September 30

Love For The Month Of October 09

Wanna find some love for the month of October..?? afterall, October seems to be the month of weddings for the chinese eh – with the ghost festival over and all and given the top rated weight loss pills that we’ve all taken during those “forbidden” wedding months .. now we can all look for love and the right man or woman.  So if you are like my girlfriends –  This month sees the East Palace blessed with Love and Romance Luck! Strengthen your prospects all the more with enhancers made of rose quartz. Rose quartz crystal is a well-known and famous Romance luck enhancer.

September 28

Career Advancment

God helps those who help themselves.. and like feng shui .. there is no miracle cure.  Some friends asked me how they can use feng shui to make a career advancement.. or get promoted.  But isn’t the practical thing to do is to get an upgrade. And there is no excuse not to get one because one can get a Masters degrees online without havng to quit ones job and lead a pretty much  normal life.

I’ve seen people do it but it takes a lot of determination and also discipline on your part and of course a reputable and respected school that gives its student the support they require.   Sure some help with placement on feng shui and clearing the clutter is important.. when you embark in your online courses/studies but having positive mindset with 24/7 tech support, student services support and program manager to hold your hand, no way can you not get a career advancement.  Feng shui is great.. just like when i wanted to have a kid.. but i won’t be having a kid if i wasn’t working on it right..??  I did of course place the million kids picture on my side of the bed too.. so same concept i guess.

September 25

Auspicious Location For October 09

The most auspicious location of the month! This month sees the South Palace blessed with the arrival of the benevolent #1 White star. Those who hold managerial jobs will see themselves enjoying great rapport with staff and employees. If you are a Gua 9 person, you will be able to reap exceptional business opportunities.

As for those in romantic unions, spending time in the South will be very good for your relationship. Aside from this, the South is also a great place to study or conduct hobbies and other pleasurable pastimes!

September 23

Ba Gua Mirror

The Bagua Mirror has to be treated with special care – no matter what you’ve heard or read – do not have the Ba Gua mirror hung inside your home.  While some things in feng shui or health is negotiable -it is like reading in some colon cleanse reviews, where some said you can do this before you do your colon cleanse and tell you that colon cleanse is good for a different reason rather than the real one – so for your  health reason – never use the Ba Gua Mirror indoors.

The Ba Gua indoors can caused harm to the occupants inside the house – it’s the same like a colon cleanse – if you don’t follow its instruction to use it correctly, then it can end up not doing the right thing for you.  But having said the above, there are special indoor ba gua sold only by masters of feng shui and the ones inside is after-heaven Ba Gua, the arrangement of the Trigrams are completely different and can only be used by a trained practitioner.  So be careful what you do and what you use just like your colon cleanse – make sure you buy the right thing.

September 22

Dragons To Climb The Corporate Ladder

My girlfriend who wants to climb the corporate ladder and become a partner at her law firm asked me what she can do .. to help her with that. She had been so stressed and been taking the best diet pills just to make sure she stays fit.  If you are like my girlfriend,  Dragons are just Yang wealth activators, they?re also good for promoting power, status and authority. Many an Asian businessman have dragon images in their offices for the purpose of generating Wealth luck as well as strengthening their power & authority prospects. To enhance your home or office with this item, place your dragon item on work tables or as a centerpiece to your figurine collection.

September 20

Crystals In Bathroom

Using the elliptical to get good health is just like choosing crystals to be used in your bathroom.  Faceted crystals are a good addition to the bathroom – indeed, crystals may be just about the only Feng Shui enhancer ‘safe’ for the bathroom. Crystals with faceted cut are able to disperse negative Qi or Sha away, giving way for the arrival of fresh energy into this area.