October 30

Getting The Job You Want

So you have an interview – for a job – or even a promotion in another department and you are going for an appraisal?  You want that job desperately and you would do just about anything you can to ace the interview.  So many people asked – how can I do that?  For one – dressing up or dressing down – is important depending on what kind of job you are looking to get hired on – or promoted to.  For example – if you are trying to get an internship and you dress up with your usual hip hop clothing then I think you are not going to impress that much.  Hip hop clothing are great when it comes to going out and be the most fashionable but trying to get a internship for a law firm – you would have to re-think about that eh.  So yes!  you wanna get that job – dress up accordingly.

October 28

Staying With Your Mother-In-Law

So this is the continuation of the Mother In Law From Hell – from a few previous post.  So if you are staying with your in-laws and your mother-in-law rules the roost, the situation is more difficult. Here it will be you feeling that neither you nor your husband is the power in the house and it is likely that the mother-in-law here will exert a great deal of authority.

As the wife feeling stifled by the situation, the best solution is to wear a powerful amulet that will help to reduce any feelings of hostility. The rooster with amethyst and fan amulet here is excellent. Carry it with you always and you will find that any hostility between you and your mother-in-law will dissolve. You can also place two crystal balls on the table where you can both see it. This is powerful in helping to ameliorate any tension or left over anger.

October 27

A Healthy Home

Many people asked me about feng shui and health, some asked me about staying radiant – some how to build muscles with their boys at home.  How some asked about family enhancement using feng shui – but sometimes feng shui is also looking at a healthy home.

Some asked can the shape of the house affect one’s health or growth?  How can one use feng shui to correct these problems?  we all know that a family health is very important and if you feel that there are poison arrows around – then you can fill in missing areas of house or garden with lights placed where the missing corner/s would normally be. Deflect any poison arrows from columns, sharp corners etc., with plants, material drapes, anything that softens/covers the ‘sharp edges.’

But like I tell everyone – feng shui is not magical – it does not have magical power – for staying younger – building muscles – one gotta read and make sure you get the right stuff for them.

October 27

Mothers-In-Laws From Hell Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 of Mothers-in-laws from Hell – can feng shui help to make life less difficult in families with these sorts of problems?

The mother and daughter-in-law competition is an age-old phenomenon that transcends race or culture, and in the old days, this situation caused all sorts of tragedies within families. Both sides always assumed the worst of each other’s motivations and most comments and opinions of either were almost always seen in a negative light. There is rarely little love lost between the two most important women in a man’s life.

The Feng Shui SOLUTION
Those having this unhappy problem should start by first transforming their attitudes. Feng shui can help but unless there is also a reversal of expectations, it is less likely that feng shui can change much.

If your mother-in-law is staying with you remember that she is probably feeling less comfortable than you realize. Because underlying her external bravado is the thought that she is probably not very welcome, so do make an effort to really make her feel welcome.

FIRST: Light up the SW corner of your living room with a bright light and put a lovely picture of the two of you – wife and mother-in-law – smiling happily in the SW corner. Make the picture quite big so both of you can see it and be reminded of how close you are or can be! This little Taoist tip works wonders.

NEXT: Place two crystal balls on a table also in the SW corner. This creates excellent Earth energy that will cause both of you to bond really well.

The presence of grandchildren is itself the most powerful cure. The energy of children is pure and very yang and this helps dissolve conflict and disharmony. It also helps to paint a wall red if there continues to be tensions. Fire element energy is always effective for burning up feelings of hostility and tension.

But what happens if you are staying with your mother-in-law – to be cont’d – in Part 3.

October 26

Calming Room

Being a mom can be very stressful – even if you only have one kid.  I know that because I have hair loss due to stress – sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out and other times –  they just drop on its own.  It has been proven that when one has stress – your hair does drop a lot more.   In feng shui, they said a calming room and burning some incense – or like myself – I use – tea tree oil – for a calming effect.  But yes – if you feel like you are stress out – you can try calming yourself down – by having a special room for calming effect – i listen to Sarah Brightman – to revitalize and to calm myself.  But if you are need help – of course – see a doctor – if all the calming effect don’t work.

October 24

Beauty Lies In The Eye Of The Beholder

The beauty of a woman lies in the eye of the beholder – I’m sure you’ve heard this before.  My mother used to complained why my uncles were so good to their wives and some were even afraid of their wives and would do all their whims and fancies without an extra word.  While none of the wives were prettier than my mom – they certainly did something right that my mom weren’t – so said my mom.  But yes – don’t you also feel sometimes – that some other girls are way luckier than you – when it comes to relationships?

