July 27

Feng Shui For Your Reception Area

Did you know that in any business – your reception area is the first place that anyone has in  contact with you and your business?   So don’t you think that it is only right that one pays attention to give a lasting impression to anyone who walks into your business?  To feng shui your reception area – follow the below steps.

  • Create a professional look: Organized and Clutter-Free
  • Focus on a “Yin” Feel – Comforting, Safe, Low Activity
  • Use elemental Objects & Colors to Nourish the Energy and keep you, the Practioner Well-Balanced
  • Use fans, green plants and water features to stimulate Chi Flow
  • Create a calm atmosphere with larger, slow moving fish in a well-maintained aquarium – great for health practices
  • Know that mirrors are active energy so use sparingly – never directly across from the front door
July 24

Corporate Feng Shui

Someone wrote to me about corporate feng shui for her small business – why?  because they seems to be running into some sorta “bad luck” as she puts it.  There has been small bumps a long the way – in the recent months and she asked if I can give her any kind of insight.  I asked her what kind of bumps?  she said even her electronics are going bonkers of late.  Her iphone had gotten lost – her notebook crashed on her and everything didn’t seems to run as smoothly.

Once again – like i tell everyone – Feng Shui isn’t magic – and if you have things missing or your notebook or ipod or any electronics busted – then try iphone warranty or notebook warranty.  Having things busted is part and parcel of life – it doesn’t mean anything but to have your electronics replaced.  Now if you have them insured then of course – you never need to feel that the feng shui in your office or your home or even your kids in college being in bad feng shui.  So yes – Feng shui is about common sense mostly – there you have it.

July 21

Fish Bowl Or A Water Fountain

My friend from Asia had asked me if she can use a fish bowl instead of a water fountain for her wealth corner – just the other day  – and I had told her that they are the same and represent the same.  Abundance – just like using a poster printing of the 8 -9 fishes on your wealth corner wall – it does the same thing too – represents abundance.   Some people insist on using real hand painted drawing of those gold fishes – but I learned that it is not the object – but how the object can activate your wealth corner.  Plus if you feel that the poster print can make your home look nice – why not?  it does no harm according to Joey Yap.  You see – i’m learning a new technique these days for Feng Shui – and i’m gonna share it with you all once i’m done the 10 days course.

July 18

Crucial Factor Of Feng Shui

Housewives superstition is not feng shui – many people feel that if you put this or that in your house – you will get bad feng shui.  But truth be told it’s not true.  I’ve read that feng shui has nothing to do with any items or pictures you put in your home or business/store – it is the direction and location that is the crucial factors in determining the quality of feng shui of your home/business/store.

i for one had been worried sick for the longest time and never dare paint the house red or have a cactus at home – but after reading some very valuable info – i guess you can have both in your house.  But placement is important?   i was told not to be overly worried about the kind of decor i want in my house.  REally..?? yes really said the experts.  Like i’ve said many times before – feng shui is not magic – but a good flow of chi and all the good stuff and logical sense.

July 15

Creating A Positve Impact With Feng Shui

It is said that by practicing feng shui one can make things better through altering the external factors – such as your luck and opportunities that influences a person.  But are you making an impact just in your own life or on others too…??

I asked myself – have I made positive impact on my spouse and others…?? I am adding good stuff to the person’s life.  Yes and No – honestly – practicing feng shui means that I should be a good addition to my spouse’s life – to make his life better.  But i’m sad to report – that i haven’t been the best influence – so today – i’m going to earnestly change that.   Practicing feng shui is about harmony – bringing the best in the entire household and business for me – but if i keep chastising and blaming the spouse for everything that goes wrong – how can i say i’m trying to use feng shui to change our way of life – to be more positive..??  Positiveness  starts from within – starts from me – so if you are practicing feng shui – start being a positive impact on your closest person today.

July 13

Feng Shui Of The Two Titans Part 2

So after you finish reading the feng shui or the face of the two titans – from Joey Yap – are you buying shares from Microsoft or Apple  – the spouse asked me the other day.  We all know who Steve Job is – the co – founder of Apple and also the man who made Pixar Studios in an Academy award winner – as by Joey Yap.  Everyone knows Steve Job with or without a Mac or the iPhone or the iPad – i’m pretty sure of that.

So according to Joey Yap – Steve has a very good nose – with wide nostrils and downward dipping nose bulb.  So if you are looking for a future husband – make sure you choose wisely because these features means that he is someone who is very savvy financially and has money for generations.

