August 24

Shoes In Or Outside The House

I see some people having a load of shoes and slippers lying outside or around the house and its main door – now if i were you – i would remove it – why?  because it is not good to block the main door.  All main doors coming into the house or any businesses should be free and clear – so that the good chi can come into the house.  The smell of dirty shoes and slippers when the wind is blowing into an indoor direction is bad – therefore they are bad chi.  What about having skateboard ramps i hear my friend asking..?? outside of the house.  No problems with that of course.  Having a skateboard ramp into the house – does not caused bad feng shui or bad chi – a skate board ramps can even double up as a handicap ramp sometimes and that does not affect the good chi from coming into the house.

August 23

Most Auspicious Location For September

The most auspicious location of the month! This September sees Northwest Palace a boon for those who are keen in consolidating their finances. Those who need to re-organize their haphazard financial planning should do so in the Northwest – you will find your arduous task easy to handle. If you would like to twofold your Wealth luck, a Wealth Buddha in the Northwest is a great idea – not only is He a nod to material prosperity and fortune, the Buddha is also a renowned bringer of joy and inner peace.

August 22

Front Door Direction

Some people have a few doors entering their home – and they wonder which door to use – making it the best for the occupants in the family.  Choosing your front door direction is like choosing your life partner,  you have to be careful – what you choose.  Choosing the right direction is where ultimately you and your entire family will benefit from it.   So how do you choose the direction – when you are standing in front of your door – what do you see?  if a neighbors house is blocking your path – then it is not good direction.  But if your neighbor’s garden faces the front of your front door – then yes – go ahead and use that door.  Like I said it is like choose car accessories – if the car accessories work well and looks well – then you will buy it right?  so if you open the door – to bags of garbage cans or garbage bags – would you want to see it every morning – the first thing in the morning?  you get the hint right?

August 20

Flying Star Your Feng Shui

To further augment your popularity, tap into Flying Stars Feng Shui. The star you want to look up to is the #1 White, also known as one of the most benevolent stars in the system for happiness, and known for its fame Feng Shui.

For the Earth Ox year 2009, the #1 White star has aligned itself in the Northwest location. Therefore enhance the Water element of this star with Metal Feng Shui items! I would recommend the horse image – this magnificent animal is said to symbolize a speedy and steady ascent to fame and success, apart from success, brute strength and endurance

August 19

English Almanac

An online Chinese Almanac is like an affordable life insurance, some people may not believe in it.. but I do, in fact I found one that is online and i use it everyday.  Why risked it if you don’t have to right? that’s my motto.  The Chinese Almanac had been used from my great grandmother time .. and they used it religiously whether it is for a wedding or any kind of celebration, in fact they used it for moving dates and packing dates or opening of a new business.  So if you are looking for an english Almanac you can find one online or just message me.

August 18

Double Fishes For Wealth & Prosperity

This Double Fishes (Liuli) features the carving of the double fishes in lotus pond is shaped in circle and attached to a crystal clear base. This circle is filled with fascinating gradation color scheme of beige, blue, and green.

Fishes have always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. Undeniably, the fish has always been regarded as the symbol of abundance besides having wall candle sconces. This is not just because the phonetics of the word fish (yu) meant aplenty or abundance, but it is also because in reality, fishes are almost unlimited in supply.

Because fishes have impressive reproductive abilities, it is seen as a symbol of fertility. As they swim joyously and freely in the pond, it is a sign of happiness and matrimonial harmony.

Fish symbols should be placed prominently in the living room or reception area.

August 15

Money Frog

The money frog, also known as the chan chu, the three-legged toad or Wealth toad, is a powerful wealth symbol. This mythical creature is said to appear every full moon near homes which the residents will receive good news the very next day. In ancient China, these mythical frogs are believed to be the bringer of fortune.

They are traditionally placed next to the Altar of the Earth God. Commonly used today as symbols of wealth, our friendly froggy friend should be placed near cash registrars, receptions, managers’ desk and offices of many successful businesses in Oriental countries. At home, the money frog is placed in the corners of the living room or family rooms to enhance wealth chi of the household.

The money frog is kept in the corner diagonally across from the entrance to a room. The corner of a room is known to be the focal point where Qi, or positive energy gathers. The money frog is placed in these corners to activate what is traditionally believed to be ‘Wealth Luck’ of the household.

August 10

Using The Dragon For Fame & Fortune

Can’t get enough Feng Shui enhancers? Try the dragon. Our bewhiskered, ferocious friend is actually a treasure in Chinese culture, and his ferocity belies his gentle nature towards those who love him. The dragon is not only famed for bestowing Wealth and Career luck, but a strong dose of Popularity and Fame Feng Shui, too – he is able to stimulate bravery, courage and the will to defy all odds.

You may place your dragon item in areas where you spend most of your time, such as your worktable or convergence areas such as the lounge, den or living room.

August 8

Boosting Your Luck

If you have academic or other types of documentation such as diplomas, awards or letters of recognition, place or hang them prominently in your home or office. This denotes to good luck to your endeavors, as well as a good boost to your Popularity & Fame luck.

If you feel a little reserved about having such mementos on display, don’t worry – you can still enjoy the benefits by simply attaching these documentations behind artworks, paintings or other types of wall fixtures.

August 6

Using Red In Fengshui

Red is undeniably the most striking of colors. In common Feng Shui practice, red happens to be the most utilized color due to its strong Yang energy.

Strengthen your personal Yan Nian or Northwest location with plenty of red (provided that you are not using these areas as your bedroom) – carpets, curtains and furniture upholstery in red are all good choices to make.

You may also enhance your Yan Nian or the Northwest with Feng Shui enhancers in red – Chinese coins tied with red thread comes to mind! Chinese coins will be an auspicious touch for your Fame Feng Shui, too, since coins denote to wealth attainment and material prosperity.