November 29

Gem Of Life Episode 31 & Feng Shui Tip #31

Gem of life Episode 31 is what i am dying to watch but buying an  air conditioning compressor is what the man is dying to buy.   So ok.. Feng Shui Tip #31 .. having a houseful of angry people is not a good thing.  If you do not agree with the man.. and his toys..  nevermind.. compromise.  Having a happy surrounding at home brings in the good “chi” .. having lots of argument.. is bad for the environment and the health.

November 28

Feng Shui Tip #29

Looking good.. and presentable when one is going for a job interview is just as important as feng shuiing your job interview.  Like i tell everyone feng shui isn’t magic.. for example if you know you have bad teeth or yellowish teeth.. there is nothing wrong with it of course.. but if you are going for an interview with as a dental assistant or secretary .. then you should visit  Washington DC dentist first before going for your interview right..?? surely, your future employee won’t want to hire someone that cannot represent them.  You get what i am saying right..?

November 27

Gem Of Life Episode 28 & Feng Shui Tip #28

Gem of Life Episode 28 is ready to be watched… and feng shui tip # 28 is  :

If you have any type of water features such as an aquarium or a fountain in your home, it is imperative that the water is clean and constantly ‘moving’.

A blogging friend who just happened to buy a water fountain.. had been having some trouble at home.  She didn’t ask me about it.. but i knew the main reason was because of the position it was being placed.. and also that water wasn’t constantly moving.  So be careful when you do by an aquarium or a fountain.. you have to make sure .. that the water is clean.  We on the other hand.. is guilty .. about the fishing bowl ..  because the only person who cleans the fish bowl is our babysitter.. and sometimes.. her hands are full.  So don’t forget the tip.. for you don’t want the kids to get sick.. and accidents to happen.

November 26

Feng Shui the Singapore Wheel Of Fortune

So did the feng shui masters make the recommendation and the big boss in singapore followed..?? I heard that the wheel on the Singapore eye had been turned around.. to avoid disaster in singapore.. from a friend… and looks like it was true.  The Feng Shui Masters had clamed that the way the wheel was spinning it would take the fortune of the city away instead of keeping them in. Afterall, you don’t want the good qi to be moving away from Singapore right..?  The site for the wheel is perfect .. just the wheel turning was wrong.

Folks can experience riding on the 28 air con capsules and enjoy the view of beaches and housing estates and the business hub surrounding Singapore. The Singapore Flyer is about 42 storey high .. and taller than the London Eye.  And given how modern Singapore and its government is.. you can see that traditional feng shui still plays a very important part in the country.

November 12

Feng Shui Your Home Environment

Feng shui your work environment by hanging bright, cheerful pictures of friends, family and other pictures in your home.  This will strenghten your family luck and enhance good communication between you and your family members.  But don’t use images of anything fierce or those that are “yang” or those that portray violence or destruction, this pictures are not good for the living environment .. but of course .. all good feng shui means taking care of your family’s term life insurance as well, and make sure all matters are taken care of.