December 29

Feng Shui For Good Health

Health is wealth .. the first thing i teach people about Feng Shui is making sure that the health department is taken care of first.  Even with money pouring in.. and you don’t have health, what’s the use right.  It’s not difficult to tap into some health benefit of Feng Shui, so I hear you asking.. what’s the best way to do it..??  First you have to find out the direction that is best in aligning with your best health luck.. by using the compass formula.   Based on your date of birth and your gender, you can check it out from the Feng Shui book of Pa Kua Lo Shu that can be bought at any reputable feng shui store online.   Of course, it is best to consult a feng shui master.. but if you are like me in the West.. well you have to depend on yourself.. and write to these feng shui master for tips.. i know they will definitely help you.

December 26

Feng Shui Your Face

A very interesting tip i learned today from a reputable site.  If and when you are choosing your life partner.. and if his nose hair is visible, this indicates trouble.. !!!!  beware ladies..!! it means that he can barely support himself.. and don’t have money left to support you … or give you a stable life.   So gals.. don’t make the mistake of thinking that your man is hairy.. and it’s sexy.

December 23

Feng Shui Shopping

Sure we want to give all our friends feng shui gifts to enhance their lives and also do ourselves some good karma.  But it is really not necessary to do that.. even though you are a staunch believer of feng shui.  Like i had said many times before, feng shui is about going with the flow.. and not forcing it on someone.  So if you are asking me what we bought for friends and family this christmas, well, you know how i feel about getting your best buy right..?  Yes, nothing really beats shopping at because they really do have the most affordable prices.

December 20

Feng Shui Dragon

I’ve always known the the feng shui dragon is a symbol of power. For years, we have had the dragon placed at home and not in the store.. but this year after our move to the new location, i had insisted on bringing one of the dragons to the store.. and placing it facing the door.

Today, I am absolutely pleased that the Feng Shui Dragon is placed at the right locality.. and that is the east side of the store. The dragon’s cosmic breath is said to bring in good fortune.  Even by placing a dragon image at your business, it is said to be always good .. and brings you wealth.  For us.. we don’t want extreme wealth.. just enough to pay bills.. and put food on the table but of course good health, we ain’t greedy .. and no more looking out for the  best weight loss pills because of eating outta stress.

December 13

Tong Shu 2009

Even when i was a very young kid, my grandmother would hold on to the Tong Shu (Chinese Almanac) for just about everything.  Yes.. !! i mean everything… even to washing her hair.  Some days it is not good to wash one’s hair, so she said.   So what is this Tong Shu.. i hear you asking..?? it is the bible of those practicing feng shui or otherwise.  The Chinese used it for centuries and it is being used as a guide for selecting the “good” dates for very important occassion or activiites.

Never had my grandmother not consult this Tong Shu to plan for anything concerning the family especially a wedding. Definitely a no-no to have a wedding on a bad day.. and if they couple ever divorce, they would blame it on the dates.  How true is it..??  Is it superstition..??  I don’t think so.. like i said. .feng shui is about practicality, feng shui is about .. your environment .. the good chi and the bad ones.  So why not right..?? even if it was for a peace of mind.. i would. In a good Tong Shui book.. not necessary written in chinese these days.. English ones are also available.  And a good tong Shu book, you find a daily guide to good and not so good days for certain activities and event.

December 11

Feng Shui Your New Home

Buying a new home and moving to your new home and making a comfortable nest for your loved one is a very big issue and event.  In fact, for most of us it has got to be the biggest purchase or loan we ever made.  So I can understand why one needs to make sure that everything is done correct the first time.  Besides making sure that you get your home owner insurance , it is also important to note that the kitchen arch of your house must not be taller than your entrance door.  And the second most important thing is when one enters the house . .and it goes directly into a kitchen.. like a long corridor, you need to break that space.  Put a pot of plant.. or even a corner table.. or a bead curtain.. to break that good qi from flowing right outta your house is important.  I hope these tips helped you.

December 5

Seashell Crystal For Feng Shui Christmas Gift

I was looking for a Christmas gift for my girlfriend back home.. and knowing that she is into Feng Shui, I decided to get this for her.  This Seashell Crystal with Small Tumbled Sodalite Crystals is the perfect gift to enhance anyone’s life.  Crystal is said to effective enhance Qi and therefore can help to drive negative Qi and even staleness in your home or offices.  It also encourages fresh and positive energy into your home/office. This item is made of a shell and a pearl within and it is made of crystal.  As you can see.. there are a lot of crystal chips at the bottom scattered under the shell, to represent wealth abundance.  You can place this item .. just about anywhere in your house.  At USD $50 .. you can buy it online at

December 3

Feng Shui Tips For Bedrooms

A girlfriend of mine was giving away her tv stands , not just one . . but a few collected from all her bedrooms in her house.  She complained that the whole family wasn’t getting any restful nights because of the tvs and stereos in the bedroom.  I cannot agree with her more on this because any sorts of electronics should not be used in the bedrooms.  Bedrooms are for resting, so for good feng shui in one’s bedroom, remember.. no plasma tvs or projectors.. or huge and loud stereos.

December 3

Feng Shui Your Dining Room

I was told many years ago, that the dining room is very important .. and in order for one to feng shui your dining room.. to look abundance .. one can use a large mirror.. to reflect the dining table.. to make it look like you double your prosperity and fortune.  The illusion of fullness is what i call it.  So this Christmas.. feng shui your dining room .. what better time than this Christmas right..??