January 27

Feng Shui Flying Star Alert 3 – NorthWest

Ok.. !! for the month of february.. for those who wants to find love .. or re-ignite the old flame.. in your stagnant relationship.. this is your chance to do it.  No acne treatment need but to position and to enhance your love life.. or find love .. this is the time to find a pair of mandarin duck. .and place it in the North West position of your house or office.  Whether it is a crystal.. a painting or even wooden (rosewood) .. but make sure that it is a pair .. and not just one.

January 24

Flying Start Alert 2 – North

I’ve mentioned earlier that the Flying Start is different every month, so for those who is always situated in the north .. office or even bedroom, please be careful .. because the north palace as they called it is a wee bit problematic.  For those who spends a lot of time in this area, you must be careful with anything blood related.. such as high blood pressure, blood poisoning or even low blood count.  Negative and bad luck lies ahead for those who have bed frames in the central area, therefore if you don’t want to be sick, stay away from the north area for the entire month.  To ward or rather taking some safety measures, you can use feng shui items, like the wu lou or gourd in this area.   Good luck.

January 22

Flying Star Alert

I was just notified by a good friend.. that the Flying Star alert for Feb-Mar is ready to be read and follow by people who practices Feng Shui like myself.  For those who are not aware of this.. the Flying Star changes on a monthly basis.  So here it is ..  The Central Palace is blessed by auspicious luck when it comes to the entire year, but this February sees accidents, hot tempers and bodily harm befall to anyone who spends too much time in this particular location for too long.  Don’t spend too much time here as a general rule throughout the entire month and aside from this, you may cure the area with metal cures, guess i would just have to skip those diet pill and buy those metal cures.. because i sit right in the central area at work.

January 20

Fishes Bring Luck

A friend had asked me the other day about placing a fish tank in his office entrance.. and since we all know that fishes not only bring the symbol of abundance in our home and offices .. it is said that it can drive burglars away.

For those who are thinking of doing it, you have to firstly make sure that the fishes are taken care of properly .. because sick fishes or dirty water isn’t a part of good feng shui.   And for those who are planning to use auspicious fish motif, please never place it on your ceiling because it is a sign of danger.  Fish motif above an entrance is a very bad idea, so do not even think of it.

January 18

The Ox & The Rooster

A friend who is an Ox had been experiencing some really bad luck of late.  But those born in the year of the Ox, do not despair because it looks like 2009 is not a really bad year.. even though everyone is tightening their belts, and companies are retrenching or down-sizing.  In fact, i hear that this year is a relatively stable year financially and for those around the world.. health is also gonna be better.

The economy downturn is not gonna last, it will spring up sooner than most ppl are thinking.. but having said that.. it does not mean .. that one can continue splurging or overspending.  If you are an Ox,  this is a golden year for you.. but first you have to take care of positive energy around yourself..  your home .. and your surroundings.  If you want to do good this year.. the Ox has got to think very positive and stay upbeat. If the Ox is looking for a good job… you have to try activating the North by placing a small fish aquarium and the fish has got to be swimming as actively as possible.  You have got to make sure that they are healthy .. and must swim vigorously.

If you work for someone, to avoid office squabbles.. and those who may be jealous of you, try placing a Rooster on your desk. Since we all know that the rooster is actually an ally to the Ox.. and the Rooster helps to overcome envious ppl surrounding you or those who may try to harm you.  And even if you are a man, you can still wear red to ward off bad and harmful energies .. your way.

January 16

Chinese New Year Courtesy For Other Business

It is customary to bring “kum” oranges in a basketful.. with a red packet for your business associates.. especially a chinese business.  Chinese New Year is just round the corner.. and we have a chinese business just round the corner for us.  Previously, when we do send business a basket of “kum” .. they never return us any.. which is unlucky for both you and him.  So if you have any businesses .. who don’t follow the rules.. for you this year.. make sure you mark it down.. else he will be taking all your “kum” .. wealth ( that is what it symbolizes).

January 11

Tips For 2009

The most auspicious location is the Southeast. This location is auspicious breeding grounds for Family Luck and Future Wealth prospects. Do consider in making this location of your home the central point of your dinner party ? the huge spread of your Christmas feast is the only enhancement needed to up your Wealth potential in the Southeast this month.  If this is not doable for your home architecture, the next best thing is to decorate the Southeast with popular Wealth enhancers such as the ingot, crystal ship, even a Manekineko lucky cat for wealth!

January 8

The Chinese Almanac 2009

The Chinese Almanac is like a bible.. to all who practices feng shui.  What does it do..??  a lot. .and it might even save you some heartache.. and downfall.  In my humble opinion .. one has to get the Chinese Almanac if you are in business or otherwise.  Why bring bad luck to yourself, when you can avoid it right..??  The chinese Almanac predicts your fortune for the day . .and tells you what one should avoid.. or if it is a good day to do business.. or construction work etc.  I called it my daily auspicious guide.  At $42 .. seems a wee bit expensive. .but if i can stay healthy .. and avoid any misfortune for the whole family why not.  Small price to pay in my opinion.

January 5

A Lucky Box

Do you know that when you have important documents.. or even if you are going for a driving test, and you wanna pass that test .. one can enhance their chances by putting all important document in a lucky box.. and hide it away.   Yes. .by getting a lucky box like this.. you can keep all your important phases in your life in this lucky box and stay lucky.  At $33 .. definitely worth buying.  So unique..!

The Chinese Leather Box – ‘Fuk’ Symbol II is a lovely antique-style wooden box featuring stretched leather overlay.

The leather overlay is treated and given additional decorative touches such as red coloring and raised traditional decorative designs. For this particular box, the image of the Chinese character fuk, which denotes to prosperity, is featured on the top of the box.

This box boasts a quaint antique paper-like interior. The box is finished off with extra details such as a lovely traditional brass latch.

The Chinese Leather Box – ‘Fuk’ Symbol II, a beautiful piece of authentic Asian decor, is suitable for dressing tables, or for the decoration of living rooms and lounges. The subtle loveliness of this item ensures that it can even be used for the office as a pop of Asian decor to your working premises.