April 26

Clutter Is Not Good

Clutter in any area of your home is a sign of stuck, stagnant energy. The more clutter you have, the more sluggish the energy becomes. When the areas of your home associated with romance are cluttered and untidy, your love life is affected as well. From a feng shui perspective, the three places in your home that have the strongest impact on your love life are your bedroom, the Relationship Area (I’ll tell you how to find that in a moment), and the space around your front door. Here’s why:

Clutter in the Bedroom
Your bedroom is strongly associated with the intimacy of a romantic relationship. Clutter in the bedroom can contribute to fatigue, irritability, lack of focus, and difficulty sleeping. When you and your partner are tired, cranky, and distracted much of the time, your relationship is probably not getting the quality attention it needs and deserves. If you are single, a cluttered bedroom will make it more difficult for a new relationship to get started; all that stuck energy literally makes it hard for you to meet someone new. And that’s before a potential partner gets a good look at the mess you are living in! Decluttering your bedroom is an excellent way to shake all that stuck energy loose and make room for a new relationship.

April 20


Wind chimes are excellent metal cures for feng shui afflictions. But one has got to be very careful where you place that windchime, else it would do more harm than good. This six hollow metal rod wind chime is particularly potent and symbolises help from heaven. Place in the sector of the Five Yellow to ward off illness and bad luck from this unlucky star. This windchime is also excellent for enhancing the energy of the West for children, Northwest for mentors / helpful people, and North for career prospects and advancement.

April 15

Every Household Must Have a Fuk, Luk, Sau

The Fuk Luk Sau, are Deities that represent the three most important manifestations of health, wealth and happiness. The 1st star Deity (Sau) carries a bottle of nectar and represents longevity. Fuk, the 2nd star deity, represents wealth and enhanced income. The 3rd star deity (Luk) represents the power of the high Government official and holds the Ru Yi or sceptre of office in his left hand. Luk always stands in the center. This is interpreted as longevity, prosperity and power! Fuk Luk Sau should be placed on a high side table in the dining room from where they are said to create auspicious chi for the entire household. At the office, Fuk Luk Sau can be placed behind you giving vital support and good fortune.

April 10

Bathroom Tips

If you have a bathroom that is in the center of the house, now that can be disaster.. as it is considered bad feng shui. The center of the house is the heart of the space in feng shui .. also known as the yin yang point. You usually want to have it open, with lots of light and a sense of beauty to it.

The center of your house is also considered the area from which all the other guas or known as feng shui areas receive energy from.

So if you have a bathroom in the center of your house.. what do one do..?? No big mirrors..! that’s for sure..! But you can use colors like brown and green for your bathroom. Use 8 stalks of lucky bamboo for wealth and abundance. Put a bowl of feng shui crystals, you can use multicolor ones.. and combine amethyst, hematite, rose quartz and others for rich, energizing feng shui cure. Fresh flowers everyday is also good. Another step to take is to create a luxurious spa like feel in your bathroom. And of course, more importantly to keep the place .. clean and clutter free.