May 31

The Snake In The Month Of June

Since my horoscope is a Snake .. of course i need to put it up for my own benefit.

It’s a stable month for the Snake this June, and opportunities are abound for you to excel in your career as well. If you’d like to switch jobs or seek academic-driven pursuits, now is the time for you to do so. You can ask your seniors or mentors for assistance if you’re facing any problems.  Snake people born in 1965 may suffer from insomnia, so it’s best to figure out what is the underlying cause.

The pretty  pink wealth peach will help strengthen your already positive Career and Wealth luck this month.

May 29

Argument On West In June

The West Palace sees arguments for the month of June – so I read.  In order to avoid tiffs and hostile confrontations stay away from this location  if you can. For those who are married or involved in a serious relationship – take note not to argue or get into an argument – if possible use a  Bluetooth headset when you are chatting with each other over the phone – to avoid accidents on the road.  Holding a phone – instead of using a bluetooth headset may not only be the cause of an accident but a huge argument.

May 27

Most Positive Location In June

The most auspicious location of the month! The Southeast is a doubly blessed by the two most positive stars in the Xuan Kong system, the annual #8 White and the #9 Purple! This particular location is fantastic for starting up new projects and events. It’s also a great location favorable for parties, happy events and celebrations.

If you have been keen to extend an olive branch to an estranged family member or friend, use the Southeast location to do so. Aside from this, a water feature such as an aquarium or a desktop fountain is also a great idea to strengthen communication luck.

May 25

Flying Star Alert For June

The flying start alert in June asked that you place all the good fortune stuff and wealth things like your cash and  POS systems to this area.  Why?  because the flying star is giving the central area a dose of good fortune.  So if you are starting a business or planning a start up – choose to open your office or shop in the central area.  I am going to move our store’s cash and POS system to the central too – may be a bit of moving around and planning – but it’s definitely worth it – if it brings you lots of money for the following year right.

May 24

Stay Away From The North In June

Stay away from the North this June; this is because the arrival of the positive star #6 White, though benevolent in nature, is simply not able to overturn the Accident-driven luck of the negative annual star #5 Yellow. Those who spend time in particular location will be misled to make mistakes, and it will be hard to focus or think rationally at all.

May 23

Heavenly Doctor Gua

What is a heavenly doctor gua..?? It is a calculator to usse .. to help find your heavenly doctor .. to strengthen one’s health and longevity luck. First you have to use a Gua Calculatorand then you tap into the auspicious direction. Now if you want good health you have to sleep with your head directed towards the Haevenly Doctor location .. remember .. your head has to be pointing towards that location .. and not your feet.

Now what happens if you sleep with your spouse.. and your spouse heavenly doctor gua is of a different direction..?? No .. feng shui does not expect you to sleep in diffeent direction.. so don’t worry eh. All you need to do is to sleep according to the main breadwinner’s heavenly doctor location. But if you are the main breadwinner.. that means.. that your spouse gotta sleep in your direction. To stay healthy .. fat loss pill can help .. but you may also wanna try that Heavenly Doctor Gua that i am using.

May 22

Tortoise For Good Health

The humble tortoise may be portrayed as the veritable slow-poke but in Feng Shui and Chinese culture this shell-backed animal is the symbol of Longevity and good health.
Tortoise made of crystals are the recent popular choice because the crystal make doubles the tortoise as a Qi cleansing item, as well. Place your tortoises close to you especially when you sleep. The bedside is a great choice.

May 20

Longevity Using Jade

The jade crystal is the enduring classic and China’s best-loved gem, and has a long history as the stone to turn to for health crisis. Using gemstones like the jade for some crystal healing is not uncommon.  The jade stone, fresh and effervescent, is reputed to be a cure for all types of ills and pains. We like this crystal because it’s a beautiful Oriental-themed item suitable for sprucing up the home and its health-rich benefits are indispensable for the health-conscious among us! To tap into its positive Health-enriching energies, you may use jade as home decor pieces or personal enhancers in the form of jewelry.

May 18

Metal Cures

One can use metal cures to better health.   Metal cures are really just Feng Shui items with metal make. What makes these pieces so precious are their potent power in weakening the dreaded malignant stars #2 Black and #5 Yellow.

The #2 Black star is also known as the Sickness star, whereas the #5 Yellow is the Accident star. And as such, you can see that they aren’t conducive to a healthy you.

Choose metal cures with health-related properties – such as Wu Lous, or gourds – to increase your health factor and place them in your North and West location of the home for year 2009

May 16

Horoscope For The Snake In May 2009

Some ppl may think that reading the horoscope is a load of hoot .. but i never ignore the them.. but i do sometimes forget to read them. This is mine for May.. and true enough.. some of the things said before. Like the love issue thingie.. yes..!! i was going crazy.. this month.. and went on and on.. and on.. about some stuff his mother did.. and his family. If it was any other man.. i’ll tell you straight.. he would have hit me .. muahahhaha!!!! I bet he would wanna give me some kinda pills to calm me down… hahahah!!! So yes.. feel like calling it quit.. like my horoscope said .. or have an affair just to upset him.. hahahah!!! Fortunately, I am not born in 1989 because then i have the tendency .. to over spend. If that was the case.. the spouse would probably ask do diet pills work because i need to lose some weight. Don’t forget to check your chinese horoscope monthly now.

Recommended feng shui item.. to keep the love going is this figurine. At US $59.90 … kind of steep .. but worth every penny won’t you think.. to save the marriage?