April 30

Discovering Faces

I’m not an expert in feng shui – but I’m someone who loves exploring stuff and love learning new thngs – but I know that i can’t do the entire face all at once – but I can do one feature at a time – so I decided to buy the face reading book – well – it’s an e-book.  So my friends who knows that I’m doing that asked me to practice on them and while doing so – I told one of my guy friends to go to www.getridofblackheads.org – because he had too many blackheads that is distracting me from reading his face.  I had black heads problems too – a few years ago and I had panic and went straight for a facial because I can’t see the black heads till I was in really bright light and a good mirror – where my optician was (that was where i saw all my disgusting black heads).  I don’t know about other people but I felt really dirty then – plus I wanted to avoid getting acne from black heads.

Anyhow, back to face reading – it’s important to keep one’s face clean and clear – if you want someone to read your face – you certainly don’t want your ugly side to show – not even to your friends right?  And if you were interviewing for a job – i would choose the one with clear skin – that must show that the person is taking care of their health and well being right?   So yes ! my first advice to anyone who wants wealth good luck and getting the romance going or a job they are eying on – make sure you are looking clear skin and not have bad breath.

April 26

Renovating While Pregnant

They say that one shouldn’t renovate while pregnant – and everyone asked if there is a feng shui reason for it? Seriously, I think it is just a taboo and old wives superstitions but who am I to say not to believe right?  But I know that renovating is ok – just as long as you are not living in the house – but moving house is a no- no – more outta practical reason than anything else.  So if your hormones are all powered up and asking you do renovate your house – make sure you are not the one doing it – just get someone else to or wait till the baby is here.  Good luck and congrats!

April 23

Avoid Tai Sui Seat For Studies

Everyone wants their kids to do well in school and to be able to concentrate on revision work at home or even during tuition.  So what can one not do when you are trying to do that instead of screaming and caning your kids?  One thing that parents need to know is that sometimes the seat where the kid is sitting on may not be a suitable place  – like facing the Tai Sui or with their back towards the 3 killing.  It is said that if they are – then they won’t be able to concentrate on their studies.   So if you feel that your kid isn’t productive during their studies – you should try a different seat.

April 18

Feng Shui Your Study

Some people used their study as a home office as well – well we do – so I can understand why they needed to feng shui their study room to make sure that it is environmentally friendly  – and productive.  Have you ever felt that your study just isn’t a conducive place for you to work in or to do anything productive?  I have – many a times – so we did a little makeover for our study one year with custom plantation shutters and changing the color of our study as well as giving it more fresh air.

The spouse who liked gaming liked the study room dark – so that it doesn’t caused so much reflection on his computer monitor when  he is gaming – so we chose  custom made plantation shutters – that way it can be shut easily when he needed to use his computer for gaming  but when he isn’t around – we can have it opened.  Plus with that kind of shutter – we don’t have to worry about curtains for they look just as pretty and we don’t have to worry about the curtains being too long for the heater – really the best decision we’ve made thus far for our study.

April 15

Rounded Picket Fences & Feng Shui

I’ve always wanted picket fences around my back yard – and of course – the normal picket fences are usually sharp and pointy – to deter anyone from climbing into your yard – but little did I know that the pointy picket fences are actually sharp mini poison arrows that one should avoid.  So luckily I read it online and was able to order the rounded picket fences – that way – it wouldn’t harm us the household or make us fierce or irritable.  So folks if you are thinking of putting up fences – try to make sure you get the rounded ones – you don’t want any poison arrows anywheres neear your home and you.

April 10

Getting Healthy This Spring With Feng Shui

Everyone of my friends complained and say they don’t exercise enough and they want to use feng shui to stay healthy.  Every time, I listen to them complained during our weekly tea together – I cannot help but wonder if they thing that feng shui is witch craft or even magic?  If one is serious about their health – don’t you think you would go invest in an exericse machines or even a newgy ping pong table and stop complaining that there is no one to play ping pong with – even though they have a ping pong table in their basement? So if you are serious about your health and want to be healthy – go open all the windows of your basement this spring and go on your ping pong ball table and start playing.  If you don’t have anyone to play with invest in the newgy ping pong robot for just $99 and you can play ping pong anytime.  So don’t say I didn’t give you some tips about getting healthy this spring.

April 7

Bathroom In Your Wealth Sector

So while we are all worried about having our bathroom aka your toilet  – the place where you take your dump at your wealth corner – Master Joey Yap said that it’s alright and that it’s an old practice misconception?  really ? wow!!  this was news to me.

While I always keep our toilet seat down – and closed the toilet door – Master Yap said that flushing the toilet does not mean that you are flushing your wealth away.  He believes in activating your stars correctly to help with all aspect of your life.  And encourages those who practices feng shui to focus on the good Qi flow of one’s home and business.  Interesting indeed!

April 5

Solving Problems With Feng Shui

Someone told me the other day  or rather exclaimed to mock me?  But you practice feng shui right?  how can anything go wrong for you? surely you can prevent what will happen next and then counter prevent it – even if you didn’t realized it before.  Too funny!  Feng Shui is no magic – nor a witch craft – and even though I practice feng shui – that doesn’t mean that all problems disappears.  Many people are afraid to face the outcome of a problem – and don’t want to look for solutions.  Feng Shui talks about fixing the problem – if there is one – or taking a broader look at the problem.  So if you have a problem – face it head long and then it will no longer be a problem.  For example, town folks from here always say they can’t find a job – there is no job in this town.  Which is not true – if i am in dire need of money to feed my kids – i will even wash the toilet if I had to at Mickey Dees and if there are no jobs in this town – then it’s time to head somewhere – where there are plenty.  Problem solved.  Are you willing to work hard – now that’s another matter altogether.

April 3

Improving Everything In Your Life With Feng Shui

Life wasn’t a bed of roses for me and my spouse – a few years ago – and neither is it now – but do we let it get us down ?  nope!  we strive and make things better and try to do away with stuff that we few had interfere and contribute to that little rough patch we had – well more than rough patch but you get what I mean right?  Feng shui isn’t everything – but with a little tool and a bit of ambition and insight – I think it helps.  But staying positive is also important.  Sighing and blaming it on others – now that will only get you nowhere  – so start believing in yourself first – believing that you deserve the good too – focus – stay positive.  More on my next post.