July 28

Star Gods To Bless Your Kitchen

Trinity Star Gods for Health, Wealth and Prosperity
Perhaps you’ve heard of the Chinese Kitchen God, popularized by the Chinese American author Amy Tan’s book titled The Kitchen God’s Wife. This denotes to Zao Jun, the deity who is also known as the Stove Master.

If you wish to bless the kitchen with a more tangible form of Godhead, how about choosing the Auspicious Trinity Gods Fuk Luk Sau? These three Gods signify good Health, good Wealth and Material Prosperity. Place your God trio on an elevated height in the kitchen.

July 21

Curing Bad Energy With Wind Chime

Someone asked me if hanging a wind chime can help cure sicknesses or even lose belly fat – yes i kid you not.. i do get questions like that.  But seriously, to cure bad energy .. one can use metals-based wind chimes as they are perhaps one of the best cures for malignant locations this 2009, since they work double-duty for you – the metal make weakens the bad effects of these particular stars, whereas the tinkling tones disperses bad Qi from an area to bring in clean, fresher Qi into the premises. For the year 2009, weaken the malignant stars #2 Black Sickness star and the #5 Yellow Accidents star with your wind chimes in the West and North locations respectively.

July 20

Wind Chimes Taboo

Avoid Wind Chimes in Bathrooms, Toilets and the Southeast
Even if your bathroom or toilet is located in an auspicious area for the year 2009 you should never place a chime in this particular place. The best you can do for your bathrooms are enhancement through crystals and/or live plants. Aside from this, you should also avoid hanging your metal wind chime in the Southeast location of your home or office for the Ji Chou year 2009. This is because placing your wind chime in this place denotes to you weakening the best Wealth star, the #8 White.

July 15

Killing & Dead Sector Of One’s Home

So what is a dead sector in ones’ home you asked.  Using a feng shui chart you can see where any harmful energy is coming your way.  There are different formulas used and one popular one is the 8 mansion formula – I am not good at it.  But i hear that killing and dead sector on one’s home can create really bad energy – so what do one do?  I placed my Ugg shoes on one of my killing section, just because it counter reacts the bad spot.  See !! my Ugg boots not only is fashionable – but it works good with feng shui reasons too – now another reason to buy Ugg boots right. But seriously , I read that there ere is a different between chi energy that is dead and chi energy that is killing and to counter them is to put something that is considered bad luck to put on your bed on the area.  Doesn’t really make sense – but it worked for me – and no harm to my Ugg boots.

July 13

Attract Happiness The Mantra Way

Mantras are special sayings and incantations that have the power to protect, awaken compassion and attract happiness. The newest collection of Mantra Rings comprise the mantras of five powerful Deities. These rings have been crafted with the utmost precision and care, and each one is enhanced with the colour associated with the Buddha and mantra.

Amitabha Buddha is a very popular Deity and worshipped by many Chinese communities. The story of Amitabha Buddha is that once there was a king who was so deeply moved by the suffering of beings in the world that he gave up his throne and became a monk named Dharmakara. Dharmakara was heavily influenced by the 81st Buddha and vowed to become a Buddha himself, with the aim of creating a Buddha-land that would be free of all limitations.

He meditated at length on other Buddha lands and set down what he learned in 48 vows. Eventually, he achieved enlightenment and became Amitabha Buddha and established his Buddha-land of Sukhavati.

His most important vow was the 18th, which said: “If I were to become a Buddha, and people, hearing my Name, have faith and joy and recite it for even ten times, but are not born into my Pure Land, may I not gain enlightenment.” Since he did gain enlightenment, it follows that those who do have faith and joy and who recite his name will be born into the Pure Land.

The sacred Amitabha mantra ring carries the Amitabha mantra. This mantra helps bring joy and happiness.

Reciting the below mantra while wearing the ring will enhance its power and effectiveness.

“Om Ami Dewa Hrih”

July 10

Dead Energy Is Bad Feng Shui

Dead energy brings growth awareness to a dead stop. It is usually identified as the sector of the home that is afflicted by the bad luck chi energy. Those who reside in the dead chi sector will suffer from the failure syndrome. Whatever they attempt to do they will find it hard to succeed. Dead energy deprives them of strength. Make an effort to identify the place of intangible dead chi. Use the table to identify this sector in your homes and the apply the suggested method to transform the sector’s chi energy so that it comes alive to benefit people in that sector.

July 8

Stars In Your Palm

According to the tenets of Chinese palm reading, the hands, feet and head of a person can present a very complete profile of that person. A person’s hands in particular can be an accurate indicator of his or her destiny in work, love and life in general. It can also indicate character and tendencies of a person. Palmistry is an age old art that has been used  by many varied cultures to predict one’s destiny, and you’ve probably heard of “islands”, “squares” and “fishes”. This issue, we focus on another shape – the “STAR” – which indicates different things depending on where it occurs on the palm.

July 5

Taking Care Of Killing Energy

Killing energy is very harmful and unless you are aware of this affliction in the affected part of the house you will not know the reason for the misfortunes of those living there. Killing energy brings severe misfortunes that can sometimes even prove fatal. In many homes, the killing energy is neutralized without residents ever being aware of it because when you look at the indicated method to transform the killing energy, the technique is not that difficult. Use the chart below, check the facing direction of your house and then look in the third column to see what you need to do to neutralize the killing energy in the afflicted sector.

July 3

Buying A House The Feng Shui Way

Going to a wedding as the groom, you will need a  tuxedo, so i’m sure you wouldn’t buy a house, without consulting different things to make sure that your house is a feng shui house.  Afterall, you are not only using your life savings to put down your downpayment.. but you have many more years .. to pay for it.. in fact .. one of your largest purchases ever.  Buying a house, is not just about looking at the most beautiful nor the biggest but one has to consider all the below as well.  I strongly urge that you consider everything.

  1. The Land – energy, shape, profile and location
  2. The Surroundings – yin yang, mountains and rivers
  3. The House – shape, orientation, room selection and history
  4. The Others – T-junctions, curves, roads, “attacks”