February 26

Redecorating For Feng Shui Reasons

My friend is redecorating her house for feng shui reasons this year – why?  because she wants a brighter and more cozy looking home.  The messiness of her present house – is not desirable – and every time she goes home from work – she feels absolutely frustrated because everything is just not in place.  The sofa’s color is wrong as well – and they are pretty dirty because over the years with kids growing up, they look very distasteful, this time she plans to use microfiber upholstery because they are easy to clean and durable, plus there are plenty of colors to choose from.  I told her I think it was a great idea, because coming home to a cozy and neat and tidy home is very important not only for feng shui reasons but it can help de-stress a person.  My spouse don’t understand why before leaving our home, i need to put the pillow cushions away and place them nicely – it’s because when I come home – I want to come home to a neat and tidy home – and that would please me immensely.

February 26

Choy Shan aka The God Of Wealth

Every Chinese home has a Choy San because the Choy Shan is said to be of great help as it attracts good luck, prosperity into one’s life. So by placing the Choy Shan facing the door of your house or business entrance it is say to improve the money part of your life.  So if you are wishing for a prosperous month or even a year – hurry out and get a god of wealth and place it according to the bagua map.

February 25

Using Feng Shui To Help With Stress

A friend of mine is having  adult acne due to stress – and it is possible to have acne due to stress from what I read.  She had asked me how she can de-stress with feng shui and this is what I told her. I asked her to start with small changes in her life – first with the living space of hers and the change it to make her feel better – and that by doing that it can be a real stress relief for her.

So this is what she should do – you see she has red and oranges and all bright colors in her home and bedroom – so I asked her to try and change the colors of her curtains or even her wall colors if she can – to blue or pastel colors – to create a feeling of peace and sensual.   Clean up her house and her bedroom and to play soothing music – or music she like in the house.  Chuck away or hide away things in the house that reminds her of bad stuff or things that irritates her – as for me – the dining set – my mother-in-law gave me – I need to put that away – coz’ it reminds me of the unpleasantness between my in laws and myself.

Alternatively, she can invest in a indoor waterfall – it can be very calming – because it is to me or even an aquarium with a fish in it.  Scented oil around the house is also has calming effect – but the most important thing is that house needs to be a sanctuary of peace – and by doing that she will be de-stress.

February 24

Feng Shui Beauty Tips

So my neighbor who knows that I’m crazy about feng shui asked me is there such thing as feng shui beauty tips?  can she find some tips – so she can successfully lose some weight *roll eyes*.  I wonder why people ask me such question – when it is only logical to find a diet that works if you wanna lose weight right?  But yes there is a book by a Mr Yamaguchi who said that one can understand one’s individual personality and influence the different aspect of our lives.   In his book, there is a certain test you need to take and from there – it tells you what hair style,  makeup, clothes and even exercises to cater to different people – pretty interesting – but I haven’t read that book yet – so I cannot confirm anything.  But yes – for those who wants to lose weight, become healthier – please find a good diet that works for you, even then different diet works differently for different people.

February 24

Fortune Cat

Wonder how you can make your money work harder? Well, just invest in our Lucky Cat Money Bank. Fei Fei, the Lucky Cat will help increase your money luck. With its paw raised high up, it beckons more money your way! So enhance your personal wealth luck today and start the healthy habit of saving today. Keeping money aside will attract more wealth luck! Place your money bank in your Wealth corner at home or at work. It is especially lucky for those in the retail line. It’s great as a gift, but do place a token coin or some money inside, or else it would seem as if you are giving an empty gift!

February 24

Feng Shui Traveling Tips

Those who love traveling must be the fun and exciting folks who love adventures but sometimes things can go wrong and it can turn your traveling fun into a nightmare and you don’t want that right?  So I thought I should share some feng shui traveling tips with you – since I used them myself – whenever I am traveling.  If you are traveling – besides bring lots of   tanning lotions , you also want to carry a thing or two of your favorite things.   I always pack – a feng shui bag  – what is it?  it is a bag that one can hold personal pictures, a scented candle of your favorite scent to clean and clear the energy of the hotel room that you are staying in and one or two ordinary candle.  I also bring with me a bottle of water blended with essential oils to spray on my sheets and pillow cases.   Some people pack incense to adjust the chi in a room.   All these traveling items can help you have a great holiday or a business trip – try it and let me know how it goes.

February 23

Lucky Money

Lucky money – you know us chinese – we have lucky money for all occasion and all season – so we get a lot of “ang pow” money after some time.  So my kid asked me – is it unlucky to use the “lucky” money?   from what i understand – one can definitely spend the money in the red packets aka ang pow.  They are money given to one to symbolize cash coming into one’s life.  And if you don’t use it – it is just paper.   However, if you receive a red packet from a very rich man, like a big tycoon, and you do not need to spend the money, it is a good idea to keep that particular note in your wallet the whole year through, as it encompasses wealth chi from the tycoon. If you do get money like that, don’t bank it into your bank account. Keep the actual note, as a good luck talisman in your wallet, or to go in your wealth vase. As for the packets, it is all right to throw them away after removing the money inside.

February 22

Grooming For Feng Shui Luck

So I heard that personal grooming can shape your feng shui success luck!  what do I know about it?  actually not much when it comes to this topic.   But we all know that personal grooming is a big thing when you work for anyone.  I remember we had an employee many years ago – who would dressed up like she was wearing a PJs to work – and no make up and no coming of her hair. She was even younger than I – but if I could tell her the truth – I would have asked her to get some best wrinkle cream to aid with grooming for her success – because she wouldn’t change her dressing nor try to be presentable – we had no choice but to let her go.   But with feng shui – I heard that it has to do with one’s personal element and it has to do with your birth chat and then using the Kua number to identify those element and make it work with the four pillars elements.

February 21

Glass Furnishing For Feng Shui

My girlfriend who was renovating her bathroom – called urgently one morning and told me that she read online that glass was not to be used in her bedroom’s bathroom – for it wasn’t good feng shui at all.   She was thinking of using glass tile – not the old fashioned type – but the modern type of glass tiles – the pretty ones.  So she was quite panicky when she read that online – she had to call and ask me if it was true.  I told her as far as I understand – glass tiles are alright – it’s just using of a full glass mirror near your bed that is not healthy – but using glass or mirror isn’t all a bad thing – you have to know how to use it – to draw the chi out – to make the feng shui work for you.  So I told the girlfriend – I’m pretty sure that using glass tile in her bathroom renov – isn’t going to cause her any ill luck.  So if you are like my girlfriend – go right ahead and use those pretty glass tile – for I would too.

February 20

Good Harvesting For The Year Of Rabbit

According to Lilian Too – although the year of Rabbit started on a good foot – the later part of the year – we are missing some elements – therefore I will be carry water with me at all times – and also have water around the house and store always.  But I am not going to overdo it – or I might just drown myself.   I am also getting myself a Heaven Luck Activator to help me succeed in my undertaking this year.