March 28

Feeling Good About Yourself

Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves right?  and it really doesn’t take much to make oneself feel good – but if you are anything like me – we start with our environment – our own body and for those who needs a little help – and wants to take muscletech hydroxycut go ahead.  I’m saying this because – someone asked me if taking supplement for a looking and feeling good makes the feng shui not work.   And like I tell everyone – feng shui is not magic – feng shui is about using your resources and changing your look on life to make it a better place for everyone.  And if taking charge of your life to make you feel good is what you have to do – you go ahead. Once you start feeling good about yourself – you want to be positive too – which leads to better things in one’s life.  Good luck!

March 27

Buying A Car Using Feng Shui

So we are buying our second car finally !! woohoo!! and for me ! yours truly!  but first I want to buy a car that can enhance my work and my overall – is there such a thing – the spouse asked?  Sure there is – while the amateurs buy their cars and choose the color according to their fancy – I am not taking any chances.  I want a car that has got good feng shui.  So how do one do it  -?

The color of the car – combined with your personal gua – the color picked would make the car a success for you.   So how do one find the right color for yourself?  By using your birthday and your sex and then by using your gua number – you will find out which number is for success, which number is good for your relationship and health and wealth or even having a good relationship I was told.   So what is the use of choosing the right color for the driver ?  it is so that the person driving the car will experience good luck overall and an overall well-being.

March 25

Declutter, Declutter & More Decluttering

Yes! decluttering is the first step to a better feng shui – whether in your home or at work.  While other pay to get organized – or find an online program to teach you to get organize – I buy network cable and make sure everything is color coded – so I know which cables goes where when I need to switch things around.  So nope I seriously don’t think I need to pay less than a cup of coffee – to get someone to teach me to de-clutter and organized – i can most definitely do it on my own.  In fact, to share a secret with you – after starting to de-clutter my house – I feel so much better – but then I was hit by a bad jaw pain and couldn’t do anything – so I have to start all over again.  Hopefully, and thankfully – I am feeling a lot better and I get working on decluttering again.

March 23

Symbolic Representation Of Your Life

They say you look like what you eat and do in your life – which is very true but it is also true that what you have around your home and office – also represents who you are and what state of life you are in. I read on a feng shui magazine that everything that is happening or not happening in our life is actually a reflection of our life.  So is there any truth in it ?  I say a lot.  For example, a girl that used to work for us – her home is like a tornado just passed thru’ – but she always comes to work in proper clothing and all – you wouldn’t even know that her house could look like that.  So what does it say about her life?  at that time – I didn’t know but now thinking back – she was all along showing us what she was really like – it was just us that wasn’t opening our eyes.  She looked alright from the outside but inside – she was a total mess – in fact total mess is not even the right word – she was a utter mess.  What we did not see is an extension of the state she was in – she couldn’t see it herself of course but I should have seen it.  I too was blinded – so when you go to someone’s home – say a potential girlfriend or boyfriend and his or her room is in a mess and junk all over – you kinda know what is going on in his or her life.

March 21

Good Business With New Business Opportunity

There are some franchise opportunities opened recently around town and someone had asked me how they would know if the franchise is going to be a good business opportunity.  Is the location a good place?  Is there anything wrong with it – will taking over the franchise be a good investment.  Yes, lots of questions were asked during lunch today and as much as I would like to tell my friend that it was a good opportunity – there are many factors to consider.

I’ve always wanted to own a franchise – at first it was the Body Shop – but the Body Shop Canada – didn’t want to lease out its franchise – so I didn’t think much about it.  But what’s good about owning a franchise?  it’s already a known business – and people knows that it’s quality we are talking about – and a name they can trust.  And yes, if you are investing in a franchise – the locality is important but more importantly to do your practical work before trying to feng shui something you don’t own yet.  So yes !  you want good business – it is best to know how people will receive the product you are bringing in.  Good luck !

