June 30

Home Entrance – Part 1

Your home entrance includes your driveway and the front door of your home. Protecting the family by making sure that the Qi flows easily .. thus making sure that every member in your family is healthy is very important.

Cozy and restful is how we want our home to be.. and we do not want any harm to befall those residing in the house. Collecting good Qi is one way .. but bad energy forces are always around us.. thus creating bad Qi .. but no fear.. we have ways to keep them at bay.

Make sure you pay attention to your gate and fence.  A solid gate will ensure your home security and the best gate design is said to be regular rectangular shaped or arch shaped to symbolize the uplift of life and stability.

June 30

Feng Shui Your Kid’s Room

It is very important that you keep the colors in your kids or babies room in a sunny color.  It is said that it is very beneficial to your loved ones..  but when it comes to nite.. you have to dim not only the lights.. but draw the curtains.. to mask the bright colors as to promote a soothing yin ambiance to make sleeping time restful for them.

June 28

Jade Mystic Knot For Men

I doubt my man would wear this.. but it is said that this bracelet can bring love, romance and fidelity. Plus it is too pretty to be worn by a man..! Mystic knot.. is what it is called. The bead is strung in chinese silk cording with petite jade beads. And it is in green and red colors. Bracelet is adjustable to ensure that it fits perfectly for all wrist. But the good news is that is is suitable for the woman too. I am sure.. women would love to buy it. At $40.90 .. pretty good price too.

June 25

Feng Shui Your Bedrooms

Some people make a mistake by painting their bedroom walls in red, orange or even bright yello in color .. but since these colors are Yang colors.. you will not be able to get a refreshing sleep in it.  These colors are said to be over active .. and will leave you listless in the morning.  Try to paint your bedroom in relaxing and subtle colors.

June 23

Flowers & Feng Shui

Fresh flowers are great to have in the house, it is say that displaying fresh flowers in a certain section in one’s house, it can bring life.. but as soon as it starts drying or fading.. you have to have it removed or replaced immediately with fresh ones.. or discard it immediately. Dried flowers symbolizes death.. and is therefore not good energy… because it gives out Yin energy. So remember.. having flowers at home are great.. but dead flowers are a no-no.

June 23

Practical Actions Besides Fengshui

Feng shui works.. for me.. as you can see.. but together with feng shui.. one has got to make sure you take practical action too. Just like driving.. you need to drive carefully to make sure that you don’t get into an accident. Any kind of cure hung or placed in the car does not help if you do not take practical actions. Just like ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of .. if you are no longer around. Term life insurance will help your loved ones.. and not just feng shui.

June 23

Cluttered Bedroom

I’ve always tried to keep the house as tidy and neat as possible.. because cluttering the bedroom or any rooms in the house is not good for the flow of qi.  But the man thinks that i have a compulsive disorder, since i like cleaning so much.  But how can one have their swimsuits, pants, jeans and PJs .. all over the bed.. and not place them properly..??  So … you see me cleaning all the time… but nope.. i don’t love cleaning.. i just want to make sure.. that our home.. the people in it.. is safe.

June 22

Baby Phat

Everyone must know baby phat clothing by now.. and i’m sure your teenage daughter talks about the “phat” look with all her school friends.  Designer Kimora Lee Simmons is actually the mastermind and genius behind the Baby Phat Collection . . and now you can shop and save as much as 30% online.

With summer already here, take advantage of their 25% off their swim wear collection. Of course, they don’t just catered to juniors only, they have a great summer selection for all mums out there.. and check out their lingerie selection as well.  And don’t forget their clearance merchandise and more.

June 22

Feng Shui Tips For The Kitchen

Some said that sunny and happy colors are not good for the kitchen.. because by adding more yang to the kitchen would make the hot energy even hotter.. therefore might cause a imbalance.. and the harmony of the kitchen. But it is absolutely not so.. because the kitchen is centered around the fire element.. and one should make good use of bring and cheery colors .. to strengthen one’s health and wealth luck. Therefore.. feel free to paint your kitchen with yellows, oranges or red into your kitchen. Your health energy will be raised by doing so.

Therefore feel free to incorporate sunny, happy colors of yellows, oranges or reds into your kitchen and know that you’re upping your Health Feng Shui quotient at the same time, too.

June 22

Crystal Cure

This is a natural Amethyst Rock, I have one of this in the office, and it is for feng shui reasons. This piece of natural rock is harvested from caverns and comes in all kinds of shape. We hear that this amethyst rock is potent for energy cleansing.. and potent Qi. Energy plays a very important part in Fengshui for it influences the people in that area and their daily activities. Old and stale Qi makes one tired and lethargic.. and not willing to go the extra mile whereas fresh Qi revitalizes and works wonder.