May 31

Positive Chi

The chinese or  those who practices feng shui believes that positive chi is necessary not only at home but at work – because positive chi is energy that flows everywhere around us.  Chi symbolizes life, health, prosperity and the wellness of your overall well- being.  If the chi in your environment is not positive – that means that it can make you feel stressed and depressed.  Are you feeling some lately?  I have been of late and even though I have been doing my ab workouts and going for my daily run – i still feel lousy.

So how does one clear the bad energy and bring in the positive – i hear you asked.  Well, clutter can caused bad chi and bad vibes.  Is your house dirty ?  Is anything blocking your entrance way to prevent good chi from coming in ?  I have a fish tank that is filthy and I’ve been telling the spouse to clean it for days now – this morning it was cleaned, so lets see what happens.

Feng shui studies how to help chi flow in the best possible way within living or working environment in order to maximize the life quality of those who inhabit those spaces. Depending on the way objects are placed and distributed within environments, they would help or block the natural chi circulation. Therefore, we need to make sure they are placed in the correct way and that is what feng shui does.

When chi is blocked by finding too many objects on its way, it might not only be unable to flow freely but it might also even become stuck at some spots. When chi is detained, the life flow of those who inhabit that space would become detained as well, making them feel they are not moving on or succeeding in achieving new goals. Feng shui helps people overcoming and preventing all these chi flow problems.

May 28

Choose Your House The Feng Shui Way

They said that when choosing your house to live in – one shouldn’t be choosing one that is bigger or smaller than your neighbouring ones – and that i can definitely say is true.  Why? because this could bring misunderstanding and problems with your neighbors.  My other neighbour on my left who has a smaller house than us – gave us trouble and we had misunderstand the first month we moved in – wherelse the rest of the houses – the same size as us – we never had any and I’ve been living in my present house for 10 yrs now. So how can i not believe it.  That troublesome neighbour even had to compare who had the  cheapest car insurance with another neighbour of ours – now how crazy is that. So remember when you are buying a house… make sure you choose one with the same size… not bigger or smaller eh.

May 25

Sleep Better With Feng Shui

So the girlfriend has a very bad allergy and need better sleep, so she called and asked how she can get one – and try and turn things around because she haven’t been feeling so good lately.  Well, i told her first to get some allergy relief and then i listed a few things for her to follow.

First – i told her to avoid sleeping with her head towards the door. According to what I’ve learned for this many years, the proper position one needs to be sleeping is having your bed and the way you sleep that allows one to see the door but not across from your bedroom door.  So do not sleep with your feet right in front of the door.

Do not sleep under a window – so if you wanna be fanciful and have sky lights and stuff – no!  why? because of bad chi and one can loose the good chi.   But if you can’t avoid it, you can always use a curtain which doesn’t allow bad chi to enter.

No pictures of water in the bedroom please because it can cause you sleepless nite and it attracts bad luck to you – who sleeps in the room.  Check to make sure you don’t have poison arrows shooting at your bed – and if you do have and it is structural and you can’t help it – cover it or use a plant in front of it to block the bad energy.   Good luck all!

May 20

Kitchen & Toilet Feng Shui

So we went for a housewarming of a dear friend who bought a town house in the city.  The spouse chose to put on his  designer ties for this occasion  – but as soon as we went into the house –  we were definitely blown over by the furnishing and the time they had spent to put their home together.  But alas, their kitchen faces direct to the guest toilet – i was shocked too – but on occasion like this can i tell the host that the feng shui for the kitchen is bad?   Because we all know that a Kitchen that faces the toilet – causes bad health and lost of prosperity.  But the toilet is already there – so what can she do even if i told her?

So is there a cure for someone who has a house like that?  Yes ! i believe so – I think one should close up that toilet and never use it or change the toilet to become a dressing room or even a cloak room.