March 18

Office Space Success

So you just started working in a new office – and you want to make it this time and stay a little longer than your next job and also want a career advancement?  I hear yer sister!  so did I – when I used to work in the hotel – changing hotels wasn’t fun – I had to learn the ropes all over again – and network all over again.  And I am not getting any  younger – I wanted to get ahead.  So these were the tips given to me  a long time ago – by a feng shui consultant – hope it helps you too.

First to check around to make sure that there are no poison arrows shooting directly at you and if there are – make sure you take care of it.  I’m sure you’ve also heard about sitting with a solid wall  behind you and not a door or bookcase or a window for you need to protect yourself from getting back stabbed at. Another thing to remember is to keep your area bright – and if you have windows try and open your windows and let the good chi come in – now of course – if your window sits on top of the garbage collection center/chute – then don’t open the windows.

Alternatively, you can place a small fish bowl or plants around your desk – or better still a radio playing or a small moving fan or pictures of celebs or important people or all your certs also great way to bring in life and goodwill to your office and your career.  So good luck to all of you – who wants office space success – don’t forget to let me know if it worked for you or not.

March 15

Safety First With Feng Shui

Meet Muk !  the new car of my best friend’s son – she wants to know how she can feng shui the car – so that it would be safe for her son – he is only 19.  First I told my best friend to make sure she gets the brake pads for the car and then make sure that a mechanic checked the car and certify that it is a safe car – and then come back to me.  Many people don’t even think of getting their car checked after buying a used car – trusting the previous owner for what it is worth.  I for one check just about everything if I bought a used car – from brake pads  to its fluid – and even the shock suspension.  So yes, safety first with feng shui – have your car checked out first.

March 9

Renovating The Bathroom

So this year – with all bills paid up – we are more comfortable putting in more work into our house – and we are putting in another bathroom in the basement – but on the other hand – we also want to renovate our bathroom on the upstairs just a little – to spruce it up abit.  We want to change the  bathroom faucets because both the ones at the shower and basin has rusted quite a bit.  Our house was new and our developer as we found out later – wasn’t the most honest – and as you can see – since our faucets rusted – he must not have used the best things.  So this time, we are forking money out of our own pocket to get the right bathroom faucets.

While choosing the faucets, I have to consider too – about when is a good date to put them in – because on certain dates in the Chinese Almanac, they are not good for renovation work.  I explained this to my contractor and I’m glad he understood – and was willing to accommodate.   So if you are doing any major renovation like we are this year – make sure you check your chinese almanac before doing so.

March 5

Feng Shui Works!

We celebrated a friend’s arrival of a  newborn baby  yesterday and he gave some alec bradley cigars out to everyone who attended the celebration and of course, pink champagne for all the ladies there.  It was a joyous occasion all because they had wanted a baby for a long time and they’ve tried all methods to have a baby.  And now that they finally have a new born baby girl – they are overjoyed.  We are very happy for them of course and am glad that we recommended that they use a baby picture – in their bedroom for feng shui reasons to help them achieve their goal and having a baby – and in less than a year – the baby came.  I don’t know how it worked but it worked for me too – I hung the picture of a 1000 babies that I had gotten from Beijing and I had my baby shortly – when the gynae had told my spouse that I won’t have a  baby since I was very old then.  But yes, if the spouse did smoke – we would have given out cigars to everyone in the office and at the store.

March 3

Space Clearing

We have all heard a lot about space clearing and how it helps with our life and environment and even our emotional well being.  But how does one do their own space clearing without the help of a feng shui practitioner.  Good question indeed – because I too ask myself the same thing for a long time.

Well, below is what I’ve learned.

You need to be aware, that if you live with a partner who owns or rents the space with you, you need to make sure he or she needs to give their permission to the Space Clearing (this does not imply they need to be present during the ceremony)

It is helpful, if you clear as much clutter as you can. You will need to spend the time of the Space Clearing with meaning: no visitors, small children should be at a sitters (so you can focus totally on the ceremony), phones, computers, answering machines need to be turned off.

The space needs to be occupied after the ceremony – meaning you should not go away for the weekend just after the ceremony etc. – you do want to bask in the new, clean energy and consciously feel the new path set in motion.