January 28

The Year Of Metal Tiger

So the Chinese New Year is fast approaching – Feb 14 – Valentine’s day ..  darn!  can celebrate both at the same time eh.  I was hoping to get to look at some  netbooks and make the spouse buy it for me during Valentine’s but now he is saying that it’s Chinese New Year – so we have to save money for that !  bummer!

So what is in for us in the year 2010?  For me .. the snake :

The Snake
The Snake is philosophical and very intelligent. He or she loves making new friends and adores beautiful things.

And the spouse  :

The Rat
Gentle yet firm, cool and always in control, the Rat’s gift is charm – he or she is lovable to others.

January 23

Love Cures

Don’t the loose rose quartz crystal look great?  Yes ! and they come free if i buy something from my favorite feng shui store this Valentine – I just had to get it.  For those who are already in a relationship or even married besides making sure that you get your allergy mattress covers , it is good to keep that romance alive too.   I know it can be hard at times, with kids and work and sometimes even school but who said an relationship is easy right? and even with feng shui, you have to work at it too.  Taking each other for granted is definitely not a good thing – so if you have been taking your partner for granted – this valentine, don’t only send flowers or place love cures but really work on it.  I do have to too.

January 20

Negative Energy

A girlfriend had asked me if there was something she can placed in her house or office, so that she can stop putting on weight.  You see – she thinks it is her weight that is not getting her any suitable match.  Well, I told her to look at www.quickweightloss.org for weight loss because feng shui is all about common sense.

Take for example, you lived at the end of a very busy T – junction – the fact that all the rush of the negative chi is coming towards you fast and furious .. you have to use a convex mirror in front of your house to deflect those chi.   Sounds pretty simple eh..? yes feng shui is really about common sense and keeping yourself balance.  Love comes to one.. when you start loving  yourself.

January 19

Get Hitched This Year With Feng Shui

So the girlfriend wants to get hitched this year – but first I told her to take care of her acne problem and find the best acne solutions and then we can help her out using Feng Shui.  Since  Feng Shui and Romance goes hand in hand,  just like acne and acne solutions – and life is all about relationships right?  so the idea is to set to place and stage to attract and to enhance oneself first and then find the mate when you are at your best.  .

Ok – so you wanna prepare your love nest first – before finding the right relationship by giving your home a ying yang  overall check.  What is it ? i hear you asked.  it’s the balancing of your home with love and harmony.  An overly feminine home makes it uncomfy for the mate – male but on the other hand – the lady of your life – may not be too attracted to the hunting stuff in your home either.

Preparing your love nest for a Feng Shui and Romance relationship begins by first giving your home an overall check-up for Yin and Yang harmony and balance. An overly feminine, frilly house might make some males uncomfortable – and not many women are attracted to hunting trophies in the living room.  Oh and don’t forget to pair everything in twos because they say it is the power of two that makes the feng shui of getting hitched important.  So get a mandarin duck in pairs and a love couplet in pairs too.   Hope this helps with you getting hitched this year.

January 18

Treasure Map For Feng Shui

It’s only the beginning of the year.. and when buying proactiv , i saw this map on sale and couldn’t helped but think of my path for feng shuiing my year.  For many years.. i’ve heard many techniques used to enhance one’s feng shui for the year and one of them is to create what your heart desire for the year and then develop a treasure map for it.

I know .. you must be thinking .. i must be crazy right about now.. but wait.. a Treasure Map, is actually used as  a variation for a Vision Board.  It  displays visual images of a wish, planting the goal in the conscious and subconscious.  I hear it is very effective to set goals  – think carefully about what it is that you REALLY want. Since this technique can be so effective, do not put anything on your board that is a wishy-washy desire.

January 16

Trash Can & Feng Shui

I’ve often wonder if having a trash box in front of your house – is good feng shui for your house/home and the ppl in it.   The man who is into  hgh supplement felt a need to build a wooden crate like trash box – or maybe it is a western thing – unlike back home – you throw it into a chute that goes directly into the big trash can right at the bottom of your condo.

So coming back to the trash box – i know it’s not good to have a trash can open in the kitchen – because of the smell and stuff which causes the air to smell.,. and thus cannot be good for the health but what about right in front of the house…??  i figured if it is not directly in front of the house but near the road – and doesn’t face our entrance way – it should be fine – but make sure that – the area is kept as clean as possible and if a cat gets into it .. and tears up your garbage bag – be sure to clean them up and not leave it to rot.

January 15

Pictures On The Wall

A good friend had invited me to a art gallery to pick out some pictures for his office – his office does diet pill comparisons and he was moving into a new building.   Anyhow – be careful what you put on your walls, i told him – when you are running a business, a picture of a ship wreck cannot bear any good stuff in my humble opinion.  But anyone famous – or even a huge mountain like mount fuji or the Himalayas mountain is the best thing.  Why? my friend asked?  because having a huge mountain backing you up is a good sign and symbol – so no ship wrecks or crying pictures please for your offices – something mighty is what you have to be looking for.

January 12

Feng Shui The Entrance Of Your Business

While the entrance of our home should look like this – the entrance of one’s business is also very important.  Like I’ve said many times before feng shui is no magic, just like getting your acne cleanser for your acne – you do what you must with practicality.  So this is what you need to know about the entrance of your business to enhance and invite the good “chi” into your business so that it can thrive.  Give a good impression to your customers.. by making sure that the doorways ain’t obstructed and make sure there is nothing behind the door too.  Decorate the entrance with wreaths, wind chimes and eye catchers.  And like most chinese business – place greeters on both sides of the front door or matching planters, vases and sculptures.   Hope this helps you !

January 10

Good Feng Shui Your Entire Area With Smell

Going on vacation and visiting some honolulu hotels for a site inspection was not a out of an ordinary thing for us – hoteliers.    But one thing that strike me most about any hotels would be its surroundings and how well they are kept.  You kinda know which hotels has got good feng shui and which one doesn’t as soon as you step into the property.  Like the ones we went to on vacation, the air-con was strong – but as soon as the doors opened to the hotel, there was this fragrant smell coming out from the hotel – a quick whiff of it not only made me feel refreshed,  i cannot help thinking that this nice smelling hotel is clean and refreshed.  So if you want good feng shui in the office or home, remember to make sure that your garbage are cleaned and your home is kept clean too. Moldiness and dirty looking area – is not only not good for feng shui, you can be sure that it is not an inviting place at all.

January 5

My Feng Shui Resolution For Health

Some people practices feng shui for wealth, as for me I do it for the health of my family.  All i want is to have a healthy family – that everyone is healthy and not having any health issues.  Some money is good for putting it away in a health savings account but overall, what can one do without one’s health right?

We had been really busy with the business and my kid had been sick for weeks now and today, she just came dripping down her nose and haven’t even recovered from her cough yet and the phlegm – oh my ! you don’t even want to hear her hacking.  So my priority for this year is to make sure that I feng shui my house and business for health first – the rest is secondary.  What about you? what is in your feng shui plans?