Hunting Season Feng Shui


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My spouse’s best friend loves hunting but he never has any luck and never seems bring back anything, he thinks it’s bad luck and wants to know if feng shui can help him score some good hunting season.  I had to laugh at him and asked him to get a  Cellular Trail Camera  instead for his hunting trips, now that would definitely help with his hunting.

And no feng shui isn’t magic or voodoo, people need to be practical and realistic.

Feng Shui & Astrology


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I’ve been asked many a times if Feng Shui & Astrology the same. That’s not a strange or stupid question to ask because I too asked the same before learning more about them.  So don’t feel silly for wanting to know.

Feng Shui astrology has to do with the 9 star and it’s related to feng shui but it uses the I Ching, the five elements and some Yin and Yang theories.  And no it has nothing to do with the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs of your birth year.

The Feng Shui astrology is closely related to the movement of the stars annually.  The moving stars tells about the changing of placement and energy for the year.   It is a good resource to have but I’ve yet master how to use the chart.

Feng Shui Cures


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So what are feng shui cures, everyone asked me the other day.   Well, feng shui cures are related to stuff used to help enhance your surroundings as well as a solution to a problem that you are currently encountering.

Many people uses crystals for feng shui cures but did you know that plants are also used for feng shui cures?  For example, it is said that if you use a pair of rose quartz crystal in the southwest area of your home, it can help to promote love and happy energy towards a happy relationship.

So is this superstition and true?  truth be told, I do not know but if it gives you a peace of mind, why not try it, no harm.

All About Timing


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I looked at some  cool Movado watches  a few days ago and thought about how Feng Shui is all about good timing as well.  Why good timing you asked?  because if not for good timing, sometimes things just don’t work out.

For example, had it not been good timing and being at the right place at the right time, the spouse wouldn’t have the kind of job he is having right now.  A job that he loved and enjoy doing everyday, all because of good timing.  Having someone who was there with a job and ready to hire him on.  Had it been another time, another year, he wouldn’t have gotten that job.

Some people said he got where he is right now because of being prepared all the time but I say it’s also had to do with positive thinking and having the right feng shui placement and good timing.

Signs Of Our Environment


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Feng shui is no magic and sometimes, we all know the answer to our problems but we refuse to face it.  You are not alone because i am this way too.  I have a friend who really drain me totally whenever she is around but I can’t ditch her because I feel bad about it because she is in a bad position.

But if she is draining me, then I should know what to do right?  and if I don’t do it nothing is going to help me.  So folks – the answer is often very obvious, it’s nothing to do with anything or any situation or feng shui.

Pink Trombone


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The spouse bought the youngest daughter a pink plastic trombone at wwbw  because she is in a marching band and knowing that pink is her favorite color, he didn’t even ask her if that was the color she wanted.  Plus, he thinks that anything red or pink is good feng shui, in which I laughed when he explained to us why he chose pink in color.

So do you really think that a pink trombone can make her play better or bring her better luck or make her a professional player or something along those lines – I asked the spouse?  of course, he couldn’t answer me and even looked at me sheepishly.

It’s a misconception that any red or pink can bring you good luck, as you all know.  Feng shui is not a magic spell or voodoo, feng shui teaches a good flow of chi and things that can help enhance but it’s no magic or red color or pink isn’t a spell that makes everything alright.  So folks in order to have your kid play better is to get her the right instrument and a lot of practice, remember a pink trombone isn’t magically going to make her turn into beethovan tomorrow.

Relationship Feng Shui


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Relationship Feng Shui?  I’m not talking about boyfriends and girlfriends relationship or husband and wife relationship, I’m focusing today on friendship kinda relationship.  You all know that in our lives, we come across many people, some we think are so nice and so friendly while others, you don’t seems to get along from the start.  While others, you may find disappointing along the way and some may surprisingly you will find that you can have a long lasting relationship with.

I’m very quick with a friendship it seems and everytime I do that, it will definitely come back and bite me because my emotions seems to take over my sensibility.  And I’m sure a lot of you are the same way.  While the spouse, finds friendship a little skeptical, I on the other hand embrace it too willingly and give my all to a friendship until I find it too overwhelming for my liking.

So this year, I’ve decided to step back and not jump into any friendship so willingly or help others so freely.  I’ve decided that for my own benefit, I am going to take things easy this year.  If a friend truly values your friendship, they will try to make things right and not leave you alone.

Enhancing Life With Music


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Life can be pretty simple someone told me and it’s pretty true but if one can make life better, wouldn’t you want that for yourself and your loved ones?  I’m sure your answer is yes, so is mine – and music is said to enhance one’s life in Feng Shui, so when the kids wanted to look at some leslie amplifiers at guitar center  I told them that if it was reasonable in price, I would sponsor them with one.

So, I hear you asking how does music enhance one’s life?  it can certainly calm one down with the right music and as for the kids, it certainly helped them to bond and do something productive together and making use of it to entertain not only themselves but orphanage and the Senior’s home during festive seasons.  You see, the spouse and I encouraged the kids to do their community service for the less privilege during festive seasons and they do love performing, therefore, this is another reason why I say that music can enhance one’s life.

House Feng Shui For 2014


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It’s already February of 2014 and Chinese New Year is already over but I’ve yet to look into the feng shui of my own home because I have been busy traveling for work.  So as I sit and write this down for my home Feng Shui for my home for 2014, I figured I should share some of my tips that I’ve learned with you as well.

My feng shui master tells me about attracting good chi into my home for 2014 and I know I haven’t been doing that because the entrance to my home, is still so cluttered.  So this weekend, the de-cluttering start that way I can attract the good chi into my home to benefit every members in the family.

So how do one attract good chi into one’s home besides de-cluttering?  I read that attracting good chi in one’s house starts from the outside of your home, first you have to identify if there is any negative chi and if there is, you have to eliminate it and then good chi can come into your home.

Wonderful Music For The Home


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Some musical instruments are wonderful to have around the house just like the  stagg 3 octave xylophone at guitar center  .  The music is like a windchime when the wind is blowing against your window and everytime I listen to someone playing the xylophone, I tell myself, I should pick up one and learn how to play.  So when the kid asked if she could have one, I told her I would get one for her.

Did you know that playing the xylophone at home or playing xylophone music clears the air around the house and makes you feel serene.  If you haven’t listened to someone play the xylophone, you should pick up a cd with that music and you will know what I mean.