August 31

How To Use The Bagua?

Many had asked me how one uses the Bagua – truth be told – the Bagua is not easy to learn eh ?  i looked at the Bagua each time – and i get a headache just by looking at the so many things on it. But then someone explained it easily for me – so i hope this helps you too.

The ba gua (ba: eight; gua: area) is a map of the energetic qualities of your space. It is traditionally shown as an octagon with eight sections surrounding a central area, the tai chi. For practical use, we extend the corners of the ba gua to form a square, then divide it into nine equal sections.

The ba gua divides any space into these nine areas. Each area corresponds to a different aspect of your life (see diagram). Whatever is going on energetically-good or bad-in that part of your space will affect the related aspect of your life.

Every space has a ba gua. There is a ba gua for your plot of land, a ba gua for your house or apartment, and a ba gua for each room within your home. You can even apply the ba gua to your desk, bed, or stove.

To apply the ba gua to your home, align the bottom edge with the wall your front door is in. Even if you usually enter your home through the garage or a back or side door, always align the ba gua to the front door. Now, stretch (or shrink) the ba gua to cover your entire space. To apply the ba gua to an individual room, do the same thing: align the ba gua with the doorway wall, and adjust the size to fit the space. As you stand in the doorway facing into the space, kun gua (relationships) is always to the far right. If there is more than one way to enter a space, orient the ba gua to the most prominent entryway. If the entries are equal, choose the one that is more frequently used.

The ba gua for each floor above or below the main floor is aligned to where you enter that level from the top (for higher floors) or bottom (for lower floors) of the stairs. Sometimes there will be a wall directly in front of you at the top or bottom of the stairs, and you will need to turn to the right or left before you are facing into the space.

August 29

Door Feng Shui

Doors, particularly the maindoor plays the biggest role in feng shui. The first thing to be considered before applying any formula feng shui is to ensure that a door itself has good feng shui. That means, it has to be in tip top condition, always looking fresh and vibrantly energetic, with the knobs and lock set working perfectly fine. Only then, will we start to look at its vicinity and surrounding factors. Feng shui practitioners consider that curtains and door banners can play a very significant role in enhancing the feng shui of doors.

August 26

Auspicious Rice Urn

Rice urn is the stomach of a family, and represents income, savings, business and wealth abundance. It is important as a minimum requirement for anyone who wants to get seriously rich to have such a good feng shui rice urn. Please do not keep your rice in plastic bags, dustbin style containers, plastic containers or wood containers. Also a good rice urn must be as large as you could afford to ensure you have more than enough to eat. Our rice urns are actually large wealth vases that are usually decorated by hotels in their lobbies or used by rich tycoons to make their huge wealth vases in their homes.

August 23

Windchimes For Feng Shui

Windchimes are said to be good for feng shui – but i’ve also heard that if you use the windchime – you need to know where to place the windchime and it had to be aluminum made?  therefore I never really used a windchime at home or at the store. The number of rods on the windchime is also important and whether the windchime is hollow or solid inside.

8 rods windchime connotes PROSPERITY (fatt) and is suitable to activate good luck sectors for wealth. The 8-rods windchime is widely used throughout Period 8 (2004-2023) because the flying star period chart’s reigning number is “8”. It can be hung in the NE to usher in Period 8 energy. One may also hang it in chi entry points such as the maindoor to announce “prosperity has arrived”. Made from light metal, it produces very nice harmonic melodies when wind blows.

August 20

Feng Shui For Enemies

I have often wondered why in old movies they have this ugly knockers – hahahha!!  don’t hate me for saying that – but i was ignorant then.  But yes ! i’m sure you’ve wondered too right?   Well now I know – so I thought i would share it with you too – that way – you won’t be like me.  

The Fu Dog Head doorknockers are ancient guardians on doors for palaces, mansions and homes of royalty, officials and merchants. Position this cymbal on your door to prevent people of evil intentions from entering the house and to ward off shar chi (killing energy). They are best to guard the main entrance of your home or office and protect the whole family from being harmed. They are crafted from heavy brass which makes it strong enough to terminate any evil or yin energies. It is normally installed as one piece on one sided door or in pairs for two sided doors to protect the entire family from accidents, robbery and any other forms of bad luck.

So now that you know the goodness of using the Fu Dog as your doorknockers – go right ahead and buy them.  We needed some at our store’s dog – because we used to get rob.

August 17

Enchancing Your “Yan” Luck

Enhancing one’s “yan” luck is very important to anyone who wants to be in the good books of your superior or be in the good books of anyone – you care for.  Why do some people just gets along with everyone and everyone seems to like them – while others – they just can’t seems to get anyone to like them.  So the chinese believe that the “yan” luck plays a very important part.

While some uses a pink crystal bracelet to enhance the “yan” luck – some uses mini led christmas lights in their bedroom.  Not only are these lights said to decorate your room – some said – it also enhances their romance luck if placed in the right position.  That you will have to check your bagua for it, plus LED lights are not expensive to keep them on all the time – so I would say – go for it – we have one in our patio – all year long – just because we want to enhance our family ties.

August 16

Feng Shui Entrance To Your Business

Feng Shui entrance and front door spaces to your home or business, must be set up to invite critical chi Energy into an area. CHI, the vital Life Force Energy that swirls throughout the Universe, brings wealth and well-being to us. Blocks or deterrents to CHI Energy must be removed to allow the healthy CHI Flow to enter into our surroundings.

Many years ago, when we hired a consultant to come look at our store – she thought us to bury  nine coins under the pathway that leads to our store,  this represents money making its way to your doorstep.  Link the energy of abundance to your entrance by placing these nine coins in both the entryway and the actual abundance sector of your home.

August 15

Tips For Entrepreneurs

When i read about tips for entrepreneurs – i just had to share it with all of you – my experience.  I have friends who are very creative and very enterprising – just like an old college friend who went into photography.  Besides getting a good camera – he did his research and lots of  digital camera reviews on DSLR and digital cameras.  A good start – I’ll have to say for someone who is just starting out but today 10 yrs later – in his shop – he not only sells cameras but all sorts of camera accessories and camera cases.

A good foundation for any entrepreneur is very important but there are several ways to enhance one’s business success as I’ve read in a feng shui magazine.  So depending on what you are aiming for – whether a good turnover or good employee and employers relationship or productivity and even for people like us – good customer relationship.

To ensure your office building has good Feng Shui, check the surrounding roads and neighbouring buildings to ensure you are not suffering the killing breath of Poison Arrows.   Be on the lookout for bodies of water which often bring good luck.

Feng Shui can also be applied to the interior decor of your offices, and for good measure, you can investigate your personal auspicious directions (based on the formulae of the Pa Kua Lo Shu School) in my book Applied Feng Shui and then activate them by orientating your main door and your sitting position in an auspicious direction.

August 12

Indoor Garden For Good Feng Shui

The “good fortune” bamboo plant is ideal to place in the entrance of your house- and having an indoor garden they said is good feng shui for the entire family.  Bamboo has always been included in traditional Chinese Gardens. It has been long considered in Asia as a plant of Good Fortune.  Chinese Gardens provided a setting for man to communicate with nature and honor his spiritual essence.  The Chinese used plants as spiritual symbols, and the Bamboo Plant represents strength and flexibility. The bamboo plant can grow in poor conditions and limited light.

August 6

Triangular & Abstract Designs

I love abstract designs a lot – especially since i pride myself as being an arty farty person – now don’t laugh at me now.  But i was told the other day to avoid triangular or abstract design in paintings because it represents arrows and can indirectly harm me and my family.  So to be safe rather than sorry – i took mine down – so i thought i should let you all know about it.