Painting of the 100 auspicious birds


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I used to visit my friend’s home and we do homework together when we were in college and I’ve often admired the paintings or prints in their father’s study or even their living room.  Some had horses and some had golden fishes and others had 100 auspicious birds but I didn’t know what they meant of course – but these friends of mine were usually from good homes – parents with good jobs and they lived in houses that only the rich can afford.

Now i can understand and appreciate the 100 auspicious birds even more for i learned that in feng shui  – birds are supposedly powerful symbols of new opportunities during hard times or difficult ones.  Birds with color or a crimson peacock is said to attrack abundance and prosperity.  Doves and smaller birds shows happy news happy occasion coming your way.  Mandarin ducks are for good relationships and so are magpies meant for good mentors.  So if you want all the above – hang this picture in the south part of your home or even in your office to bring in successful business and lots of money.

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Where can i purchase this painting?

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