What about some who are not so pretty and even have acne and desperately need acne treatment and yet – you see their b/f kissing them and holding their handbags and almost kissing the floor that they walked on?  Yes ! i’ve come across someone like that in my time too – and I’ve always wondered myself – how can someone who has full of acne – have such a macho looking boyfriend?  is it fate? or what kinda spell was she using – hahah!

You know in Feng Shui – we also believed in your “life” – meaning that everyone has a life meant for them.  Some people’s face features – shows that they will always have a good life – while others – are just different.  Some have their husbands to love and some are meant to marry a few times – before they find Mr Right.  Can one change one’s  “life” ?  I heard not – but I was told by doing good deeds – your life – will be better.

October 22

Mother-In-Law From Hell

Decades of studies, academic as well as social, interviewing hundreds of families have revealed that nearly two-thirds of women complain they’ve suffered long-term stress arising from friction with their husband’s mother. In turn, an equal number of mothers-in-law complained bitterly about their exclusion from their son’s lives and from their grandchildren.

Most of the time, mother-in-law conflicts do not flare out in the open but scratch beneath the surface and both sides – the young wife as well as the older woman – are more than happy to air their grievances. It usually does not take much for long list of complaints to come pouring forth.

And no matter how devoted the husbands may claim to be, or how much they declare their love for the wife, if they should be so foolish as to take the side of the mother just once, it can be a catalyst for problems to start in the marriage.

Wives tend to see mothers-in-law as their rivals. Mothers tend to more patient with their sons; laughing loudest at his jokes, sympathizing with his problems and listening adoringly to the dullest details of his day. Mothers will always be more patient than wives – always know more about his favourite foods, his weakness for certain types of music, movies and just about everything else. After all, mothers have a head start over wives. They are even privy to their son’s tastes in women!

In the face of this sort of mother-son intimacy, it is easy for the wife to get insanely jealous. Modern day wives will never admit to this. How can the mother-in-law be a rival? Recent studies show however that for millions of women, the wedding ring is barely done before wives start to feel in deadly competition with their husband’s mother. And these days, when mothers-in-law are capable, resourceful, independent achieving women as well, it is not difficult to see how this can quite easily ignite into something that can cause great unhappiness.

More on Mother-in-laws from hell – and how to feng shui it in another post.

October 22

Shopping For Christmas

My friends and family knows that I practice Feng Shui and believes in it – so when it comes to shopping for me for Christmas and even for xmas stocking stuffer – they have to make sure that they buy the right things for me.   Certain things that is bad “chi” i rather not have them – but most things are fine.  My mother-in-law who is a Canadian – also knows I am fussy when it comes to Christmas shoppng and what I want or what I need for Christmas – so they usually asked me in advance – what is good for the house and my kids – before buying for them.

As for me – I’m pretty organized – so when it comes to Christmas shopping i usually buy the big stuff first and then the stocking stuffer later.  Stocking stuffer can be a lot of things and if you need ideas – you can always buy cashmere gloves and scarves – cuff links for the men are always a welcome thing – and tie too.   What do you give for stocking stuffer?  For me – I usually choose something essential – like socks or photo frames.   Happy shopping everyone!  start early too!

October 21

A Radiant You To Attract Good Fortune

My grandmother used to say – “people would first look at your from the outside – and then you”  – and how true it is. A radiant face can attract good fortune – can get you the right job – can get you a mentor – so you get the picture right?  yes!  you don’t need to be a super model to attract good fortune – but a radiant you will.  And how does one get a radiant you?  I’ve been asked a lot of questions like how to get rid of acne to get a radiant face?  how to look healthy?  how to show that you are happy ?  how to have a happy face?

Although having acne on your face is not your fault – and it’s wrong to hold it against a person and give the job to another non- acne face person – I’ve heard many a times – how you feel that’s the reason why you didn’t get a promotion or that job you want.  I hear yer! and I know how that feels.  So yes! if you have acne – or a bad hair color – you really need to do something about it.  Feng shui is no magic – if it is a practical problem – look for practical solution and yes having a radiant you – radiant personality – good breathe hygiene – all these contribute to a successful you.

October 19

Attract More Customers Into Your Store

Everyone wants to attract more customers into their store – we do – so I went about to find out what I can do – to feng shui my store.  It is said that in feng shui, twinkling lights are regarded as excellent enhancing agents for attracting instant good fortune, bringing in more customers and more business. Restaurants and night clubs – any kind of entertainment places – are sure to experience increased business when their premises are decorated this way.

The lights themselves have the power to pull in plenty of new customers, and when they twinkle, they create a pervasive sense of happiness that creates an ambience conducive to generating goodwill. Very good for business indeed!  So if you want more customers into your store – get some twinkling lights now – I am going shopping today.