February 27

March Astrology

For those who are interested to know about their astrology in March 2010


This month sees excellent Romance luck for the Tiger. If you are single and have for a long time been moping around wondering if you would ever be happy in love, this month will see your luck and fortune for Love and Romance strengthen in a considerable manner so do perk up and make sure to meet up with new people.

But, though this is the case, pace yourself and take your time to get to know new acquaintances before you move on to more serious waters.


The Rabbit will feel worried and a little out of sorts this month due to an influx of problems, incidents and sticky situations. If you feel that you cannot cope, it is best for you to take a step back and focus on smoothing your ruffled feathers instead. Seek hobbies and pastimes that can relax you and keep you rested and happy. Traveling to exotic destinations is a good idea.

This may sound like counter-productive advice considering the problems dogging your path, but in truth seeking opportunities to nurture your well-being will actually improve your situation, and turn your problem around! So go ahead and indulge.


This month sees the Dragon encountering good Wealth luck ahead but there will be some obstacles that will mar your progress. Avoid getting disrupted by working on each project one at a time, and avoid multitasking.


Snakes, this March will see you working harder than ever before. Double-check all documentation before it passes your hands, and also keep an eye on your personal belongings too because a theft or loss of sorts is likely.

Aside from this, you must also be careful of your money, too. Keep your bills secure and your credit cards properly stowed away.


Good fortune is in store for you this month! Furthermore, you will experience a deep level of joy that is directly related to a pleasurable event or occasion.


Goat, for this month you feel as if you are blocked on every path that you attempt to take, and furthermore you feel sluggish and quite unmotivated as a result. Basically all you feeling like doing is to crawl into bed and hide from the world!

Try to shake out of your malaise by taking baby steps. Work a little at a time following a comfortable pace and soon enough you will feel more able to take on a heavier workload or fast schedule. Do whatever it takes to get out of your rut – what’s important is to keep the ball rolling!


Monkeys are blessed with smooth work progress and fantastic communication skills this month. You will also receive some praise from your supervisors and colleagues, and furthermore your work situation will be fun, exciting and best of all, rewarding.


If you are a driver, you must be very conscientious on the road because there is a possibility of you encountering a bad traffic accident. This month will also see you being quite combative in nature therefore you are likely to want to ‘pick a fight’ with anyone who crosses you! The best way to go about this is to lay low and avoid getting in the defensive.


The month of March will be very good to you. There is plenty of favorable luck in store for you, along with a potential for smooth and trouble-free work progress! It is also the right time for you to make any type of long-term plans so now is the time for you to plot your master plan for the next few months ahead!


Good signs are everywhere, therefore your favorable streak of luck continues on this month. Your Noble People luck is also strong, meaning that you can always seek the assistance of those higher up the rung of society.


Rat, your health will concern you the most this month because you will find yourself falling ill frequently. Blood-related diseases are also possible, and also with the prospects of injuries that will lead to a loss of blood. Therefore, be extra-cautious at all times.


Ox, you will find yourself surrounded by pettiness and egotism of all sorts. The individuals who bring this type of negative energy into your life are more often than not shallow people who seek to ‘take you down’. Keep cool and avoid getting confrontational with these people because if you lash out it will lead to possible legal troubles and complications that are truly not worth getting into.

February 24

Paying Your Feng Shui Practitioner

Getting your some sort of security system set up is a good thing after you buy a house – but getting your favorite feng shui practitioner to look into your house is just as important.  But after your feng shui practitioner has done her/his job – whats next?  many had asked me how do they pay their feng shui practitioner especially when you are with a group of ppl in your house.

A red envelope can be used  for payment as a special way to acknowledge the power and sacredness of your energy exchange. The use of a red envelope to pay your Feng Shui practitioner is an old tradition originating in China. The red envelope is symbolic of the energy that is exchanged during a Feng Shui consultation, honouring the integrity and the value of the information the practitioner has shared with you. It also helps to ensure good fortune for you by completing the circle of giving and increasing the strength and effectiveness of each cure provided to you.

February 21

God Of Wealth

My friend who works with a  term life insurance company asked me why they need to put the God Of Wealth in their home.  Well, he is not the only one who’ve asked me –  so here is my take on it.  The God of Wealth, or Tua Peh Kong, is said to be able to bring aupicious money luck and prosperity into the household!