According to Joey Yap – Steve Job has a more superior face – i’ve always heard that people with high and broad forehead are the ones who are very clever and good and analyzing and solving problems.  And if one has a wide forehead like Steve – it means that he has lots of good and help from the outside “quai yan”.

His eyebrows are like a warrior and is said to be courageous and man with principles.  But narrow chin also indicate health issues.  So although his ear lobes says that he will have a long life – he will have to battle with his health issues.  So the ball is at your court now – Apple or Microsoft shares?  I say both as just as good – I wished I had read this before these two got famous – now to buy a share of any of these companies cost an arm and a leg.   Anyhow – i hope the face reading was interesting for you as for me – thanks to Joey Yap for his explanation.

July 11

The Feng Shui Of The Two Titans

i have been following joey Yap very closely and if you know him – you will know why i follow his every seminar and every book and online exercises he have to share.  My friend in Singapore – May – went for his seminar on face reading recently and highlighted this interesting article from Joey yap.  So while i sat down one day at Starbucks finishing my vitamins for the day – i decided to finish up my coffee and read on it.

It was certainly a pretty interesting read – about the clashes of the two titans in the technology arena – we all know who Bill Gates is of course and Steve Job is no stranger either – with the recent launch of the iPad by Steve Job himself – anyone or everyone on the internet or uses the internet knows who he is.

Joey Yap said that the mouth area of Bill Gate is big and wide meaning good flags.  So bigger mouth according to Yap is a bigger say.  Ahhh..  !! so now we know.  So a huge mouth means an abundance of influence, power and respect.   So if you look at any business person – you have to see if the mouth is big  and a good flag from now on.  It is said that with a mouth like that people tend to listen and obey him. And if you look at Bill Gates’s nose – he has the classic lion’s nose –  i’ve heard that before – that is a businessman’s nose.  A nose that is large enough for the face but doesn’t look odd.

To be cont’d  – in the next post.

July 9

Lava Lamps And Feng Shui

For years I’ve heard that the lava lamp works good for feng shui purposes – so one day while shopping for  fat burners we came across this lava lamp at the Source for real cheap – you can’t go wrong with something less than $3 right?  plus my snow globe that i had on top of the computer at the store stopped working – the train – so i decided to buy this for the store – just for good chi.

It is unanimously agreed by many feng shui masters that such lamps would be perfect for activating the chi energy of any space. They would be especially excellent for keeping the energy of the Southwest moving in an auspicious fashion, thereby creating the energy of nurturing and caring – in other words, love, loyalty, and the nurturing care of matriarchal energy.  So yes – if you are wondering if you should get a lava lamp – yes – but make sure you put them in the right position – do lots of research now.

July 7

Success In Your Business

I was reading about wrinkle cream reviews since I just came back from a facial and the esthetician  – said she was using an anti-aging mask on me this time.  I’m wondering if it was her subtle way of telling me – that i’m looking old? or have wrinkles? or perhaps – i was thinking of my esthetician new shop – and the position her store is in?

You see – certain things – one sees immediately and wonder if i should say anything.  But here are some thoughts if you do own your own business like we do.  When it comes to your store, how you design and arrange interiors as well as its exterior may affect the flow of good chi. First off, you should start by looking at your store’s facade. In order to achieve good feng shui, your store’s name, design and display should stand out. This is the result of good chi flowing into your store. The strong flow of the energy can be created by a strong and clear presence in the environment. In terms of your store, it should catch the attention of a passer by through its attractive display clean store name and good lighting.

After you have made well with your store exterior, you then need to check on your interiors. When you come inside, try to take note of what part of the room that instantly take your attention. Are you attracted to look towards the right or towards the left? The location to where you are drawn is considered to be the flow of chi inside your store. You can then make use of this idea to determine how you should make the good chi flow through your store. For this you may need to create some pathways for the energy to flow in the same way that you would want your customers to explore and see the items that you are selling.

July 5

Water Dragon

Buying a house has got to be the biggest investment in anyone’s life and some property agent – who knows a bit of feng shui may use this to mislead you into buying a house that may be detrimental to your health and wealth.  How so?  I was out buying some hgh supplements when i overheard the lady in front of me saying that her property agent guy told her that the open drain in front of her potential house is a water dragon and would bring the family tremendous wealth.

True and not true – it depends on where the water is coming from – for a water dragon to be a “real” water dragon – the water must come from a natural waterfall or spring.  So remember a drain is always a drain and can never turn into a water dragon.   Do not fall into this old age trap of the glib tongue of the owner of the house or the property agent – in all my years buying and selling houses – my own – i’ve seen all the tricks used.  An open drain usually means – Sha Qi – no good – bad for the occupants and also bad for money.