April 29

Flying Stars For Love

Flying Stars for Love
Ensure that the Flying Stars work for you instead of against you. This Earth Ox year 2009 sees the Romance star #4 Green alighting the South location. This auspicious star is of the element of Wood, thus you can make use of the Water element to strengthen its prospects. Place a fish tank, aquarium or desktop fountain in this location for the best prospects.  Aside from the water feature, if you like you may also enhance your South area with some avian animals such as Mandarin ducks, birds or swans – don’t go buying an sd card, like my spouse. For these are perennial Love enhancers adored by Feng Shui masters and enthusiasts alike

April 23

Bad Love Feng Shui

Overhead Exposed Beams = Bad Love Feng Shui

Your bed should not be located under an overhead exposed beam. This is bad Feng Shui and denotes ‘poison arrows’ attacking you while you’re at your most vulnerable, and its negative effects touch your Love and Romance potential too. If removal of the beam or relocating your bed is impossible, the next best thing you can do is to hang a piece of crystal right on the beam itself to ‘soften’ the blow.  And don’t do  phenphedrine review in bed too.  All work must not be done in the bedroom.

April 21

Romance Corner

Enhance Your Personal Romance Corner
Tap your Yan Nian, or Relationship location by sleeping with your head pointing towards this direction. Or, if you can relocate your bedroom to your Yan Nan area, all the better. Make use of our no-nonsense Gua number to ascertain your Yan Nian direction.

f you sleep with your spouse or partner, both your Yan Nian can still be used to strengthen love bonds, as well as harmony and devotion! To do so, choose a bedroom located in the male’s Yan Nian corner and sleep with both your heads pointing towards the female’s Yan Nian direction.

Strengthen Your Yan Nian

You may strengthen your Love luck further by placing rose quartz crystals in your personal Yan Nian. Rose Quartz is often called the ‘love stone’ because of its ability to stimulate love, passion as well as positive energy and self-confidence, i wonder if a zero radius sinks would work the same?

April 18

Remembering The General Tips Again

Every now and then.. we need a gentle reminder of the General Tips of Feng Shui, so here once again, I’m reminding everyone of it.

Tips 1: Do not have a water feature in the bedroom.

Activating the presence of water leads to loss – loss of money and loss of relationships. Water features refer to paintings with river, waterfalls and lakes. They also refer to aquariums. Glasses of water by the bedside are fine.

Tips 2: Place a three legged toad in your living room near the front door for money luck.

The toad can face any direction although with him facing the front door suggests money coming in. Do not put the toad directly in front of the main door. Those who want to know more about all the good fortune symbols can refer to my book FENG SHUI GOOD FORTUNE SYMBOLS recently released in Malaysia and Singapore only.

Tips 3: Trim your plants and trees regularly.

This is to make sure they do not get so overgrown as to cut out the precious yang energy of sunlight. When plants get too bug they create excessive yin energy.

Tips 4: Hang a cut crystal ball on one of your windows.

Choose a window that gets direct sunlight. this brings in the sunshine in the form of bright brilliant rainbow colours. This is excellent for relationship luck and is particularly good in the SW corner.

Tips 5: A Garden in full bloom especially on the East and Southeast.

A Garden in full bloom especially on the East and Southeast brings good health and lots of money luck. Make your plants grow sturdy and strong and benefit from all the precious energy created.

Tips 6: Let each member of your family eat facing his/her best and most auspicious direction.

To find out what each of your four auspicious directions are consult my book Applied Pa Kua Lo Shu Feng Shui.The formula is also available in abbreviated version in my Complete Illustrated and Basics Book.

Tips 7: Design a water dragon in your garden

Design a water dragon in your garden to enjoy tremendous and serious wealth luck . Then you will know the difference between being merely rich and being seriously wealthy ? check out my book on Water Feng Shui.

Feng Shui can also be activated to improve wealth, children’s luck, acquisition of knowledge (exams et al), recognition (elevations in rank and promotions), and fame.

