May 29

Feng Shui And Designing One’s Office

So I read on Forbes the other day that even big advertising company like StrawberryFrog from New York had their offices in New York renovated but not without thinking about Feng Shui.  I was pretty pleased about it – because if I were to move to a new store for my business – I too would think of the feng shui for the store to bring in wealth and health – wealth from the customers and health for us the owners as well as employees.  But more so harmony amongst workers and also employers and employees. Like mentioned on the Forbes website – the principle of Feng Shui is all about harmonizing the environment around you – so that the positive energy can work for you and yours to benefit you and not against you.

May 27

Feng Shui For The Business

An old friend called me about about some feng shui for his business because there were some accidents around his office.  So I asked him what kind of accident – and he said – just small ones and he was worried that his office needed some feng shui to ward away bad luck.  I frowned and told him that feng shui isn’t some black magic and from what I’ve heard so far – about accidents in the office – a simple step stool would have suffice to help the secretary who had broken her leg who had climbed on a chair to get some files.  Feng Shui is about common sense – and I could have recommended some voodoo stuff to my friend and his office – but really there wasn’t a need to – but I also told him maybe he wanted to give his office a good cleansing – air the office and get some professional step stools for the office staff and he is all good.

May 26

Beauty Within With Feng Shui

While many people talked about the beauty that is inside that is most important – I tell you that it’s the outside that people see first and then the within.  So when my girlfriend’s daughter asked me why her best friends are having boyfriends and boys swarming around them – and not her – when she is the one that is the one with a good heart and a good listening ear.  I looked at my friend’s daughter and told her that the truth is with or without feng shui she needs to have the kind of confident to attract other people and to do so – she first have to take care of herself – was what i told her first to look up – and loose some weight – because inside that plump body – is a very beautiful angel and after loosing that weight – we can talk about feng shui.  I tell everyone feng shui is not magic – once she looses that weight – she will be so confident – she won’t need anything I’m sure.  So folks – you want to look beautiful for the people around you with feng shui – try looking deep inside yourself – because you know exactly what you need to do.

May 23

Person Of Value

Albert Einstein’s quote to be exact – Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value. and by doing so – you will be a happier person. And I was told today that one can use this for feng shui as well. So how does a person become a person of value? what is a person of value.  Insightful eh?  very!  I have to think about it too – money is not that all important to me – having money is good – but it’s not everything for me.  To me a person of value is someone who is willing to lend a helping hand anytime – someone with compassion – someone who is truthful – someone who is honest – with integrity. Some say that being a person of value will eventually open ways for one to be a person of success.   Are you a person of value?  if  you are not – no worries – you can start today – like I am too.

May 20

Healthy Feng Shui Practices

Most people practices feng shui for health reasons and I’m no different from anyone else.  Health is so important but there are times when you wonder if your doctor is right or not eh?  Sometimes I wonder too – after all doctors are only human that is why there are firms and people like the malpractice lawyers   for when your doctor goes wrong.   So my girlfriend asked me how can she feng shui her  husband’s practice so he won’t go wrong?  now that’s a very difficult feat eh.  Everyone goes wrong once in a while and of course the usual keeping the doctor’s office clean and clear and clutter free is important and making sure that he gets enough rest so he won’t go wrong.  But doctors will never admit that they made the wrong diagnosis will they?

I’ve never heard of a malpractice here in this town but a year ago – I heard that the hospital here let a psychiatrist without a license practice here – so that must be considered a malpractice no?  So for cases like that – no feng shui will be able to help the hospital that’s for sure.  But if I were the person who had seen the psychiatrist I would definitely need a malpractice attorney because that is not acceptable in my opinion – how can a hospital be so careless?  and by taking them to court – will only make sure that other patients will not suffer the same plight.  So yes!  feng shui for healthy reasons yes – but feng shui does not help the doctor or hospital who are not careful and taken every precaution with its patients.

May 17

Preparing For Mid-Year Exams With Feng Shui

While friends’ children are preparing for the mid year exams – another buddy of mine who is taking an online business degree is also preparing to take his too – so they had called last week to ask about feng shui and preparing for exams and what they can do to make studying more successful.

While some people go to the library for the preparation – i prefer to study at home – therefore, the study room is very important and needs to have a lot of positive energy. If you child is studying for an exam – make sure that the study room is clutter free and clean.  According to feng shui – a messy room produces a lot of “sha” energy.  Also to please note that one’s study chair needs to be in a place where there are no shelves around.  Make sure the chair is comfy and has a high back.   You can also place a picture of water behind the study chair – this helps with creative energy.  And you don’t have to wait till you are having an exams before doing all the above – for people who are doing online studies – you definitely need to be able to concentrate and have a little bit of discipline too.

May 15

Improving My Life Thru’ Feng Shui

In my last post – I talked about meditation – and this time – I want you to practice meditation with chanting as well – to improve your life – coz`this is exactly what I am doing.  Why?  In life there are always the ups and downs – there will be people who are positive at one point in your life and all of a sudden change their attitude towards you.  Before practicing meditation and chanting – I would be quite disturbed that people are not positive at all in my life and get affected.  I also get sidetracked because of these negative friends – it causes disharmony in my life.  Now that I practice meditation twice a day – I feel a calm of mind and i really see that it helps so much.  Life is so much more fulfilling and even if I was ill – i find comfort in meditation and chanting.

May 13

Meditation & Feng Shui

I’ve always wonder why all these rich people have an hour of meditation everyday and sometimes even twice a day religiously.  Today I learned that with meditation, the good energy – is so powerful that it can support your mental and emotional well being.  Feng Shui teaches to de-clutter all the time – and de -cluttering of your mind and soul is just as important.  So if you are like me and am always disturbed easily and loses concentration – try meditation = it can help your mind and improve that any situation.

May 10

Never Ending Abundance In Feng Shui

I went for a housewarming last weekend and at the entrance of the home – there were several  samsung lcd screens with a projection of waterfall on the screen and I was pleasantly impressed at how the home practices feng shui to its max even though they cannot have a waterfall indoor – they used the LCD screens to project the never ending abundance of wealth into the home.  As we all know – in feng shui – water means money and images of waterfall like the above – connects not only with power, well but a universal flow of abundance.   I could definitely use this in my own home too.

May 8

Descendant Luck

In the olden days – when someone talk about feng shui – descendant luck usually also comes in place.  The old matriarch of the house – is very concern that his or her future generation is successful and powerful – so comes feng shui masters that they consult to have their burial grown at a good feng shui place.   But in this day and time – where space and land is scarce – there ain’t many burial ground like our forefathers – so what can we do?  I was told that by displaying a Laughing Buddha with kids in the West of one’s house – it can  plump up your descendants luck.  So there you go – some solution I’ll have to say and try.