August 28

Fishes & Fish Tanks

Many years ago, we were told by a feng shui master who came to take alook at our store to put a fish tank in front of our store.. for good luck and more business. What she didn’t tell us.. was exactly where to place it.. and what fishes to get beside arowana fish. On top of it.. if you decide to use a fish tank and fishes for feng shui reason .. you have to make sure that the water is cleaned regularly.. and that if you use fishes that ain’t right, it might instead create more harm than bring you good luck. So be very careful .. when you decide to use fishes and fish tanks for feng shui. Check and check again with the expert.

August 26


Lifelines in Feng Shui can tell you what kind of person you are . .or what to expect in your life. Your weaknesses and your strength are also shown here.  It also indicates how long you will live or if you might face turbulence in your life.  Strange as it may sound to some.. but my grandmother used to say.. your life lies in your palm.  I often wonder if she meant my life line.. ??  or if she meant .. i can do anything . .that i so want to do.   More on your lifeline later.

August 25

The 5 Animals In Feng Shui

The five animals are simply an image to describe the energy around you, and how to work out the best place to sit in both business and social situations. Be smart – arrive early and always take up the most powerful place. Take your positions according to the 5 animals in feng shui .. and work it not against yourself.. but for you.

August 24

Going Green

For those who know me.. you know that I’m all for going green and doing my bit for saving the earth.  Even with gift buying.. or buying things for my family or myself.. I try to buy stuff that is eco-friendly.  After all, it all starts with you, right..??

A heated travel mug is a great gift to buy when you own a travel agency or if you know someone who travels a lot for either business or pleasure.  If you want to do your part to save the earth, Eco Geek Living is the place to check out for all your eco-friendly products, and don’t forget you get free shipping for orders over $300.  So get your friends and family together and go green today.

August 24

Don’t Make Mistakes With Pictures

It is said that when you want to use pictures for your office.. you have to choose really carefully. Else it would bring you disaster instead of good luck. So if you are thinking of getting of some Chinese emperors for your office to boost your success and career.. you should use a picture of Qian Long. Qian Long is known to be the most successful and respected emperor of all times.

But if you prefer to use a deity in your office.. make sure you use Kuan Kung for he is the God of War .. and is said to be good when it comes to Literature. Very suitable use for the office.

August 24

Feng Shui & Lawsuits

It is funny how so many people think that Feng Shui is magic.. even though i tell them otherwise.  Lawsuits or not, Feng Shui about practicing practicality.. and being sensible.  If you want to win a lawsuit.. you have to find a good lawyer.. and for health issues like cerebral, a team of good cerebral palsy lawyers is what you need.  You can’t depend on a crystal or a palm reading to help you.   Like they said.. God only help those who helps themselves.

August 23

Inviting Good Fortune

Everyone wants good fortune.. and so do i .. and with that in mind.. i recommend the 3 Coins and Bell set to everyone. The 3 coins symbolizes wealth and is used to attract the wealth luck. These are known as I-Ching coins, but even on their own.. it is said that it will double your income but remember to place it in a proper location .. and must be tied with a red thread. Every detail is crucial if you want the 3 coins to work.

Now to invite good fortune, one has to have the 3 I-Ching coin set in very shiny gold color and with 2 adorable bells to invite the good fortune in. General luck is said to be brought in by the sparkling side of the coin .. and the the bells are also supposedly must be in shiny gold color. Both coins and bells must be tied with a mystic endless knot… like what you see above. Now very important to remember is that the I-Ching coins must be hung on the inner doorknob of your main door .. remember that. This is said to safeguard the existing money and wealth luck in your home and your offices or store. And by hanging the bells on the doorknob on the outside of the main door, you will then receive endless of opportunities. Really great for store or business.

August 21

Three Emperor Coins In Red Thread

These coins tied together represents the Trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man. The red chinese silk cording is necessary. It is said that bring in more money when you put in in your coin purse or wallet. These coins are also used as a cure and weaken the sha qi (killing air) generated by the Earth. The chinese coins are the most popular form of metal cure. Placed these coins in your account books of your office and see your money triple. Perfect for using on your wallet, car, luggage when you are traveling abroad for personal usage.

August 21

Keeping Healthy, Being Informed

I’ve heard a lot about people dying of sudden cardiac arrest and of course since it usually comes suddenly without any warning, it is good to be informed and learn more about it even if it is not for yourself, it could help you save someone’s life.

Arrythmia is a disturbance to the hearts rhythm and if you want to learn more about it, or about cardiac heart arrest, check it out. This information is presented by St Jude Medical at, it is explained easily so that everyone can understand it. You might save your own life or that of someone you love.