April 22

Energy Of Abundance For Your Business

Whether you have your own business or you own your own house or if you are only working for yourself, whether you have a family or single or have parents to look after – we all want abundance in our life.  Be it monetary or health aspect – we want abundance.  I don’t know about you but for myself – I never want to be rich – but i definitely want to be comfortable and to have good health.  So while looking at auto insurance quotes and chatting with someone with lots of feng shui interest, she reminded me of the Under the Doormat 9 coins.

You see many years ago, i had asked a feng shui master to come look at our store for us – she did recommend the coins – but not 9 coins – only 3 or she didn’t give me the exact number.  Anyhow, it was disappointing – to tell you the truth – but that’s another story for another day. So this is what you do when you buy your 9 lucky coins – you bury these nine coins under pathway just under pavement that leads to your home or retail store or put them under your doormat if you live in apartment, this represents money making its way to your doorstep. Link the energy of abundance to your entrance by placing these nine coins in both the entryway and the actual abundance sector of your home .

April 19

A Gift Of Love & Health To Your Mom

Mother’s Day is round the corner and everyone had been asking me what to get for their mom.   I recommended a Rose Quartz Gourd for good health and love for everyone’s mom or even the mother-in-law.   Well, unless – you can’t get along with the in-laws and call them the outlaws – hahah! but that itself – there must be a cure for it just like those  lipozene side effects that i’ve read about recently.  In Feng Shui, we talk about harmony and bring all the good chi together – so if you are having problems with the in-laws and want to try and make peace – I’m sure we can find something for you to give her – to try and reconciled the relationship.  Afterall, you want your children to have special bonding with their grandparents right?

April 16

Keep Your Money Safe In May

Dear Rat (horoscope),

In the month of May, please be warned that you have to take care of your money and keep your money safe.  Even if you think you need to buy anything besides the essentials and colon cleanse please think carefully because impulsive buys are said to be not good for you this month.   So be precautions and protect your finances, keep those credit cards under locks and keys.

Better yet – buy this 3 in 1 auspicious bad with a Ba Gua & Astrology Chinese Coin in a Golden Pouch.  Why? Because one side of this gold coin depicts all the horoscope animals in the Chinese tradition, and the other side shows a Ba Gua in the Early Heaven version, signifying fulfillment and perfection.  This gorgeous looking gold pouch can be used to put your stuff into it – or you can just keep it with you for money luck.

April 12

Cleansing Your Body Energy

Whenever i feel sluggish and I know that  diet pills alone won’t do the trick – i try cleansing my body energy. Someone had asked me why do one need to cleanse the body energy?  you see sometimes work can get very stressful or even when you are going thru’ some family anxiety or some illness at home – so because of that your energy level becomes low and when that happens – your body will feel tired and thus making you feel sluggish as well.

I use the 9 oranges (Fire feng shui element) in a round metal bowl (Metal feng shui element) – to help me to revitalize. And one can also clean your kitchen out of unhealthy food and put fresh herbs in clay pots and place them in a good place in your kitchen.  Water, water, water is very important – so try to have spring water bottles in sight.

April 8

Symbol Of Wealth & Harmony

My friend’s husband is a medical officer who sells  medical equipment and had asked me – what she can get for her hubby because the economy doesn’t bear well for his business.  So i recommended this petite looking Camelian Gold Fish Tassel – coz’ it’s easy – to clip onto your personal effects like your handbags or cellphone.  It is also said that the goldfish is a popular symbol of abundance.  So if you are looking to help the spouse get that contract that he had been working on for a long time – try that – it’s not obstructive and it’s pretty small that anyone can carry it on them without others noticing it.  Perfect for just about anyone – who needs a little boost – with work.

April 5

Feng Shui Your Home Entrance For Health & Wealth

Many people are not aware the the entrance to your home – and how it looks is very important to your well being – not only in health but wealth.  Why?  because it separates what you own and what is outside .. and those that don’t belong to you.   It was a Cyber Monday for us girls – when one of the girls in the group asked me this question.   How can io feng shui my home entrance.

By feng shuiing your home entrance, it is said that you not only bring coziness, peace and harmony – bliss is what we are all looking for with everyone under the same roof.   Taking precaution and finding cures is necessary because you do not want the bad qi or bad energy to surround your property nor your loved ones.  And yes – both the outside and inside of your home are surrounded by them – it’s not hard and I’m gonna go step by step in my next few post and give you some tips i learned myself and have been using for years now.

April 2

Office Opening

I was invited to an office opening a few years back and of course besides bringing along a personalized gift , i was also asked for a personal favor to see if i can help look at the office position a friend was sitting in.    For those who are not aware of this – if you have a bright light pointing directly or shining behind you – you are prune to disloyalty and getting betrayed.   So check and make sure you don’t have bright light pointing directly at you – like an arrow and not your overhead lights.