October 22

Fish Wealth Dish

Christmas is coming up soon than one expect and for someone who practices and believe that simple feng shui can make one’s life a much better place for everyone, i cannot help but choose to send a feng shui gift but a Ladybug steam might also be useful for the best friend.  Anyhow, I’ve decided on this petite fish wealth dish for some of my other friends  – it’s not too too expensive.. nor is it too cheap and if they are for my friends in USA .. shipping is free too.   Why did i choose the fish wealth dish..??  because this  dish is supposedly to bring wealth and fortune.. and who doesn’t want those things right..? there are also some loose clear quartz crystal on the plate.   Place it near the cashier till .. or if you are in your office.. place it in your lucky spot.

October 18

Using Feng Shui To Sell Your House

Many friends and family asked me how i managed to sell my first house so quickly.. and also making a profit outta it.  But the way I sold my house was by using the feng shui way.  First i had my AC filters changed since, it was a hot summer when i sold my house.. and i wanted to make sure.. that the air con was running good.

First impression counts.. but i also follow the feng shui instruction of putting fresh flowers on the day of the showing.. and made sure i had a light refreshing scented candle in the background.  Not strong or anything.. but refreshing.  I also made sure that the prospective buyer can see that .. the house is nice and bright.. and even though i am staying in the middle block.. i was able to turn on some soft light .. to give it a more warmth feeling.

I also made sure to remove items that may be considered “negative” or controversial by prospects, such as dark or heavy paintings. We know a real estate agent who lost a sale due to a large, threatening painting on the living room wall

Keep good Chi energy in the house by closing water drains – the shower door, toilets and the washing machine and i also played some very soft music in the background. I hope all the above tips will help you .. because it certain did mine.

October 12

LiuLi Weath Bucket

The Wealth Bucket made of Liuli seen somewheres near the isla mujeres hotels had been my fascination for many years.  This one cost like $700 but it is said that this Wealth Bucket (Liuli) is an unique piece of pate-de-verre with the graduation of orange.

Wealth bucket, wealth bowls, wealth pots – they are all potent symbols of wealth attainment and material happiness. The Chinese have deep faith in the benefits of these auspicious items, and religiously keep at least one in their household to usher in prosperity and wealth. This wealth bucket is filled with Ingots and Chinese Coins. The Chinese writing carved on the bucket ?Man? ? which means full (of wealth). On the other side, the Chinese Word “Fuk” – which means good fortune.

Abundance ! Wealth Overflowing! All the prosperity and fortune . This Wealth Bucket represents the wealth that should be part of your life. Place your Wealth Bucket on your work table, desk or places where there is high daily activity.

October 3

Cleansing Of Old Furnitures

We just bought a used bed for our daughter.. but we are also afraid that there might be bad energy in it .. from the previous owners.  Afterall, one can never be too careful right..?? so what do one do .. when you buy an old furniture or an antique .. to protect yourself against any bad energy. For our body .. to rid the bad stuff, one can use the best colon cleanse but for old furnitures – one can use sea salt and sandalwood.

One should never be use an old piece of furniture at your home without proper pre-cleansing and having its energy purified. Old furniture usually carries the energy of its previous owners so it is important to use salt, pine leaves and incense to “cleanse” its energy. There are special cleansing rituals that are effective in completely rejuvenating old pieces of furniture and these involve the use of bells and other ritual implements. A simple way to rid your pieces of tired old negative energy is to use salt to clean the surfaces of the piece and then to use incense such as sandalwood to appease whatever spirit may be residing inside the furniture. This is especially applicable to antique beds, opium couches and bedroom furniture.