March 30

Yang Energy

Our bedroom is finally free of the tv/vcr and any game system – my girlfriend wrote to me – and even  cell phones were kept in the study room during the nite.  So i asked her so how is the relationship with her spouse these days and she said they are still working on it but less stressful in the bedroom and she gets better night rest.  You see the yang energy produced by televison and computes in your bedroom can cause a strain in your relationship.  And like i said.. feng shui is about practicality – now how can one get a lot of rest when the other is so engrossed in their gaming or shows right?   So yes ! if you do have all those electronic stuff in your bedroom – do remove them – see the difference quickly too.

March 27

Jade Astrology Bracelet For The Sick

It is said that the sickness star is aligned with the Snake in the month of April and April isn’t even here – and I already have been sick for a week.  But the car needed repair because the sway bar was rusted out and in order to replace it, it would cost us a few hundred bucks.  I hope won’t need rv repair anytime soon.   Anyhow, if you are a sick like me, do get a lot of sleep because sleeping and resting is important for the body.   Alternatively, use this beautiful jade astrology animal to help you bring balance to your health.  At $29.90 – it’s way better than getting sick all the time.

March 24

Feng Shui Flowers

Someone asked me if feng shui flowers can be used for bringing in the love of your life  , i almost fell off my chair – hahah!! but one can click here to learn more about it.   i wonder where she got that piece of advice from.  Feng shui flowers and colors in your garden brings luck to you and one has to be careful in selecting your flowers for your garden.  Strong and stimulating colors are more of the yang colors and the softer pastels colors reflects the yin for you and your household.  Meaning that pastel colors brings peace and tranquility.

I love the window boxes to tell you the truth because it brings the chi closer to your home and growing herbs are said to be best for window flower boxes.  They are fresh and fragrant and can be used in your kitchen.  But hang on a minute the best material to use for the window boxes isn’t plastic like i used before – they should be made of wood or metal for strength and durability.

March 23

Beauty & The Beast Of Feng Shui

One of my neighbor who practices feng shui was shown the above heart chime to activate her love life and romance.  You see this very nice neighbor of mine is a wonderful, wonderful person.  Generous and kind and good with kids – has a somewhat good and stable job and very hardworking.  But when it comes to her love life – she is never a winner there.  She is everyone’s boyfriend’s best friend but she can never napped the one she is interested in.

So she read online that by placing this chime outside one’s home – it would attract and enhance your relationship and bring love to her life.  The beauty of feng shui is being practical – and the beast is reading tips too closely without being truthful to oneself.  My neighbor is a big girl and instead of reading feng shui tips – she should be looking out for  diet pill reviews and choose the right diet that works for her first and the rest will fall into its place.  If only she would loose a few pounds – she wouldn’t be so intimidating to the nice guys around – if only she could face the truth – she won’t be taken advantage of by some bad ppl.   So for those reading this blog – please make sure you be truthful to yourself – looks ain’t important but it sure plays a very important role.

March 21

Cure For Stagnant Relationship

We all love our spouse to a certain extend but once you’ve been together for as long as I have – it kind of get stagnant right?  Many couple thinks that once you are married you don’t need to take care of the basic thing and keeping the romance alive  – some even think that their  blackheads on nose are pretty cute – but women – it’s NOT !   If you feel that your relationship with your spouse is a wee bit stagnant – now is the time to activate your romance by hanging the above pair of crystal close to your bed as soon as possible.   You certainly don’t want to lose your spouse to some other women outside – but don’t forget to take care of yourself and basic hygiene too now!

March 19

Things From The Past

I’ve always been wary about collecting old stuff – be it an antique or a hands me down.  This week i was given this lovely looking antique cabinet by an aunt of the spouse – it was refurbished and i do like it – but that prompted me to make a note here about things from the past.  It is important to know who these things belongs to when you do happen to be the owner of it – because unlike just getting info for the best acne treatment – you need to make sure that these old stuff that you buy or come to own them may have bad chi.

