January 28

Feng Shui Your Garden

One of the way I have learned in improving the Feng Shui of the home is to understand how the landscape  of your home as they can influence the energy flow into the home. The garden is one of the areas that one can work on to create a  source of energy to come into the home and help enhance the Feng Shui for the home and the people living in it.

By using different hard and soft surfaces and various different types of plants and flowers – it helps create space for the family thus letting the good qi enter and surround your home.   I know of some folks who uses high pressure pumps in their garden and ponds around their home to enhance their landscape to make sure that the flow of money “water” will come into their home.  But i’ve also heard that water landscaping has got to be done correctly – else the money/wealth of the home – will flow out and not flow in.  So make sure you check with a feng shui master or a practitioner before doing any of the above.

January 25

Receiving The God Of Wealth

According to what I read on Joey Yap’s blog – the good dates to activate the wealth star for the year 2011 – to receive the God of Wealth  is on Chinese New Year’s day itself.   The auspicious time is between 3am – 4.59am – and you have to face the South.  For me – it means that it is on Tuesday – 2nd 3pm – 4.59pm.  So what do one do to receive the God of Wealth – i hear you asking – now that’s a very good question.  Read up in a follow up post soon.

January 23

Feng Shui Jewelry

A neighbor who knows I practiced feng shui asked me about getting a feng shui ring for his wife to be – as an engagement ring.  He said he heard that certain rings are bad for engagement – bad feng shui – and if there was any truth in it.  But firstly, I have to let you know that some people wear different type of jewelry for different reasons in feng shui.  Some wear a jade pendant to ward any ill luck – and to keep safe.  Parents loved to give their younger kids – a piece of jade to wear – to keep them from getting into any harms way.

But as an engagement ring like the above  tanzanite jewelry – is said to be the best ones -with one big diamond and with little diamonds all around it.  One big diamond with little diamonds on the side is also good feng shui, much better than a ring with 3 diamonds. Three is not the best number for stones in the engagement ring design, just like a prominent number three is to be avoided in a couple’e bedroom decor. 

January 21

Health & Feng Shui Hand In Hand

Many people talked about wealth, love lives and family enhancement using feng shui – but most importantly I feel that feng shui goes hand in hand with one’s health.  Without one’s health – how else can one enjoy life to its fullest.

So how can one use feng shui to enhance one’s health you asked. But first one has to be practical and make sure you have a healthy diet, enough exercises and regular medical check up as well.  And then you incorporate what you know about feng shui to enhance your living/health.

Many people use bamboos to not only bring good luck – but also to keep them healthy.

January 19

Setting Your Goal For The New Year

My nieces came home from school – telling me about their best friend who had lost so much weight after the holiday season – when everyone else put on weight because of excessive eating.   The green eye monster in my nieces looks like it came out from behind them – and so I told them that they just have to set a goal for the new year and it doesn’t take feng shui to help them lose the excessive weight themselves – feng shui is all about being practical too.  So if they wanted to lose weight – i recommend that they talk to their family doctor and best diet pills and join the YMCA immediately – plus eat proper and not junk food.  So yes!  don’t let the green eye monster take over your practical side.  Set your goals for the new year everyone.  Good Feng shui starts with that.

January 18

Feng Shui Prediction Comes True For Steve Job

Sometime in July 2010, Feng Shui master Joey Yap – saw that Steve Job although has many good qualities in business and finance – he also has a  narrow chin also indicate health issues.  And although his ear lobes says that he will have a long life – he will have to battle with his health issues.  And guess what ? yesterday – it was announced on the news that Steve Job will be taking a leave of absence due to hormone imbalance.  So the prediction from Joey Yap came true???!!!??  wow!!  unbelievable accurate if you asked me.   So tell me if you don’t believe in feng shui.   This was what I wrote – from what i read on Joey Yap’s blog – http://www.fengshuicrazy.net/2010/07/feng-shui-of-the-two-titans-part-2/ – i think I better get my face read too eh.

Jobs said in the e-mail:

Unfortunately, the curiosity over my personal health continues to be a distraction not only for me and my family, but everyone else at Apple as well. In addition, during the past week, I have learned that my health-related issues are more complex than I originally thought.In order to take myself out of the limelight and focus on my health, and to allow everyone at Apple to focus on delivering extraordinary products, I have decided to take a medical leave of absence until the end of June.

January 17

Start A Healthy New Year 2011

So we are 2 weeks into our new year 2011 – and I know many of us made our new year resolution to stay healthy – lose some weight  – take care of our skin and our diet – but have you started?  I haven’t to be honest – too busy with so many things – going around the business and a kid to look after – so I might need some fat burner pills to help me jump start my diet plans for the new year.

And for those who are wondering if feng shui plays an important part in staying healthy- my answer is yes! of course!  Feng shui can be used to nudge your health into the right direction – but as usual – healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle and regular check ups are just as important – they work hand in hand.

January 15

Protect Your Home

A friend from here asked me about putting two lions on her front lawn – to protect her home against bad luck and theft – for there had been many break-ins lately at our community.   I cannot helped but laughed – really!  they really think that these 2 lion statue is going to scare the robbers away?   So again – I had to explain to her that if she was afraid of getting rob – she should be getting some  security cameras and a security alarm with the local security company.  A big sign saying that your home is wired or has security cameras are better deterrent to those robbers.

So why do the Chinese or those who practices Feng Shui want to put the 2 lions on your front door or the entrance way to your home.  What is the purpose of them? In the olden days – the palaces must have these “Fu Dogs”  to protect the palaces from negative chi/energies but now in present time – they are used to bring in more customers for businesses.  The most commonly known of these Fu Dogs are they are half lion and half dog – pretty unique.   So once again – these lions are symbolic – and really do not prevent robbery at home.  So get those security cameras and security alarm now – if there had been a series of break-ins around your neighborhood.

January 15

Bazi Chart

I read on Joey Yap’s Facebook that he met someone who was afraid to study her own Bazi and because she was afraid to find out the bad stuff of herself or what the future may hold.  Joey was saying that someone like that may also be afraid to go for a medical check up for fear of what the doctors may tell her about her health.  I am this way too sometimes – like going for my blood sugar test every 3 months – i try my best to procrastinate – because I know I am not good nor discipline with my health.  I am being bad? or am I being afraid here?  I have total no discipline when it comes to my food intake. Joey said that it is best to be a realist and not be afraid of the harsh truth of life – and I totally agree – but as much as I want to be a realist – I sometimes feel that it’s not as easy.  So if you feel that way – I hear yer – don’t feel bad about it – work your way slowly but surely – take mini steps.

January 14

More On Study Luck

A few days ago – I was just talking more on study luck with the niece who wanted to go to Dalhousie to take her nursing course.  Now she has decided to stay home and do it on an online university – she claims it is cheaper to do it this way – before attending the real class – the last two years of school.  So of course, the sister-in-law asked what can we do to help her using feng shui again – they were going to redecorate her room to make it more conducive for her to study in.

I also gave her mother some tips on how to energize the earth element in her northeast corner and put in some good fortune symbols to activate and enhance academic success.  But like I told her mother – with all online course – you  not only need ambition but determination and  a lot of discipline and if you have all that – sure – it’s really good with good time management.  I’ve seen many of my friends do well with online courses and succeeded and move on to a better job.  So yes!  feng shui may help – but it’s not a miracle worker – for anything in life – you need to work at it.