avoid hanging on your wall is anything that is depressing or ugly – such as monsters or dracula.

June 25

The Art Of Giving

I read a very interesting article today on Joey Yap’s face book about giving and receiving – and yes – the two does work together but do you give because you want to receive?  maybe not the same stuff but in some ways we give because we want something back in return.

Lets take for example my kid – I treat the teachers well – by giving them gifts because I want them to treat my kid well in school.   So that is a kind of expectation too right?   But when we give a donation – do we expect anything in return?  good karma perhaps?  or is it friendship in return for buying your friends a gift?

But according to Joey – the art of giving is not to expect anything in return – that way  – positive Qi will flow freely into our lives.  Now that’s a very good point and one I will try from now on.   Expect nothing and you will not be disappointed.

June 20

Feng Shui For First Time Camper

My dear friend 13 yrs old son is going camping at Camp Penile for the first time with his school – although he had gone camping before – he had never done it without his family.  So like any paranoid mom – she called to ask what she can do to keep the young and enthusiastic camper safe with the help of feng shui – besides getting him the Big Agnes Fly Creek Tent .

Like always – I told my dear friend – that she did the right thing by first buying him the ultra light went tent that holds up to 4 people – so he has plenty of room space – to sleep and play in – when he is at camp.  Keep him safe by giving him all the safety instructions and mosquito and bug repellent and a reiki crystal is recommended by another friend for those going camping.   So for those who are worried for the safety when camping – make sure you give your kids the right camping equipment first and then the rest is secondary.

June 17

Bazi Helps Me Be A Better Person

I’m not trying to be famous – nor am I trying to be rich – all I want is to be a better person – who can love myself and take care of my health.  I also want my family members to be happy and healthy – therefore I practice feng shui.   Why do you practice feng shui – many people asked me – and this is my answer – what about you?  what do you believe in?  I never ever thought that having a lot of money can buy one’s peace of mind or health – what is the point if you don’t have both of them?

I haven’t finished reading the Bazi bought I bought – but knowing about myself – helps me learn my weakness and my strength – and how i can use what i learn to be a better person.  I love helping people – but I also want to spend more time with my family and take care of my health.

June 14

Feng Shui Your Car For Summer Vacation

So my retired uncle and aunt wants to go for a road trip to Boston in their motor home and as adventurous as they are – my cousins weren’t so sure as they were.  So besides making sure they know where to get help and  motorhome repair while traveling on their vacation – they also asked me how they can feng shui the motor home for their parents to keep them safe.

I was a little tickled because my uncle and his wife isn’t that old and he’s a retired judge and I’m sure he is pretty gung – ho in handling some trouble on the road but just to keep the cousins happy  – I told them a few things they can use – like cleaning up the motor home with sea salt before the trip and airing the motor home to let in the good Qi – I also told them to buy a nice crystal to be hung in the motor home – to keep their parents alert on the road.   So if your parents are like my aunt and uncle going on a road trip  – the most important thing is to have the RV aka motor home looked at thoroughly and then making sure they have a good motor home repair to call up is the best.

June 12

Creator Output Structure For Bazi

So I went ahead and bought the ebook from Joey Yap’s website for $5.99 – cheap, cheap and started reading on it.  You see one of my Bazi – said that my output structure is a creator – so I want to know my strength and my weakness – and thus far – what I’ve read is pretty accurate.  I’m enjoying this book tremendously.  Although it’s good that I can read the book immediately – I still prefer the regular paper – so that I can highlight the important parts.  I haven’t finished reading in fact, I’m still on page 44 – for I had been busy – but if you want to learn more about your children or spouse – you can check out Joey Yap’s site.

June 9

Empowering Your Future

My girlfriend is attending a  seminar to empower her future – you see she doesn’t have much luck with her career nor her love life – so she wants to know how can she empower her future too – she doesn’t want to stay lonely she said – she wanted a family too.  I love that she is taking steps to learn how to change her future – and being so assertive as to signing up for the seminar – but what she really needs is  body acne treatment that way she won’t feel inferior and shy away from swimming and doing any kind of sports.  A good looking girl like her – who doesn’t dress her age – because she is so afraid that people might know that she has body acne – that her mindset was already telling herself that no one would like her because of her body acne.  So let hope the seminar teach her to face her fears and go for good body acne treatment first and then all her confidence will come right back.

June 5

The Truth In Your Bazi

So I’ve been reading up more on my Bazi – which is a tool used to calculate your birth info – the year, the month, the day and time you were born.  I know that most people won’t remember the time you were born – so don’t worry about that.  The Bazi determines one’s character – and profile you in that way.  From there – you can see what type of person you are – and then work on your weakness.

In my Bazi profile – one of them is a performer – and after reading a bit more about a Performer – it’s is quite accurate  – 99%.  Being a Performer, it says I am creative and ambitious and highly driven and success – and an image oriented person ( which is 99% true).  I am also a perfectionist by nature and very competent and adaptable – which is also true and always ready to take on any challenge which is also true.  It’s pretty interesting – so I’m buying the book to read a little more about it.

June 2

Face Reading Workshop

So I’m attending a face reading workshop organized by the small business association from the city and I was invited to join and put the event together.  I’m very excited because this will be the first time I’m meeting this feng shui practitioner and he is quite a reputable one in the West.  I’ve all the office supplies prepared for his temporary office for the week – he arrived a few days earlier and we have had a few meetings and lunches with him already.  I’m so looking forward to the workshop and can’t wait to tell you all about it later.  Every participant gets a personal notepad, pencil and folder with all the material from the workshop – and I’m pretty sure they will be impressed with the stationary.