September 30

Feng Shui Make Me Healthier

I’ve always been asked if feng shui can really improved one’s overall health and everything else.. and i keep telling everyone.. that Feng shui is not magic.. it’s works with being practical.  For someone who wants to look beautiful.. and feel beautiful.. they must first take care of themselves.. by getting some  acne treatments if they need it.  If your room is clutter.. you will probably feel uncomfy because of the limited space, so get those butt moving.. and clean your house.

September 30

Traveling With Feng Shui

I traveled a lot for work before settling down and living in Canada permanently.  And since i lived outta a suitcase, it was important that I feng shui my luggages.. and make sure.. that my flights are always safe.  Well, besides my passport , there are other stuff that i carry along with me each time i traveled and one of the things i bring along and never leave home isn’t my American Express Card .. but my lucky coins with red strings tied together for good luck.  What about you ..?? do you feng shui your belongings too.. before going on a trip..?

September 29

A Crystal Rose Quartz For Feng Shui

Every women loves to be loved and for the singles, I am sure you are also looking for some love.  Whether it is love from the family, from a life partner… or even love from friends and those you work for. It is said that a crystal rose quartz can help stimulate the love life and the feeling of happiness and affection towards others and others towards yourself.  Many people had also mentioned that the crystal helps improve sexual communication.   It is also rumored that the crystal rose quartz can help with the reproductive organ, so for those who are looking to have kids really soon, try wearing this on a necklace everyday.

September 27

Feng Shui Your Car Everyday

Everyone asked so often if we can make our car more safe with feng shui .. or can buying a good car cause good feng shui for the owners.  I’ll have to say that even if you buy a used car, one should try not to buy something that had been in an accident or caused a death.  Some people said.. this is not feng shui but superstition but i said not.  Because if the car had killed someone or caused a death, it is believed that you have to cleanse the car real proper .. before one can use it safely again.  Sometimes, replacing just the car parts isn’t enough and are you sure your car had a total looked through before it is marketted out again..?  Feng Shui-ing your car everyday .. is very important and starting from even before you buy the car is more important.

September 23

Cleansing Those Crystal

For those who buys crystals to put around your home for feng shui reason… i’m sure that you know you have to first cleanse the crystal before using it right..?  Oh oh..!! if you didn’t.. because then it doesn’t work as well as it should.  But nevermind, you can still take it down now… and use some sea salt.. with some water.. and soak the crystal overnight.. and then dry them. the next day .. and hang them up again.

You can also practice this exercise, if your crystal had been hanging in your office.. or house for a long time.  By doing this, it means, that all the negativity that had been collected by the crystal is once again cleanse, and it is ready to help you block out any negativity in your surrounding areas.

September 21

Fengshui & Hotels

It is often rumored that the Hyatt Regency in Singapore had it’s main door to the hotel changed because of just one word the Feng Shui Master said.  Ever since then, the hotel had every room filled till today.  But one has got to wonder if the hotels in las vegas had someone look into their feng shui as well..??  because each time i go to Las Vegas, the place is PACKED..!!  Of course, now it is even worst.. because there are just too many amusement parks and kart rides and stuff just meant for kids.  Vacation will never be the same again.

September 20

Feng Shui & Customers

One of my main concerned about our business is the customers.  For the longest time, we have had problem customers every now and then.  I had asked my feng shui master, how we can counter-react to irate customers of our store.  Like it can be the simplest thing that will upset a customer, for example, if they bought some laptop memory and didn’t know how to put it into their laptop and wants us to but expect the work for free, they get upset.  So I was told that i should have upward lights infront of our store instead of downward lighting to shine upwards to our store sign and not downwards and that should help.  So this weekend, we are going to do that.. and see if it helps with irate customers.  No one wants to deal with an irate customer, that’s for sure.

September 18

Feng Shui & Our Business

It’s already September.. more than half a year gone by.. and we’ve moved to our new location . . since February.  For those who had been following .. Feng Shui Works.. will know that we moved because of a huge poison arrow.. pointing directly at our store on Main Street.

The old store .. didn’t really bring us alot of good luck at all.  And you are right . .i didn’t even noticed the arrow.. and did so. ..  1.5 yrs after opening our store there.   Then it all came down on me.. and i realised we had to move again.  The old store brought us nothing but trouble.. after trouble.  From the minute we moved in. .we were collaborating with Canada’s biggest movie supplier to have their movies on consignment with us.  But it didn’t worked out because they expected us to make money for them… with only leaving 2 copies each of the movies.. that they left us.. for big titles.

Then our employee acted up.. after working for a good 1 year with us.. and poofffff..!! she left.  I was getting sicker by the day.. and stressed out emotionally and financially because the man would unknowningly bought stuff that were stolen.  So we lost some “big” money there.  Ok.. just to keep the long story shout, after moving to the new store.. everything went better than better..!! How better .. you are probably asking now.. well.. that’s for another day and another story.  But before i forget, when you do own a business, do keep your store or business premises smelling good all the time… a feng shui tip for you.

September 16

Incoporating Feng Shui Into Healthy Living

Practicing Feng shui does not guarantee good health like i’ve told many friends, it just means that one can use Feng Shui to enhance your living area and doing things to promote the “chi” in your house, rooms and your work areas.  If you want to be healthy, you of course have to eat right, exercise and cut down on harmful things like smoking and drinking.  And yes, practising feng shui can help one realised that diet pill is not the only solution to lose those weight.  Healthy living is not only the feng shui way but should be everyone’s way of living.

September 13

Stirring Up Wealth Luck With Red

As long as i can remember, Red has been used as an auspicious color.  Whether it is a wedding .. or going to a happy event, you are encouraged to wear red or have red stuff like a handbag or your shoes.. or a scarf. Whether it is a new opening of a store or a company or even your friendly neighborhood grocery store.. RED is used for the announcement plates.. and the firecrackers.

So you understand the importance of red now and because it symbolizes good luck and success, it is also used for stirring up the wealth luck.  But I’m sure you don’t want to wear all red when you go for an interview or when you start a new job right..?? so how do we go about stirring the good luck portion..??  Well since red is a yang color so full of energy and fire .. you can actually use abit of red in your dressing or even part of an ornament to be red and it will actually activate the wealth luck .. plus protect against bad luck and evil.  If you see a young kid wearing a red string on the wrist.. you know what it is now.