November 28

Successful Living Using Feng Shui

Many have asked me if there is such a thing as successful living using Feng Shui and time and time again, I have to remind people that Feng Shui is not black magic.. or it is not some kinda instant gratification.  Even God needs time to perform a miracle – but like God.. you have to help yourself .. so that God can help you.  So with feng shui, if you want to be successful and taking orlando vacations every year .. or a few times a year like your neighbours or your cousins.. or even your sister in law, you have to work on it. So look back at all my other posts.. and go from there.. i have tips for just about everything and anything .. to help you live a more successful life.

November 24

Mirrors For Good Chi Energy

Like buying rv insurance , with Feng Shui .. one has to be careful where you place your mirror. What you want is to make sure you absorb the good stuff.  For example .. what reflects in your mirror is definitely a consideration you have to take.  One can use the above concave mirror to help absorb the good stuff.. and good chi or the life force energy into your surroundings.  Remember, mirrors hung on walls should be placed so that whatever it is that is directly reflected adds to the beauty of the space.

November 21

Car Feng Shui

Someone asked me the other day, can one feng shui your car..??  because they had bought a 2nd hand car .. that was on sale for a very good price, it even came with oil change  absolutely free of charge.  Too good to be true .. she told me.  Sure one can feng shui your car and if you bought it second hand, more so you should do the cleansing procedure like when you buy an antique, follow up with all the good thoughts and all the good places you want to go .. and then hang the above in your car for a successful trip.  No worries from now on or a need to get acne treatment – because doing the wrong thing can caused you lots of stress and if you are anything like me – the stress will caused you lots of acne.

Anyhow, it is good to let you know that the Jade Dragon Carp Tassel works exactly like Feng Shui Fishes, except that health benefits are also added in this auspicious item. What’s more, it’s portable! What more can you ask for wealth luck?  On the other hand, te Dragon Carps are a constant reminder of the pursuit of excellence and high ambitions. They are said to provide the positive energies by which many have achieved greatness. You too can have the Dragon Carps help you cross your “Dragon Gates” to achieve whatever goals you may have set.

November 18

Feng Shui Your Business For Good Business

People often looked at me when i tell them that our old store’s feng shui was really bad.  And I keep tidying up our counter to keep it as clutter free as possible so that good feng shui can be practiced all the time.  But of course, the spouse..  refuses to cooperate.. because he loves his clutter.  As you all know we repair laptops and computers, so we have lots of spare parts that he buys.. and discard.  Unfortunately, he has a stack of these old stuff sitting behind.. the store and it kinda irritates the hell outta me.

One has to feel good..  not only us.. of course.. but the customer .. in order to promote good feng shui. .and good business.  Having all the mess sure doesn’t help at all.. with dealing with one’s business properly.  A lackluster environment does not stimulate creativity, cluttered workspaces contribute to mental confusion, and unsafe conditions add up to an emotionally draining workday. Feng Shui focuses on supportive ways to enhance your experience on the job. With a kid in toll during working hours..  one would hope that he would clean out the store..  and keep it as clutter free as possible.. or vacuum.. and you know do stuff… for the next day’s opening.. but nope..  even my coffee cup is left there overnite.. if i didn’t asked him to clean it.  I wished i had more time on hand.. it’s frustrating.  So if you want your business to turn out well, clutter free and a clean environment is very important.

November 15

Enhanced Your Career

I just learned that by placing a hidden Octagon mirror beneath the top of your desk can be a mirror cure to enhancing and promoting your career.  Darn..!! had i known this earlier.. i wouldn’t need  appetite suppressants to keep me looking fit eh.  Note that the career spot is in the center of your desk .. and should be placed closest to you on the bagua map.  Place the Octagonal Mirror face up underneath the desk but pointing upward to your Career Gua. You will know that the Mirror is highlighting the importance of your career, and no one will know that it is there! superb right..?

November 13

Feng Shui For Health

Many people had asked me how one can use feng shui to achieve better health.. and a healthier lifestyle.  I was once at some vacation homes  and was impressed at how feng shui worked for them. How so..??  as we all know that clutter is one of the things that feng shui teaches us to quickly rid of .. because it glues us to the past.  Clutter also represent a fear for change.. and releases bad and old energy from the body.

Space clearing is very important in feng shui too.  By space clearing, you can remove the bad energies that surrounds your house and your family.  Having these bad energy makes one feel burn out ..and last out too.  Recommended best for space clearing is burning white sage.

White sage from the coastal mountains of California. This is a broad leaf sage which is prized for its strong aromatic properties. White sage has a wonderfully unique smell when burned.  It’s scent is very aromatic and stronger than other sage.

November 11

Feng Shui To Protect Your Children

Our children is our life .. and as parents we want nothing more than to keep them safe.. and also to make sure they are set for the future.  If one can spend money on getting jewellery and tuxedos for oneself during the festive season, then you can invest inthis financial security and luxury pig in your child’s room to bring wealth security for your kid.  One must also make sure that your child’s space is clear .. in order to create creativity for your child.

November 5

Coloring Your Garden The Feng Shui Way

For some of you .. on the other side of the world, it is summer for you .. and like anyone.. who loves summer, i am sure.. you want to have your garden blooming .. and looking its best.  My girlfriend from Australia wrote to me this morning.. and asked me..  how can she bring feng shui to her garden.  She wants harmony and good health for her family.  And I know exactly what she meant because the interior of the house is important.. and getting  walk in tubs for those who lived with their in-laws is a must, but harmony is also very important.   So for those who are looking to bring your garden into your house.. or doing your garden the feng shui way, here are some tips.

  • Green represents Hope, Growth and Tranquility
  • Red is Auspicious and represents Strength & Warmth
  • Purple is Auspicious and Inspires Respect
  • Yellow or Gold stands for Power
  • Blue represents Hope, New Growth (can be too cold)
  • Blue-Green or Mint is aligned with Nature & Spring
  • Black represents Depth (good) or Lack of Hope depression)
  • Gray can be associated with Hopelessness or Balance
  • Brown gives a Heavy Feeling or Stability (Depth)
  • Orange: Happiness and Power
  • Pink: Love, Joy, Happiness and Romance
  • Peach: Good Luck for Singles, Infidelity for Couples
November 1

Good Business Feng Shui

For those who are not aware of this.. we do own our own business.  And like any business owners.. who knows a bit about feng shui.. or believe that feng shui can enhance your living and working condition, i’ll have to say.. one has to tread very carefully with regards to your business feng shui.  Besides putting in the right tiles for our office, we also need to be aware of our sitting position as the commanding officer in our business.  One has to make sure that your desk or counter for collecting money is facing the door but not directly because you wealth may just go thru’ you .. from front to back.  Do not sit with your back to the door.   But if you had no choice like us.. with a long hallway to get to the cashier counter.. or our desk, place a crystal in between to break the bad energy and to ward off .. bad arrows.