May 18

Feng Shui Tips For Your Dining Room

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the family – why? because everyone gathers and have lunch or dinner there or for just about any occasion.  Unfortunately, with our busy lifestyle, we tend to sit in front of our computer or tv to eat.  I’m so guilty of that but to keep the family together – one really have to work on the dining room – so i was told by my feng shui master.

Do not have your dining room facing any toilet or have walls of toilet sharing with your dining room – thank God we don’t have that.  But if you do ?  well, make sure you have the door closed all the time.  Use a mirror – wall mirror of course  – to reflect the abundance of food on your dining table to double your good fortune.  Do not eat directly under a toilet – now that is a real taboo.  Do not eat in the basement – do not eat near the front door because all your good luck tends to go out that way too.  Make sure the dining area is bright and well colored and place a set of “fuk, luk sau” in the dining room.  Hope this is helpful.

May 15

Chi Cleansing

Chi cleansing and why it is important to every household and businesses.  You see the environment can become negative thru’ the people or things that walks into our life, therefore it is important to cleanse the chi to return good energy to the household or business.  Good chi is important because it creates success in the lives of the people who resides or work in them.

So now that you know that chi cleansing is important – how does one cleanse the bad chi from your surroundings?  There is a Chi cleansing kit that contains the sound tools based on metal nosies which helps in purifying the bad chi area.  A wooden mallet provides balance between the metal and wood and this kit can be found in any online feng shui store.  The Chi cleansing kit includes scents and incenses that is said to be some chinese traditional cure for bad chi.  So if you want harmony and health in your family or business – sort out the chi cleansing kit.

May 12

Fame & Recognition

So here i was minding my own business and getting some prenatal vitamins for the brother’s wife who is planning to have a baby this year – when i heard another group of women in the store talking about climbing up the corporate ladder.

So if you are like the group of women trying to climb the corporate ladder – try to either sit at the south of your office or make sure you utilize the south of the office as much as you can – because it is said that the south is the element of fire – therefore it can give one fame and recognition.

May 9

Disloyalty and Betrayal

A lot of people practices feng shui because they want to have better relationship with others – whether it is a close relationship or a business one – no one likes to be betrayed just like everyone wants the  diets that work .  Imagine – the disappointment when one is betrayed or has a disloyal friend – emotionally it doesn’t really feel good.  So what does one do to avoid being betrayed  ?   Well, one thing i learned is not to have bright lights shining behind you while you are sleep, sitting, eating or doing just about anything.  Yes, yes.. ! i hear you  – what about window lights?  that doesn’t count i guess – but as much as possible – don’t have any bright light shining behind you for a long time – or on a daily basis.

May 6

Face Reading

So I was doing my abs workout at the gym – when a friend there told me that she was going to meet another friend there.  Yes! you heard right – someone was playing cupid – and why not – so she asked me – what to look out for when she meets the new “friend”.  Well, we all have to be realistic right – and even though we are not asking for a hunk – they still need to be fairly decent looking and presentable.  And even though – we don’t need a filthy rich millionaire – we still need to know that the person – who is supposedly to be introduced as a potential boyfriend needs to be sufficient right – not to take care of you but  himself first.  So if you meet someone whose nose hair is sticking out – well, it means that he does not have enough to susbtain even himself – so do steer clear – unless you are filthy rich yourself and he has other qualities that you cannot resist.

May 3

Basic Nose Reading

The nose in face reading represents wealth. A high straight bridge with a round nose tip and full wings on either side bodes well for wealth. Nostrils that are not visible when looking straight on suggest that the person is better able to hold onto wealth, whereas open visible nostrils indicate a spender. Whilst you are comparing the two sides take a look at where the nose tip points. It can be straight down the middle of the face or to the left or to the right hand sides. If it points to one side then that is where more money will be spent. For example, man whose nose tip points to the right is likely to spend more money on females in his life, his wife or girlfriend than himself. If the nose tip does not point noticeably to the left or right then this is fairly balanced.