July 28

What Can A Mirror Do For Feng Shui..?

Mirror is always mistaken that it might cause bad feng shui for us… but contrary to many of these belief .. mirrors are actually a great way for Qi cleansing. Plus it is said.. that the mirror can speed up a lagging flow of good Qi in a bathroom. Be as creative as you want when using the mirror or use as many mirrors as you want in your home. But be careful.. that you do not place mirrors where they reflect each other.

July 28

Glowing With Feng Shui

Feng Shui is not magic.. but it is a powerful concept.. of balancing your life.  When i see a friend.. who had just started with practising feng shui.. and getting better health.. and glowing…  of course one wonders if it has to do with feng shui-ing her house.. and her office.  But i guessed with better and enhanced living thru’ feng shui.. one don’t need as much  acne products as she did before.  But like i said.. feng shui is not magic.. it’s about being practical.  If you want to glow.. you not only need to take care of your health.. you need to live well, with exercises and eating right.

July 24

Climbing The Corporate Ladder With Feng Shui

In the process of climbing the corporate ladder..?? want a promotion… after working so hard for so many years..?? or seeing someone new get the promotion that you were eyeing for . .and think you should have gotten it…?? no worries.. try this feng shui cure.. and be on your way .. to the top of the ladder.

The Horse is used and said to be a strong Feng Shui symbol of agressive wealth accumulation as well as authority, status and strength. This Feng Shui animal makes a perfect decor item for career men and women. In Feng Shui, the horse is frequently depicted in a dominant stance, with two front hoofs swung in mid-air which denotes to ultimate power and glory!

July 23

A Mountain Behind You

It is said . .that when you want to keep your job or if you want your business to do well, one has got to hang a picture of a mountain behind you in the office. This mountain symbolizes stability and strong backing for you and your business.

But be careful that your mountain does not have water flowing outwards.. or a boat in distress .. or it would turned bad instead of bringing you good luck.

July 22

Feng Shui & Our Store

If you have a work desk at home or in the office? Do not put this important table directly in line with a door, or under a beam. Or you will be in the line of Sha, or bad Qi this way. Do reposition your desk. If you are not able to do that, then place a faceted crystal or a potted plant in front of your table to soften the blow. Try that..! and let me know how it works out.

July 21

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Everyone or every home is surely to have some mirrors on the wall, or on top of their dressers .. or even those portable ones. Mirrors are said to be used for centuries.. for feng shui cures. The mirror is a versatile object and mirrors are known to do many things and more .. depending on who you ask.

But make sure you do not sleep facing a mirror or any mirror directly. It is said that if you are to sleep facing the mirror on a daily basis, the Qi deflected off the mirror will created havoc with your inside energies. Active qi is quickly absorbed into your body even when you are trying to rest. So if you never wanna feel lethargic .. and listless when you are at work, make sure you angle the mirror away from your bed.

July 20

Flying Star Alert

July 7th 2008 – August 6th 2008

The Central Palace is marred this July with fights, quibbles and petty arguments, especially if you live with close family members.

You may suppress these potential problems by utilizing the Fire element to weaken the Wood element of the #3 Jade. To do so, you may have two choices: simply place a red carpet or lampshade in this area, or cleanse the energy and muster up some Fire with an incense burner or two.

July 18

Feng Shui Your Car

Yes.. you can feng shui your car too.  Some ppl feel absolutely lethargic and sleepy as soon as they drive on the road because of the lull of movement making them feel absolutely comfy.  By tying a red tassel with bells attached to it, i heard that it can ease sudden fatigue.  Red is a strong yang color .. and it is said to symbolize healthy blood therefore, it activates the bells making it a curative properties.  The bell that tinkles not only keeps you awake and aware of your surroundings.. it can also act as a cleansing factor to shake off those negative Qi that can follow one right into your car.  This is a great tip to bear in mind especially those going on road trips.  Feel energized and clear headed with the pleasant tinkling of the bell.