April 15

Feng Shui Gift For Your Boss

A friend of mine who is not exactly the apple of his boss’s eye, had asked for advice.. as to how to deal with the boss.  Besides the few things I had told him to try, he also wanted to buy a sports gifts to be placed in front of the boss to block the “killing air” between the boss and himself.  So he wanted to know if it was gonna work, since the boss loves sports, plus he doesn’t want the boss to find out the real reason.  So my question is .. will it work..??  I’ll check back with him in a few months.

April 13

What Does Your Dream Means?

I have often been asked this question and sometimes, it is hard to just explain individual dreams.. so here is what i found.

When you dream of being chased or falling
This is one of the most common dream situations and is often an indication of a deep seated fear. When you dream of being pursued by an unseen monster and you are afraid, it suggests some secret anxiety that is bothering you. When you dream of falling and there is fear in your heart, it is a clear signal of some kind of insecurity

April 10

Flying Star Alert for April – Central

Central Area

The month of April sees the Arguments star #3 Jade align itself in the Central location. But, fortunately enough its negative energy is effectively suppressed while it resides in the Central area of the home month-long.

If you sleep or spend a lot of time in the central area of your home, or if you sleep here, you may eliminate the negativities of the #3 Jade altogether with an incense burner. Light up some incense in this area to conjure up some needed Fire element.

Recommended product – Phoenix and Guardian Lion Incense Burner

April 8

Flying Star Alert for April – North

If you are entrenched in the academic world at present and have been sleeping or spending lots of time in the North area of the home or office, you will find that your learning or scholastic activities impeded by setbacks.

Stay away altogether if you can, but if this is not a feasible option you may decorate the North with a few metal cures to weaken the North’s annual star the #5 Yellow.

The Eight Immortals of Fulfilled Wishes

April 5

Tips for Small Business Owners

There are several ways to use Feng Shui as a tool to enhance business success.

These vary from methods aimed at increasing turnover at retail establishments like boutiques and restaurants, franchise outlets and bank branches – to using special compass school formula for arranging office orientations that improve the prosperity (or wealth-generating) luck of business premises and offices.

Feng Shui features, when introduced into factories often improve employee productivity and smooth work flows.

The business people of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan regularly introduce Feng Shui features to their business establishments, and many would not make major structural or design changes without consulting the Feng Shui man.

Perhaps that is why commercial enterprises tend to be so successful in these countries! In Hong Kong, taxi driver and tycoon alike hold similar reverence and respect for Feng Shui.

The same holds true for the Chinese of Taiwan, and increasingly in recent years, of Singapore and Malaysia as well.

The revival of interest in this ancient science has extended even to western educated new generation scions who manage inherited businesses.

Most subscribe to an acknowledged potency in Feng Shui.

To ensure your office building has good Feng Shui, check the surrounding roads and neighbouring buildings to ensure you are not suffering the killing breath of Poison Arrows.

Be on the lookout for bodies of water which often bring good luck.

Feng Shui can also be applied to the interior decor of your offices, and for good measure, you can investigate your personal auspicious directions (based on the formula of the Pa Kua Lo Shu School) in my book Applied Feng Shui and then activate them by orientating your main door and your sitting position in an auspicious direction.

April 3

The Ox In The Month Of April

So it is said in my feng shui magazine that the month of April for the Ox is not so good – they will also have so – so luck in prospect and to avoid anything to do with investment or money.  But don’t be like my dear friend .. Mr Choo and not buy the door hardware that he needs to protect his restaurant  – but instead left it alone and change the knob only.  Because he already knew that he wasn’t very lucky this month – yet – he won’t spend that little bit of money and the next time he got robbed – the burglar broke more things in his restaurant – since they knew he didn’t have any security system.  So if I was Mr Choo – I would definitely invest in some hardy door hardware and give the restaurant a proper locking device.