For example, if this old cabinet comes with a lot of baggage – or something sad is attached to it – it might also caused your household a lot of sadness and burden.  I remembered my feng shui mastered had taught me to clear the chi with salt water on stuff that we buy second hand – I think it is best not to acquire anything with bad chi – and how would one know?  I don’t think anyone would but I hear that if you acquired something from the past and things starts becoming weird – then you should try and rid it immediately.

March 17

Keep Safe With Feng Shui

Someone asked me – what do i give to someone who travels a lot for work – to keep them safe and not so obvious.  I said to her – give him/her a Titan luggage now that woiuld keep her stuff safe eh.   Ok.. ok.. ! i know what she meant.. something to keep her luck there …  while she is traveling for work – i can understand that.   Like i tell everyone – Feng Shui is not magic and really isn’t one thing that can prevent this or that – but one can try and harmonize your surroundings – so I recommended harmony tortoise – why?

A harmony tortoise symbolizes bonding of a family and wouldn’t a peson who love their family wanna keep themselves safe..??  I strongly believed that with three tortoises on the back of each other symbolizes that this family is bonded together and keeps their strength together.

The head of the Tortoise Family is depicted carrying a gold coin in its mouth. A symbol of his loving yet caring ability to take care of his family. The younger tortoises are seen supporting the head of the family, all working together as one special household. Finished in intricate gold, the delicate and fine craftsmanship of the Tortoises of Harmony will astound you. They are shown here crossing the Ocean of Joy, a sign that they will enjoy peace, tranquility and family togetherness for a lifetime.

March 10

Health Addiction

Many people asked me if there is a way one can enhance one’s health with Feng Shui or become healthier is the right word – or help to harmonize the body when one of their teenage kid needs help with their health.  Like I tell everyone – feng shui is no magic – feng shui can play an important part but if you need serious help – you need the professionals.

For example – if you know of someone who have a drug problem – then a rehab center that does  rapid opiate detox is what one should look for – feng shui doesn’t help.   I’m pretty sure that if you have someone you loved and they have such a unique problem – you want to get help promptly. Drug overdose is one of the top killers in the world and I know what it can do to some people – they can rob just about anybody to get their fix and I’ve seen people selling just about everything and anything just to pay their dealers.  So when some people tell me they can help their kids or friends – kick the habit – I tell them they  need professional help and quickly too.  Of course, it is not easy  but a effective, safe and comfortable treatment center that is reasonable is cost for the treatment is what I am sure you will be looking for.   Drug addiction destroys lives  – they destroy families – if you have loved ones that needs help – look for the professionals right away.

March 5

Uncluttering Your Kitchen

The best friend who had been in her new home for more than 6 months now – still has her house looking like a tornado.  She needs to find a job quick and asked for advice on how she can bring the bread home and not be so dependent on the hubby.  I’m no expert but as I walked into her house – I knew she had to clean the kitchen because clutter anywhere in the house means energy level down and the kitchen is like the heart of the house and one needs to keep it fresh and clean for not only a healthier live but also to bring in the good chi.  In our kitchen, we tend to place all our appliances out in the open .. and that is the wrong way – it is definitely a lot more convenient.. but according to my feng shui master, he said I need to have all these things stored away when not in used.  So there you have it.. keep that kitchen of yours cluttered free please.

March 1

Chinese Coins

I have these Chinese coins in my purse and many people finds it very interesting and wonder why I have them all the time.  Did you kow that when I was looking for a job in the  admin job search section one year and before handing over the application – I had placed these 3 coins onto my application – just to give them good vibes – so that I can get the job.   Or even if you are signing a contract or negotiating for a contract – you can do the same as well.

It is said that using these 3 chinese coins one can enhance your wealth.  By tying with auspicious red thread, the 3 Chinese coins are regarded as a very potent symbol for attracting wealth luck.  This will help energise them for enhanced money luck!