December 31

Fine Art Of Giving

Giving and receiving gifts is viewed with much favor in every culture. A gift “blesseth both he that gives, and he who receives”.

From a feng shui perspective, auspicious gift giving brings luck to both giver and recipient. Everyone benefits. It is a great blessing to be able to give, and to do so with the right mental attitude. Genuine goodwill sentiments should always accompany the act of giving.

Gifts should be wrapped in a bright yang color such as red or gold wrapping paper. Tying with a red or gold ribbon will activate an auspicious gift. This reflects a positive attitude and mirrors the goodwill you feel towards your recipient. It is even more auspicious to wrap a gift in yellow cloth, and silk is best. Never give a present wrapped in old newspapers, not unless you are giving fish and chips!

It can be thoughtless to use too much sticky tape requiring the recipient to tear up wrappings violently. Many of you must surely hate receiving hampers that are put together carelessly and with so much sticky tape. Hampers filled with leftover goods that have long passed their sell-by date are horribly inauspicious gifts… the negative energy attached to such hampers will do enormous harm to your relationships.

If you are a conscientious gift-giver, you would choose an auspicious day and time (look up World of Feng Shui’s almanac) to deliver your present. It is more auspicious to personally send a gift to the house of the recipient. Sadly, in this age of instant mee and convenience, it has become socially acceptable to shove a hastily sealed ang pow into the hands of your host at the hotel or restaurant. Even ang pows should be delivered to the recipient’s house, because you will symbolically be bringing good luck to their household.

December 29

Good Business For The New Year

Like all business – we want return customers – we also want to take the example from a company that we order kohler parts – they offer same day service and a return policy that you gotta love.   They do special orders and so do we and you can call them for help 7 days a week.  I wished we have as many inventory as they have but we are but a small store.  But yes! we want to take a page from this company and hope to be a better business with better service for all our customers.  After all, we want to succeed in our business and expand if possible right?

December 26

Don’t Get Ill With Your Furniture

Bookcases cause rooms to get stale.  In rooms where bookcases and bookshelves line the wall and perhaps a decade or more of old books have been gathering dust through the years, sickness afflictions build up. There is a mustiness in such rooms that transcend the atmosphere so much that residents who come in regularly are sure to get affected.

It is thus important to revitalise the energy inside your home library by giving bookcases a good clean, and ensuring no dampness or dirt gets built up. Bookcases should be moved out of their corners at the end of each year, while shelves should be given a “salt wipe”. Use rock salt or sea salt lightly pressed onto a damp cloth, then wipe all surfaces of the shelves. This dissolves whatever negative illness luck might have accumulated.

December 23

Forehead Feng Shui

I’ve often wonder how people like Lee Kuan Yew become so powerful and someone who will go down in history.  I want to go down in history too!  is it in his face ?  or his life?  or just hard work?  Then I read about the forehead reading – that every forehead tells a story.  Mr Lee has a bulging forehead and people with bulging foreheads that stick out from the hairline suggest someone with excessive energy and drive. In some people, this comes across as restlessness and being out of touch with reality, but in others, this can spell success and great achievement. This forehead type brings much better luck for women than for men.

December 21

Improving A Small Room For Feng Shui

Someone asked me how they can improve their small room for better feng shui?  You see they used their room as a bedroom as well as an office in the daytime.  So it feels kinda cluttered and cramped – and at times – they feel a lot of stress – thus making it hard on the couple.

So my advice to them – is to de-clutter first of all – do not have your computer or any office equipment such as the computer or Velo Bind facing the bed – when you are sleeping.  Open the windows during the day time to allow the good “chi” to come into the bedroom.  Once the energy starts to move you will feel a great difference and don’t forget to keep your room clean and tidy.  And if you really want a real change – give your room another coat of new painting.

December 20

What Is In Store For 2011 For The Snake

I’m pretty pleased to know that The Snake can look forward to yet another great year filled with lots of success and heaven luck! You will see many auspicious events materialize. This is a year when goals can be realized. Place the Enhancing Mirror in the SE facing NW to capture the energy of the annual auspicious star. Hang the Heaven Luck Activatoron your work bag for divine assistance and also to invoke mentor luck. Further improve your luck by displaying the 4 Dharmakaya Plaque in your living room facing the front door.  Place 8 Colourful Horses or a Horse Carrying a Jewel in the South to pull in the luck of Big Auspicious. Snakes should hang the Victory Banner Windchime in the Southeast to activate the number 6 Heaven Star. Wear the Victory Talisman to ensure victory over all obstacles.

December 18

Shopping Luck

The girlfriend told me the other day that some people are just so lucky – even with shopping – they find the best buys – even with or without the Black Friday sale.  They are lucky in whatever they do – from shopping to business and money – and most importantly their relationship.  Their spouse worships them – their children are obedient and does well in studies – so how does want get all their luck?  she asked me.  My reply is – some people are just born this way – while others like myself have to work for it.   So if i want to get the best sale – i lookout for sales date like the Black Fridays or Boxing Day sales – plus every now and then there are good buys everywhere – to be at the right place at the right time – well, it’s pretty much being alert and being in control with your schedule and being alert.

December 16

Face Reading aka Mian Xiang

A face never lies ! that is what face reading is about?  I am extremely interested in face reading – because i am basically interested in people.  Joey Yap has a book called Mian Xiang Discover Face reading and I’ve read a review on it – about the eyebrows and nose of a person.   The book is about USD$33 and i would have to wait a few weeks before delivery – hope I can find a used copy of it on ebay or amazon.

December 15

Placing Electronics @ Home

Many people don’t like to place a lot of electronics in their houses – for fear of too much energy in one place – but truth be told – it isn’t true – unless you are doing it in the bedroom or the bathroom.  Why not the bathroom? because as far as i know – after reading up  bluray reviews I don’t think that there is one – that is waterproof – so if you place one in the bathroom – and it accidentally falls into the bath-tub – you can imagine – what would happen – hahahha!!  so it doesn’t take a genius to know all this are common sense.  But if you were to buy a bluray machine and place it – say in the study room – I don’t think it would disagree with any feng shui in the house.

December 14

Destined To Die

I read in an article that even the best feng shui master cannot calculate when you will die exactly – because according to him – these are things that the heaven disallowed.  it is quite scary isn’t it – not knowing when one is going to die.  But what if someone can and want to read your fortune and tell you that you are destined to die – on which year and time or date – or all 3?  is your destiny really held in your own hand?  or is it really heaven’s will?  i really don’t know truth be told – but i’ve heard that you can’t escape it if it comes – for me – I’m not afraid to die – I’m afraid of those I love – those I left behind after I die.   What are your thoughts?