November 30

Healthier You

A friend asked me the other day – if having a plant at home – will make you a healthier person?  and like I tell everyone – again and again – feng shui isn’t magic.   Just like if you want to be slimmer – and you take a supplement like conjugated linoleic acid – you have to check with your doctor first about the conjugated linoleic acid side effects right?   So yes !  if you want a healthier you – first you need to exercise – eat right – and if you are taking a supplement – by all means – but make sure you check with your doctors first. Feng Shui is no magic.

November 29

Feng Shui Potraits

Sometimes when i visit a friend’s home – and see a painting of their great grandmother or their late grandmother – i wonder to myself if it was a good thing to hang a dead person’s portrait in the family room?  So I asked a feng shui master about it.  it is said that women  feature strongly in power portraits and from a feng shui perspective, hanging a picture or painting of the Matriarch is as important (if not more so) than hanging one of the Patriarch. It is the mother figure that keeps the family together and her symbolic presence is a must in any home that wants to enjoy the nurturing care of family feng shui.

Traditional matriarchal portraits are best when accompanied by the trimmings of her stature and the premier role she holds within the family. She is best shown wearing the family jewels and if the family aspires to wealth and position, then symbols or indications of her possessions should also be displayed in the portraits. These aesthetic credentials can be hinted at – no need to be too obvious or blatant – but the whole picture should suggest someone of substance. The sense of her importance in the family and her moral authority so to speak must somehow emerge. Then only does it qualify to be a good feng shui portrait and her place in the family will then never be usurped. She will never be cast aside!

November 27

Beauty From Inside Out

Some people say that people who practices Feng Shui shines and one can see their beauty from the inside and then outside.  Truth be told – I think it is because people who practices Feng Shui are a lot more calming and they do the necessary like taking acne pills if they have a skin problem – and not wait for things to happen or buy a stone or a crystal to make things happen.  Nope ! feng shui is about practicality.  So if you want good skin – you use the right skin products – and if you are unhealthy – change your lifestyle.

November 25

Musical Instruments Used For Feng Shui

A girlfriend once told me that she didn’t allow her spouse to buy a karaoke for the home – for fear that it may disrupt the harmony at home.  But truth be told – all musical instrument is alright – as long as you feel alright with it.  Some people feels good having a piano at home – while others feels good with a violin.  So why not the Karaoke?  is it because it’s too noisy ?  but to the spouse – it relieves his stress level and helps him enjoy his life – so that’s a good thing no?  So my solution?  if the spouse loves singing and wants the karaoke machine at home – why not dedicate a somewhat special room – with  sound proof for him and if he wants to entertain his friends – why not?   as long as he doesn’t sing his karaoke past midnight and get drunk or disturb the neighbor – don’t deprive him of his singing.

November 24

Discarding Bad Memory

Everything that causes you pain or anguish, makes you stressed out, annoys you, makes you feel inadequate, brings back unhappy memories, dulls your brain or simply tires you outi n any way at all is junk. All of it should be cleared and thrown away, never to annoy, disturb or cause you stress again.

So when you have tired of anything – whether it is a book, newspaper, bag, clothes, decorative object, painting, furniture, curtains or anything at all, however big or small, worthless or valuable, and it has lost its special meaning for you… throw it out, sell it or give it away!

November 22

Electronics In The Bedroom

So the girlfriend wrote to me and told me that her spouse bought an LCD TV 40″ and a flat panel mount for the bedroom.  He claims that he needed it for his sports shows – he is addicted to them and cannot sleep without them.  So instead of getting screamed at for falling asleep in the basement where the recreation room currently is – he came up with this brilliant excuse to have the LCD TV in the bedroom.

The fuming girlfriend wanted it to be out of the room – and both are currently arguing what is best to do with it.   Yes ! feng shui do not encourage tvs and electronics in the bedroom – but it also doesn’t encourage bickering in one’s bedroom too.   So the best solution?  cover up the LCD TV when both of them wants a good night’s rest.  Problem solved – spouse can enjoy the tv and the girlfriend will get a good night’s rest without any bickering.  So good luck to all who have spouse’s who wants tvs and mounts in their bedroom.

November 20

Feng Shui To Your Main Door

Many are not aware of how important the feng shui to their main door is.  I keep trying to clear the space of our main door – so that it is not cluttered nor blocked out – that way – if the good chi is coming in – nothing will come in it’s way.  But one thing to note is that main doors should face open space. This is known as the bright hall effect and is most auspicious. Houses whose main doors open to playing fields and empty land usually benefit enormously from this feature.

So remember now – when you walk into your house – thru’ that main door – make sure there is no clutter – clutter is not good feng shui.  Sometimes I know it is very hard – but you have to try.  I try all the time – not to come into a house that is full of stuff – which doesn’t make one feels good.

November 18

Healthy Lifestyle

Enhance your lifestyle by living healthy – is my motto when i practice Feng Shui – what is yours? most people who practices Feng Shui wants a healthy lifestyle – wants to be healthy and wants to live a long and prosperous life.  Working out with ab workouts and step aerobics are some of the things I do – to keep healthy.  Abundance in life – is all about keeping oneself motivated, healthy, happy and bring an avalanche flow of success in your lifestyle.  And I constantly ask people how can they be motivated if they don’t want to live healthy and have a healthy lifestyle.  All good things comes from within – start from within – so if you haven’t been exercising – start now – it’s never too late.

November 17


Feng Shui is about good balance in your life – it’s not magic.  Good feng shui is all about what pleases your life and making you feel strong, experiencing good health and having positive attitude.  Balancing is the word one has to remember when you are practicing feng shui.  Energies that affect you and stimulate you – what you want in your life – surrounds how you balance your life.

For instance, if yours is a hectic work life or if your office space is cluttered with files and cramped with too many tables, then your home space should bring you at least a measure of restfulness that can soothe the turmoil and stress of your work life. Those who work in cramped offices should thus opt for a more spacious arrangement in their homes. Paintings associated with peacefulness can also do much to create a restful haven that subliminally balances the intense yang energy of work life. To some, good calligraphy or minimalist decor can also bring out the inner stillness they desire. For such people, decorative objects that create jarring contrast can cause hidden turmoil and this is seldom beneficial.

November 16

Practical Ways To Good Health

I’ve been asked many a times – how can friends keep healthy by using feng shui?  can one buy a crystal or a wind chime – to be placed in the house – so that they can stay healthy always.  Like I said Feng shui isn’t magic and if you want to lose weight – one need to get the best supplements for weight loss or if you want to strike lottery than you need to go buy a ticket.  God only help those who help themselves.  But yes!  health is always the main reason why people practices feng shui – but being practical is also very important.  Besides exercising and eating right – getting the right supplement for weight loss – is important as well.