October 31

Burger Joint With Good Feng Shui

Running a successful business is not easy at all.  Good feng shui is important like  Mos rice burger in Tokyo Japan.  It must be the best kind burger i had eaten in Japan. Move along Mickey D, really nothing beats having a rice burger from Mos Burger I’ve had in my entire life.  And everyone wants to go to Mos Burger, if only I can get the franchise opportunity for it here in Canada, I am sure it would do really well.  But of course feng shui for the store is very important.

Yes. this is how Mos Burger joint looks like. Remember it.. because if you donch try it out.. it’s your lost.  And as for the feng shui for Mos Burger.. well.. a deeper look at how it is being set up is important . to follow to make one’s business as successful as the one back home.

October 29

Health Power & Feng Shui

My girlfriends ask me all the time how i do it..??  look so healthy without the need of any diet supplement like orovo, so i tell them practicing feng shui is quite enlightening.  It helps me see life with a different insight and accept that only i can do what is need to look and stay healthy.  Practicing Feng Shui is all about wellness. and balance.  You want health..?? then you need to balance your life.  If you party every nite.. till wee hours in the morning.. do you think you would look good…? or your skin will shine..??  think about it.. practicality.

October 28

When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West 2

When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 2 talks about the feng shui master .. who was able to tell Liza Wang about her long lost son. Some of my friends asked me if this is really feng shui.. or it’s a different thing altogether.   It is funny how some ppl would think that these feng shui masters are GOD .. but having a good feng shui master.. cannot change your life.. but can help change your fate.. with the art of Feng Shui.

October 26

Tree Power

Potted plants especially those that are leafy and huge .. are used for feng shui reason becuase they can help ward away bad qi .. from sharp corners.. and with the freshness of the plants.. and the color.. it can bring good feeling and atmosphere around the house and business.  A potted plant can also be used in breaking a long passage way.. or a counter directly facing the door.. from bad qi.  Try that.. and let me know what you think about it.

October 23

Electronics & Feng Shui

Did you know that electronics are a no-no in your bedroom..?? for those who are not aware of it.. then you should probably keep those away from your bedroom.  You asked what about working on your lappie in your bedroom..??  that’s also a no-no.. with any kind of electronics with or without a hard drive, it is said that electronics in your bedroom is not good for one’s health.  I’m guessing it is because you don’t get proper rest .. if you are working in your bedroom .. before going to bed.   I told yer.. feng shui is all about practicality.

October 23

Gem Of Life Episode 5 & Feng Shui For Show

Gem Of Life Episode 5 is up for watching but look at the feng shui for the show..or even the family for the show.  Did you noticed why they are always fighting..??  What about the feng shui of the set..?? Have you ever wonder why the response for Gem of Life Episode 3 and Episode 4 is different.. ??  I know why.. it has to do with the lead actor .. that just appeared.  Episode 1 and Episode 2 .. was not so much in demand.. because the best or luckiest person .. for the show didn’t show up yet at that time.

Oh .. btw.. i watched my Gem of Life here.  Why not right..? afterall, no need to download myself.. ! smart feng shui move.. muahhahaa!

October 18

Feng Shui Gifts

My friends asked how come i never want to receive clocks or a watch for my birthday.. since they wanted to get me a Audemars Piguet.  But I had always been taught.. that in our chinese culture.. that giving a watch or a clock for someone’s birthday .. is not appropriate.  You can give a watch or a clock for a graduation or a wedding or a promotion .. but never a birthday ..?? why you are probably asking.. ?  ok. here’s the reason.. or so i heard.  It’s because the crazy chinese said..that giving a clock or a watch means.. in chinese.. “song chong” .. which is not a good omen.  So remeber .. never give a clock or a watch to a birthday chinese boy or gal.

October 16

Money Luck & Feng Shui

Some ppl practices feng shui because of money luck.. but myself.. i practice it because i want the whole family to be healthy.  Going to las vegas and trying to win big is not my reason for practicing feng shui like most ppl would think.  Although I’ll have to say . .that if you are there.. you can’t help by try your hands on one or two games. And if i were doing that.. i’ll bring my Liuli Frog on Lilypad Glass Pendant Bracelet with me to wear to help me. .with my money luck.

October 14

Marital Bliss With Feng Shui

I’m sure everyone wants a romantic and blissful relationship with their spouses, whether you are married or not.. just as long as you are in a relationship.. i know you must want things to be as sweet and as fulfilling as they can get.

For those who are not aware of this.. the resin dolls are actually wearing traditional wedding costumes.. and not just any wedding clothes.  It is said in the chinese tradition.. that a woman can only wear this costume once in her life time.  This costume is known as “kwa”. By placing this loving couple in your relationship corner.. in the bedroom or just your home.. you can bring yourself.. some healthy dosage of family harmony, peace and good will.

This happy couple can be also used on top of your computer. .. to bring a smile on your face… and remind you .. about all the good times you have had.. and will continue to have .. all sweet moments.  This pair of love dolls symbolizes intimacy and can spice up one’s relationship or even help you find your life partner.