June 23

How To Slow Down Qi

By placing potted plants you can slow down the qi .. in areas you need to.

Watch your kitchen location – does it open up directly to the bedroom or living room? If this is the case, place a potted plant between both these locations to cut the space in half, since positive energy, or Qi, is said to disappear all too quickly in a house with this type of architecture.

June 20

Central Area Best For Month Of July

This July, the auspicious Future Wealth star #9 Purple is aligned in the Central Palace, making this location the second best location for the month! If you are keen to augment your income in the long run, or even strengthen your children’s future prospects, do make full use of this area by conducting your activities, work- or play-related, here! You will be enjoying plenty of good ‘future’ luck this way.

June 17

Stove & Kitchen Taboos

In Feng Shui  it says not to put the stove directly opposite a bathroom or toilet.   Why?  This is because  fire and water shouldn’t be mixed together and it brings back luck and bad health.  A girlfriend of mine said that she couldn’t lose any weight the whole time she had the stove directly opposite the toilet she even tried using the  the most  effective diet pills but it still didn’t work for her.   But when she put the stove away from the toilet – health and everything else seems to fall into it place and the diet pills finally kicked in and worked for her.  So can you blame her for believing it so strongly.   But what if you can’t move your stove – I hear you asking?  well if that is the case – try painting the bathroom or the toilet door in a Yang color  – so what are the yang colors – just in case you don’t know they are yellow, orange and red.   But I wouldn’t do it unless absolutely necessary eh.

June 15


Keep Nibbles on The Table
Always have some form of grub left on the dining table or kitchen countertop at all times. This denotes to the entire household always blessed with Prosperity, because displaying foods lets people know that your kitchen is a place to be nourished and nurtured.

A bowl of fruit or candy is perfect for this purpose. Or, if you’d like to double your luck, have a bowl of oranges or mandarins instead. The word ‘orange’ in the Canton dialect of China is phonetically similar to ‘gold’.

June 13

Warm Colors For Good Energy

Some Feng Shui masters and consultants are dead against Yang colors in the kitchen. They consider adding on to the Yang quality of the kitchen with more ‘hot’ energy will cause some imbalance. Not so! In fact, the more Yang energy in the kitchen, the better since the kitchen is governed by the Fire element. This will strengthen Health and Wealth Luck in the long run, as well.

Feel free to incorporate sunny, happy colors of yellows, oranges or reds into your kitchen.

June 10


I was quite upset about something ..  a few weeks ago. .and the spouse knows how easily upsetted in can get.  So upon hearing that the Amethyst can keep one’s cool, we headed out towards the place.. where we first bought our first amethyst many years ago.  He even jokingly said.. he was planing to buy me.. everything they had.. to help me keep calm.  But alas, I must have remembered wrongly.. or the place that i thought the gift shop were.. is now a plant nursery .

But yes, if you are like me, and gets upset easily.. and has hypertension, the amethyst is said to possess the strongest energy that can help with mediation and concentration.  It’s helps stimulates the good side of  you and reinforces the immunity system.   It works like a tranquilizer if i may compare to it.   So yes, i will be hunting the amethyst down really soon.

June 6

Cover Up Mirrors At Night

Mirrors in the bedroom are perfectly fine during the day but it is deemed inauspicious if you can see yourself in the mirror lying down in your bed at night. Just cover up your dressing table or standing mirror with a piece of cloth at night. You can take it off as soon as you wake up in the morning, the same as listening to ipods before going to rest.

June 5

Facing The Door

Having your feet planted in the direction of your bedroom door while you sleep the night away is not very auspicious for you, since this connotes to you being ‘carried’ away to the netherworld. Simply reposition your bed to avoid this, or place a screen between the bed and the door. Remember that in Feng Shui, the rule of thumb is out of sight, out of mind.

June 4

Keep Calm & Collected Rabbit

The rabbit is said to be a dependable friend and family member.  I wonder why my sister isn’t ..???   but for folks like my sister.. this month she will see many problems amongst her friends and family and she will be inclined to help out ( not my sister though).  So for those “genuine rabbits” who are inclined to go all out for others.. please try not to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others.  Rabbits who are from 1975 may not get much sleep and my sister .. well i think she needs the best diet pills to cure her insomia.. because she is obsessed with her weight.  For the rest try this Guan Yin Goddess of Mercy Necklace to keep calm, cool and collected.