May 30

Symbol Of Power

The dragon has always been known as the symbol of power. So if you want power.. you know what to do. Not really right..?? Well.. the celestial Dragon is the ultimate good luck symbol.. from what I’ve heard. This wonderful creature features in all Chinese Divinitive and it is used in the practice of feng shui as far as I can remember.

Places with excellent feng shui are said to enjoy the dragon’s cosmic breath. Thus placing a dragon image in the office is ALWAYS said to bring great good fortune. So where do one place the Dragon.. ??? not just any old place.. mind you ..!! The EAST is the place traditionally associated with the dragon… thus placing the dragon image on the East always represents excellent feng shui.

We’ve just done that today.. i’ll report back.. after I’ve seen it working.

May 30

On Your Face – Success For Men

The Desired Features

A full round head which is neither unbalanced nor has indents and is marked by black moles or black spots indicates a long life of wealth, with nobility of name and the respect of the community. Heads that are perfectly rounded are especially desired, as this kind of head is lucky and auspicious. A man with this kind of head is described as honourable and upright. There is a popular saying among the Chinese:

When a head is square, the forehead should be high. The forehead should look neither too oily nor excessively dry. This indicates a man has the makings of a “king” or a head of state. In modern times, successful tycoons, CEOs and any kind of leader can be defined as a “king”. If you consciously look at pictures of international business and political leaders, you will note that the most successful, most admired and most prominent are those who have at least two out of three of these features – a round or square head that is well balanced, a high forehead and a clear bright complexion.

May 29

Bringing The Luck To You

So they say.. if the luck wouldn’t come to you .. then you gotta go to the luck eh..?

The Chinese believes that the prosperity symbol carries alot of weight. And there are countless of symbols that one can use to draw luck into their business and homes.

The Three-legged frog is one that is said that plenty of wealth can be attracted into the home with it. A 3 legged from with a coin in its mouth symbolizes great wealth.. and you will never go hungry. You can have more than 1 of it in the house at any one time.. but never more than 9. Keep them in discreet places.. like under a table but never in the bedroom.

May 29

Compare Prices

Every women I know.. loves to shop. But we love to shop only when we can get the best prices in the things we want to purchase. Some people said we are shrewd but i think price comparisons is the smartest thing everyone should do .. when they are buying just about anything.

At, I feel empowered and I know I can compare before i buy. Once you’ve used, you will never buy anything until you check their prices out. Paying as little as I can .. is my shopping motto. What’s yours..?? And what better way then to blog about it.

May 28

Horoscope Of The Day

You may have the chance to meet your dream lover. Keep your eyes open. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Everything will go well and solid support will be available. However, you should not be too arrogant, to avoid any gossiping and quarrelling.

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May 27

Feng Shui Tip Of The Day

Place a mirror in the dining room to symbolically double the food served.  This also creates a illusion that there are many ppl in the house .. and everything is bountiful.

Business will be on the smooth track. Former problems won’t bother you anymore. To be safe, pay more attention to minute details.

May 26

My Horoscope For 26 May

Spend more time enjoying the evening with the people you care about. Some misunderstandings arise. Settle them soon to avoid losing your loved ones.

Ahhh..!! how true.. i had a misunderstanding with some Philippines women on the internet. What was meant one thing construed another. I think I should look up my horoscope more often now.

May 23

Feng Shui For Your Children’s Health

We all want our children to be healthy. The rest is not important.. as long as they are healthy. Therefore I’ve resorted to keeping her room really clean and clutter free for obvious reasons, the essence of having good feng shui. By setting up a clutter clearing system and stick to it, and you will be amazed how children will help you once you get them into a feng shui routine.

Having air purifying plants such as peace lily and English Ivy is also an excellent idea. One should also not place the kid’s bed

  • not too close to the window;
  • with a solid wall at the back or at least a good high headboard;
  • placed on a solid wood bedframe at least 20-30 cm above the ground, with clear space under it;
  • no mirror or high reflective surfaces facing the bed.

It is definitely a great reward when you see your child, happy, having fun and healthy. And your kid will thank you in the future.

May 20

Rainbow Color Mystic Knot

Some say the mystic knot is the infinity sign multiplied three times, bringing a long and happy life enriched with endless good fortune. This auspicious symbol knocks down any setbacks you may face, bringing easy success for all your ventures. It is also widely used as a symbol of everlasting love. Probably the safest gift of good luck, for it covers wealth, love, happiness and protection!