In this gorgeous full-color sculpture, the Tua Peh Kong is seen holding a scroll in one hand, and a huge gold ingot in the other. The scroll says Zhao Cai Jin Bao, or ‘the arrival of auspiciousness’. The gold ingot is, of course, a clear symbol of wealth attainment. This item is most suitable placed in convergence areas of the home or office. Remember to place this semi-religious item at an elevated height.

February 19

Salt Cleansing For Space Clearing

Space clearing is important for feng shui and i’m sure you know it by now but what about using salt for space clearing .. what is the difference?  I learned more about it when I was looking for Branson vacation packages for this summer.  Salt Cleansing is very effective for spaces dedicated to emotional healing. It contributes to feelings of balance and integrity. To use salt for space clearing, sprinkle a bit around the periphery of each room, paying particular attention to the corners, where stagnant energy tend to accumulate. Leave the salt in place for at least 24 hours before removing it so that it has enough time to fully absorb and cleanse the energy. A bit of salt can be left in the corners over time to act as an energy booster. Never eat the salt that has been used in a space clearing ceremony… Dispose of it by putting it down a drain and running cold water until it has left the plumbing system. Clearing Salt sold in bags of 1/2 lb.

February 16

Attract Health With Feng Shui

As someone in the family was looking into treatments for rheumatoid arthritis , they came to ask me if they can attract health with feng shui. Well, you certainly can ! by placing green plants in Bagua home or Office Center & your personal bedroom.  an odd # of plants is considered active.  Best plants are lush and green – avoid spiky plants like the cactus and plants with spiky leaves.  Use high quality air and water filters.  And try wearing white to lose weight.

February 13

Crystal Energy

So you have a bad neighbor that gives you stress and no amount of the best diet pills can help with putting off those ugly weight .. so what do you do..??  Normally, I just tell people to use a huge bagua mirror on the door – to ward away the evil energy of the bad neighbors.. but if you are not into giving back bad energy, you can try some crystal cures.

Crystal energies are said to be very effective to calm one down. The Aquamarine crystal is said to be : Soothing, calming: Atlantean but make sure you keep them away from wind chimes and mirrors to prevent energy imbalances

February 11

Astrology and Feng Shui

I’ve been told many a times by people that Feng Shui is like Astrology – hahah!!  I don’t know whether to laugh or get upset with the ignorance that some people show.  It’s like trying to buy the best under eye cream in a perfume store.   The perfume store might sell some under eye cream but you and I know that they may not carry the whole range that you need.  So where do you go buy an under eye cream ?  a reputable beauty salon or a beauty counter – not the perfume store.  And nope Astrology is different from Feng Shui – Astrology has something to do with the sky and the stars whereas Feng Shui is all about practicality – not myth and no stories – the only similarity is both needs a lot of studying into to give the right information.

February 8

Attract Wealth

Now I bet that caught your attention .. hahah!!  yes!  I would too – who doesn’t love the money right?   I sure love my wealth chime, not only does it make a good decoration – and just like my hgh it’s essential.   But don’t forget to remove bad energy and ensure that all the negativity eliminated from your property.  And don’t forget to clear all clutter and make sure the entrance to your home or office is welcoming to welcome the good chi.

February 5

Share The Prosperity

A Chinese New Year celebration is incomplete without mandarin oranges and red packets!  These items are the quintessential must-haves for a proper celebration.  Have a huge bowl of mandarins handy, and do offer them to everyone present. Mandarins signify prosperity, longevity and good fortune. Red packets, or Ang Paos as called by the Chinese, are usually filled with coins and given to children annually until they get married. You can give them Chinese coins, or real currency (the children will probably prefer the latter!).  So relax and enjoy the day and put away your anti aging products for the day and eat well and drink well.

February 3

An Auspicious New Year

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and you and I know that as Asians we believed in doing our spring cleaning before the 1st day of Lunar New Year .. because it is good luck! Why ?  because it heralds in a fresh start, prosperity, longevity and happiness year-round this way, too. So keep those laptops away and the dirty brooms and dustpan when you are done to welcome the wealth God on the eve of Chinese New Year.

Don’t clean your house or office on the first few days of Chinese New Year.  Don’t forget to get those oranges for the house – to symbolize lots of wealth, richness in your household.