February 27

Flying Star Alert for March 2009 – North

Ok – so the north area is bad for the month of March – I read injuries and feelings of anger and lots of resentment and health problems as well.  So you know the drill – avoid this location at all cost – especially for pregnant woman and kids – stay away if you don’t want to get sick.  Those with elderly in their home – please made sure they don’t spend a lot of time in the north.   My best friend who just bought a sleep number bed must also move her bed away from the north side of the room.  But wait a minute – what if you cannot avoid the North?  well, you can try using brass or metal based protection animals – such as a Fu Dog and Qilin.  Good luck everyone in the month of March – avoid the NORTH!

February 25

Flying Star Alert for March 2009 – Central

Woohoo!!  finally the most auspicious area for the month of March – so everyone head to the Outer Banks for a vacation – because it is in the central area for us!!   I hear that the central palace is blessed with 2 positive stars – now that’s great eh!  Love and Academic star they called it.  So make sure you make all your important decisions in the central and try spending more them in the central location of your home or office and even if you are on vacation at the Outer banks – spend a lot of time in the central area of the vacation place – that way you get all the good energy and come back super refreshed.

February 23

The Laughing Buddha

The Buddha of Wealth and Health Luck

Add some Buddha joy and fresh, positive energy to your life!

About the Buddha The buddha is a revered and significant deity in the Chinese culture. It can be said that almost all homes in China has at least one image of this most auspicious and smile-inducing item!

Buddhas are very popular because of the happiness, contentment and sense of fulfilment it bestows to households. Buddhas are here to stay because they remind us that happiness is the key to life, and a pot belly (symbolizing material wealth) keeps the smiles coming too.

The Buddha of Wealth and Auspicious Luck is a lovely, most colorful item to perk up a room with. Made of resin, this comparatively big statue is painted and sealed with a high-shine, protective layer for longlife loveliness.

The buddha in this statue is grinning kindly, with eyes closed in glee. He is lifting a huge ingot (it’s even bigger than his substantial belly!) for you to know that all his thoughts and prayers are towards you reaping wonderful rewards in the career arena. On his left shoulder, a wu lou (gourd or water carrier) made of wood is strung on Chinese silk cording and slung on the Buddha’s arm. The wu lou, as you may know, is a potent symbol of Health luck and longevity. A Buddha is almost always depicted with a wu lou or two for this express purpose – to inject some much-needed Health luck into the Buddha’s venerable visage.

The red robes swathed about this venerable item is red in color, decidedly a Yang touch to this item as well as representing good wishes to you.

A lovely feng shui item for the home. We recommend you to place this auspicious piece on an elevated height.

February 20

Pewter Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha brings good tidings, and is a symbol of happiness and prosperity, as well as health and longevity. He is kept to invite good fortune and joyous news into the household, by placing it prominently within the living areas. The best location to place the Pewter Laughing Buddha would where the breadwinner of the house could see its features most often. He or she should be facing his or her Sheng Qi or Tian Yi direction as much as possible.

The Pewter Laughing Buddha is made of high quality pewter. Pewter is Metal, a very useful element in Feng Shui, for several reasons. Firstly, Metal weakens the harmful stars #2 and #5, which cause sickness and accidents. Placing Metal in these sectors is highly advisable, as it would reduce the harmful potential.

Also, the Metal element feeds Water, the element that nourishes the energies of growth, widely used to increase one’s wealth luck.

The Pewter Laughing Buddha is a symbol of joy and prosperity. Place him in your house or office, or present him to your loved ones.

February 18

Gold Buddha of Wealth (with Three Gold Ingots)

The Gold Buddha of Wealth (with Three Gold Ingots) is painstakingly made from plaster with lovely handpainted accents. The Buddha is seen with a knapsack, a wu lou as well as three large gold ingots, or sycee, made of synthetic material.

This denotes to wealth accumulation and longevity in life – two things we sure can have more of!

The figurine is finished off with a spanking shiny coat of gold paint. Lovely and quite adorable, place this item in your bedroom, kitchen, lounge, office table or even the interior of your car.

February 15

Jade Buddha Necklace

Buddhas, almost always in sitting position and always, always with an indulgent smile, is one of China’s most beloved symbols of happiness and prosperity. This is a very holy image and is full of benevolence just for us all!

Do you find his grin infectious? That’s because the Buddha is here to spread joy and laughter. The Buddha is also full of wealth luck and prosperity too, and he wishes nothing less than a happy, comfortable life for us all. The Buddha’s relaxed stance is to remind us to not work or strive perfection overmuch; sometimes we just need to kick back and share a laugh to lighten up our spirits and remember what’s important in life.

The Buddha pendant is carved from Jade stone, famous for its curative properties. Strung on adjustable cording, this item is so timeless and classy, you can incorporate it with your everyday wardrobe for a dash of spiritual Asian flair (this item is perhaps the Chinese equivalent of the all-too-famous Kabbalah wrist string).

This item is most suitable for men and women. Give it to a loved one as a remembrance of your wish of happiness and fulfillment for him or her!

February 12

Good Luck With Immigration

I’m sure most already know that I came to Canada .. to be with the man i fell in love with .. but applying for permanent resident wasn’t that easy.  In fact, we had to wait a very long time.. before everything was settled.  But planning the feng shui around you is so important.  I remember .. nothing seems to go right .. like many medical check up for immigration.. and repeated forms.. and more forms to send in.. it was like never ending.

After reading up a lot more on Feng Shui tips.. and most importantly .. moving our business to another locality.. that helped a great deal.  You see the old store’s feng shui wasn’t that good.  The store directly opposite ours.. had an arrow shooting right at us.. and thus .. nothing went smoothly.  But after moving away from that poisonous arrow.. everything just fell into place.  But of course, if we could afford immigration lawyers , we would definitely have had it better. I am just glad that feng shuiing the business helped so much.

February 10

Activating The Love Corner

My girlfriend who is already in her 40s has yet to find her life partner or her soul mate.  She had written to ask me how she can activate her love corner.. and what she should do.  With so many broken and bad relationships, she hope to really find a good relationship this year.

Having said that, we all know that one’s love corner is different from another.. depending on the Kua as well as where your house is facing and so forth.  She wants to put some flowering cherry to help enhance her love corner because she heard that by using that, you can actually place a “toa fa zhan”.  As much as I would love to tell her that it would work, we all know that feng shui is about practicality and a lot of hard work on our own too.  So I told her to really consult a feng shui master.. because me being her in Canada.. just wouldn’t do much good.  So if you are like my friend.. in desperate need of advice.. donch forget to find a reputable feng shui master.. to help you.

February 5

Kitchen Feng Shui

A friend who is renovating her new home had asked me about the design of her kitchen.  Truth be told, since we use the kitchen so much .. for food .. and gatherings.. it is important that the placement of things like the kitchen faucets is just as important.  But one common thing you will have to remember . .is never place the sink directly opposite the stove .. because it is said to clash  – fire and water.  So remember, side by side is also no good.. preferably not facing directly .. nor facing beside.  A gap between the 2 is the ideal way for placement.

February 1

Feng Shui Flying Alert 4 – Central

The Central Palace is blessed by auspicious luck when it comes to the entire year, but this February sees accidents, hot tempers and bodily harm befall to anyone who spends too much time in this particular location for too long.  If  you are sitting in Central, then you have to try and move some office furniture around if you can.

Unfortunately, not everyone can do that.. and i can fully understand that.  So don’t spend too much time here as a general rule throughout the entire month and aside from this, you may cure the area with metal cures.