September 29

Prevent Sibling Rivalry With Feng Shui

Now if only my mother used feng shui – in our home – for sibling rivalry some 35 years ago that would have been great.  My siblings seems to be at loggerhead most times when we were young – and we even get into fist fights and breaking each other things when we were kids.   My mom wasn’t of much help of course – because she sided with the boys regardless.

So how can one try to get our children to develop a good and healthy relationship with one another?  Some feng shui tips you may want to try and  help promote harmony in the home and good healthy sibling relationship that will blossom into something infinitely more lasting are :

  • Doors to bedrooms should be properly aligned especially if it is along a corridor. If not, there would always be friction between siblings.
  • Tall children on short beds often fall ill. Check your child’s bed.
  • Petty resentments and jealousies rife among your children? It could be attributed to different sized beds for different children. Try having the same size bed for everyone.
  • Doors next to or near each other should be of the same dimension. If one is larger or taller, the person with the bigger door will have an inclination towards mistreating and dictating the other with a smaller door.

September 27

Christmas Shopping For Your Feng Shui Friends

Fall is already here and Christmas is going to be round the corner soon.  This morning – we saw some customers buying stuff for Christmas already.  Do you have your Christmas gifts for 2010 list written up yet?  if not I think it’s about time you do, afterall, time flies – and they literally do.   Talking of it – it reminds me about preparing my own list too – i like to procrastinate – but  now that I can order stuff online since 2 years ago – I don’t worry no more.  One can never go wrong with some chocolates or flowers – who can resist something like the below right?   How about some fudge instead?  yums!  you can’t go wrong with that – everyone loves a rich chocolate fudge during the Christmas season.  Ok – time to look thru’ the online catalog and start my orders.

September 25

Personal Crystal For Your Child

A friend had asked me about getting a personal crystal for her child and asked me exactly how can it do good for her kids.  Personal crystals are powerful study luck energizers.  If you are getting one for your child – let them pick their own crystal, it should feel good to them as it has to resonate with their personal energy – then cleanse the crystal in rock salt water for 7 days and 7 nights. Let your child hold the crystal in the left hand while studying or revising, and in the exam, tell them to carry the crystal in their pocket. Teach them to charge up their crystal in pure sunlight on days that are bright and sunny. The crystal can also be re-energized with flowing spring water in a waterfall… so if there is a natural waterfall near you, or next time you go hiking or on holiday where you meet up with a waterfall, hold the crystal under the flowing water for a while to charge it up.

September 23

Feng Shui Your Office Gadgets

Everyone asked me if there is a way to feng shui their office gadgets – because they either want it not to break down – or to bring them good luck.  Like a sales person with their iphone – they want their phone to keep ringing with customers.   And for the office workers – they don’t want their office equipment to break down.  I say to get iphone 4 insurance and office equipment insurance – that would ensure that your office gadgets or any of your electronic gadgets to be protected.  Feng shui is not magic folks! practical stuff needs practical solution and what better way than to get insurance for them or an extended warranty.

September 22

People With Bad Chi

Some people do have bad chi – what do I mean by it?  people who causes you pain – people who causes you grief – they are people that you don’t want to associate yourself with.  But like many people – one cannot help but meet them or work with them everyday.   And people that cause or have bad chi will send you into a plummeting feeling – you will be miserable – you will feel sorry for yourself and feel depressed.  So what do you do?

Get two ripe and juicy lime fruits. It is best to pluck them directly off a plant if you have one. If not, you can look for this lime in the market. There are 2 varieties – the smooth limes that resemble miniature oranges and are about the size of a 20 cents coin OR they are the mottled more fragrant variety.

Both are suitable. Bring them home and do not wash them. Hold one each in the palm of your hands and roll them in your palms while thinking, “all the bad vibes, gossip and bad intentions of this person (if you know his/her name say it silently to yourself) is flowing into the lime, keep rubbing the lime in the palm of your hands for about 10 minutes, then go to a big drain or better yet a river and throw both limes over your right and left shoulders into the drain or river, and DO NOT look back.

Just think that you have successfully removed all the bad chi, bad luck and bad intentions from your body and mind. Return home and have a salt bath. You will find that whoever it is who has been giving you a hard time will cease to have any more effect on you. This is also an excellent way to reduce the pain of losing a loved one and to get through a particularly bad luck month. The lime is believed to have the power to symbolically draw out all the negatives from your aura.

September 21

Radiantly Healthy With Feng Shui

A radiant face means a healthy body – so everyone had been talking about it.  A co – worker had asked me – how do people who practices feng shui get a radiantly healthy face and body?  Like I’ve said many times – feng shui is not magic – for example – if you have  eczema – you get an eczema treatment – logical right?  So if you have skin deep problems – do not expect a miracle to happen – just because you placed a plant in your health corner  or wear something to make the eczema go away.  Be practical – listen to your body – feng shui can enhance your living – if you place a plant at your health corner – but sit and do nothing – the eczema doesn’t go away either. Like many things in life – you have to work at it to get things done – feng shui is not any different – look, identify and work on it.   So don’t expect me to give you a miraculous answers please!

September 21

Dzi Bead

I’ve often wonder myself – why some ppl where these Dzi Beads and this was what i learned from my feng shui friend.  The Dzi Bead is a spiritual object or Talisman – it is for protection and for those practicing Buddha’s teaching – I am guessing you will be more familiar with the object.  By the way, Buddhism is not a religion it is a way of life – a way to protect oneself from suffering and problems.

It is said that wearing the Dharma hat is a way to improve your quality of life because your inner development is more important than your material /earthly needs.  The bracelet is made of clear quartz crystal beads and is smooth polished – meant for pure and everlasting happiness.

September 20

Energize Yourself With Feng Shui

There are many ways one can energize yourself – and of course like I said – feng shui is not magic but being practical and one way is to colon cleanse – I’ve heard good things about colon cleansing – but I myself have never tried it.    Of course eating healthy is another and drinking lots of water and doing regular exercises.  But having said all the above – you too can energize yourself by not wearing town and dirty clothes as this is said to undermine your personal feng shui.  Dressing with torn or faded jeans may be fashionable but it may also bring one bad luck.  Dressing this way attacts proverty and unlucky chi – therefore ill fortune may befall you.   I’m also not saying that you need to wear a chanel shoe or a Louis Vuitton handbag – but you know – presentable.

September 19

Doorway To Your Home

We have the entrance to our house and then the entrance to various rooms of our home – even an archway to our kitchen. If you are like me and buying a new home – make sure that the rest of the doorway to different rooms to your home is lower than your main door.  Why? because you want to make sure that your wealth stays inside your home.  And what if the other archway or door is higher than your main door?  well this is really easy.  one can always get a fake arch put in to make it look lower.   This was what i learned some 20 yrs ago, when i bought my new home in Asia and the Feng shui practitioner told me about it.  I just happened to remember it today an thought I should share this with you.  Good luck!

September 18

Balancing Health Energy

Balancing Health Energy was what I was asked recently by a friend – of another friend – since she wanted to know about diets that work as she wants to stay healthy and lose some weight and have a better perspective in life.   She wants to have more energy to do other things and not just work she said and first and foremost – she has to learn how to eat right – exercise too and stay positive.  I also try to find out what she love in life and the simple things she can try to make things beautiful for herself to make her feel beautiful – like a potted plant o fresh flowers in the living room.  A refreshing shower – in the morning is another way to balance one’s health energy – a good breakfast – for your diet is also good – and no food in the evening – so that you don’t feel sluggish in the morning – all these are good dieting advice and ways to balance one’s health energy.