December 30

Color Your House The Feng Shui Way

Like  anyone who practices feng shui .. we know that practicality is important.   Just like when we owned our own business.. we get business insurance for our store.  So to use colors for our store or different parts of our house, we also want to achieve not only good luck and wealth, we also want to make sure that the color is uplifting.. and feels right and most important appropriate.   So before you start coloring any room, ask yourself what your intentions are for this room.  For example, the bedroom needs to give you a good night sleep, so don’t go painting it red in my opinion.  Paint your bedroom in more subtle color but if the bedroom is meant for a girl, a kid – then you want an uplifting color like pastel  – pink .. but not too dark pink.. and light one because you want to bring brightness, happiness.. but not too overwhelming, well, you get the drift right..?

December 26

Wishes & Intentions

New Year is just round the corner.. and one can always start off with writing your wishes and intentions.. for the following year ..  and place them into a red envelope for good luck.  So what are your wishes for 2010?  Mine.. is to find a good rv repair for my outlaws RV.  Yes..!!  we can’t find any around this area.   But can always try.. and place them in a good hiding place.. these red envelopes.  Did you also know that one needs to place red envelopes with some coins in it.. into your rice bin.

December 23

Uplifting Energy

Feng Shui Cures Light include any items that illuminate an area, bringing uplifting energy into an otherwise dark or Yin environment.  Light helps us to “see” more clearly, to find our way through confusion or through dark places, and ushers in the feeling of joyful expansion.

Lights, lighting and lamps can be placed in your living and work areas to bright a room, provide light for reading and activities, ensure safely, and set a desired mood.

  • Place up-lighting to “uplift” an area that is dark or sunken, or a house below street level. Energy tends to stagnate in low lying spaces, so place lamps and lights beaming upward.
  • To lift a below-street level house “out of a hole” and energize the occupants, place lighting around the outside perimeter of the house that beams up to the roof. Use this Light Cure to help motivate the occupants to success, as low-lying properties can “hold them down”.
  • Place outdoor lights along your driveway to attract good Chi Energy onto your property
  • Light sidewalks, porches and paths around the outside of your house for safety and security.
  • Look for energy-efficient lighting, and the prosperity that flows into your home or business when your surroundings are support with Light Energy.
  • For low ceilings, install tract lighting or up-light floor lamps to shine light on The Heavens of your room to attract good Energy and Prosperity into your home or office.
December 20

Auspicious Place For Christmas

The most auspicious location for December is the Southeast just like it is important to get your  term life ins up to date before the end of the year.  Have you done that yet?  get your term life insurance?  Well, if you haven’t – you should but lets get back to the auspicious place for Christmas to bring you the money – so you can get your term life insurance and any kind of insurance that you need taken care of before the end of the year.

So if you want wealth for the future, you should consider spending lots of time in the Southeast location of your home.   Planning a Christmas party?  well make the central point of the party at the South east location too.  But what if you can’t?  I hear you asking?  well, the next best thing to do is to decorate that area with some wealth enhancer used by feng shui practitioner such as a money toad, a chinese coin, fishes, wealth pots or wealth buddhas.   Good luck with your next year and hope the tips helped.

December 15

NorthWest Taboo This Christmas

Stay away from the Northwest
During your get-together, keep the Northwest location of your home absolutely clear of chairs, sofas and other inviting sitting arrangements. This is because it is the most inauspicious location of the month. Fights, arguments, disagreements and related mayhem between your guests may possibly ensue. To forego this from occurring at all, simply keep the Southeast from being a socializing place and you are all set.

This December, the Northeast location of is susceptible to robberies and theft – this is something you definitely wouldn’t want to wish on your guests in your own home! Steer your conversing guests discreetly away from the Northeast whenever you spot a bunch gravitating towards this area.

If the Northeast is unfortunately the location of your dining room, lounge or living room, you may cure this area with the Water feature. No, don’t douse the floor with water just yet! During your party decorate the Northeast with a desktop fountain or an aquarium.

December 10

Rid Of Bad Energy For Health

For good Health and Longevity Luck this Christmas, you’ll need to cure the Sickness Star’s location and strengthen it at the same time with Health enhancers. This December sees the malignant Sickness star residing in the East, an otherwise auspicious place for Family Luck. Counter the hazardous effects by decorating the East with the wu lou, or gourd, made of brass metals.

December 6

Good Vibes In Feng Shui

Everyone loves a good chandelier from Dolan Designs lighting but as we all know in feng shui – good vibes and placement is very important.  I am also very careful about the shape of things that i buy – not only because i want to be practical but sharp edges representing arrows is a no – no for my home.  As beautiful as some things may be, one has to be careful – that good vibes is more important that the looks.  So when i buy anything, whether is lighting or any furniture – i make sure it is not of an obscure shape nor made with sharp edges.

December 3

Selling Your Home Successfully

Yes, I used some tips i learned from Feng Shui and sold my apartment for 3 times more than what i paid for it, and this is the truth and no gimmicks.  No books required to learn about how one can attract you buyer because feng shui is simply about keeping your  home clutter free and smelling good and inviting as well.  Make sure you have all your windows opened and give it as much light as possible.  First impression counts and of course, you have to make sure that your house is in good condition, don’t fake it but you can impress by placing fresh flowers and making sure that it is cool on a warm day and warm on a cold days – no need for anything scientific .. but just some common sense learned from practicing feng shui.